Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

14 Month update (1 year for real!)

 Age: The babes were 14 months old on 18 November, so are now really really ONE! Their full term date was 17 November, so I can really now think of them as real toddlers. And toddling they are!

Height/Weight: Not sure of latest weights...but they are getting heavier for sure!  Becs is a slim, tall baby with a tiny waist - no doubt she has been blessed with slinky genes ;)! Finn is also tall and has lovely definition already - am sure both are blessed with lovely physiques lucky tots. DH is 6 ft 4 and has long lovely legs - so hoping they both get this from him. We have decided not to give them the MMR - just too much research showing the risks of giving to them so early...and paediatrician although not in agreement has said it is okay as long as we give it to them when they are 5...which is our plan. We may give a measles booster at 18 months, but not sure yet.  I think they have had enough now and their immune systems must be given an opportunity to strengthen naturally. Also they are not in daycare so the risk is less of contracting measles or mumps etc.

Developmental notes: Finn took his first steps last week!!! He is still hesitant but walks to you from quite a distance. I cannot believe he is walking already!  Rebecca will be right behind him and although she started crawling long before he did, I think she is not as confident yet.  She stands and balances perfectly but is yet to launch off on her own. Any day now. They are doing new things all the time now. Becky imitates singing sounds, claps as well now, babbles away, reads to herself in baby language when looking at a book and has started laughing and giggling more.  Finn is so proud of himself when he walks to you, he is very good at opening cupboards, doors, he loves to take whatever Becky is playing with for and games!

They interact so much more, usually with Finn hitting her with a toy or over the head or something. Becky hides toys from him. Both love playing / grabbing / hitting the cat and both know how to shield their faces from licking dog. They love tearing up magazines and eating them...eating any paper actually! Both push their carts along the verandah and are riding their Pewi YBikes all over the place or pushing them and walking. They both now call us by Mamma and Dadda.  It is so cute.  They also call DH Daddy or Dadden. Becky got two more teeth, so they both have eight teeth now.

I showered with them for the first time the other day - they loved the feeling of the water spraying on their little bodies and lay against my chest so calmly - too cute. We have also started letting them play in the baby pool and with a hosepipe which they love. I am so looking forward to warm summer days so they can run around kaalgat!

Eating: They go through phases but I am less stressed about their eating now.  We have started moving away from purees now and just place a variety of foods in front of them letting them eat what they want to.  New things they like are red pepper strips, celery sticks, date oat balls - Becky likes rasberries and dried mango but not Finn. He is not really crazy about most new things, but I am still offering all sorts of things to them. He does like drinking smoothies, fresh juice and drinking yoghurt. They both eat oats again thank goodness. We make sure they have water in a sippy cup available all day and really only give a milk bottle in the mornings and evenings.  I may give them a rooibos tea or mik bottle during the day, but it depends on how much they have been drinking / eating.  We have moved onto cows milk now so I want to start giving them a multivitamin to make up for the vits from the formula.

Sleep: I am so relieved that sleeping has settled down again. Becky is sleeping like a dream - she goes down at 7pm without a fuss and sleeps until 6am or so.  Finn went through a little phase of fighting sleeptime and screaming for up to 30 minutes - it is so hard to leave him - sounds like his heart is breaking!  But he has also settled down nicely now and sleeps well all night long - hope it stays like this!

Favourite Things: Pushing carts and bikes on the verandah. Playing with water. Playtime. Emptying cupboards.

Dislikes: Still dislike lying down on the changing mat or having clothes taken off lol!

Looking forward to: Everything.

Mommy and Daddy musings: Becky Blue and Finny - you are our delight...we are amazed at how cute you are both becoming - more and more so every day. We are loving watch you grow and do new things every day. What beautiful treasures you are. We love you so much and look forward to every new day with you.