Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Obgyn Appointment

So my first Obgyn appointment went well!  I really liked Dr Steffi Hinz - she is nicely efficient, down to earth and matter of fact, but responded well to my desire for tlc. I think she will handle me fine and I already trust her. We went through all my history and she ran out of space on her form for previous problems LOL. She said I am at higher risk for hypertension and diabetes as my mum had both these, but that we shouldn't run into these problems before 30 weeks. She only wants to see me 4 weeks after the fetal assessment scan - gosh such a loooooooong wait! So my next appointment is 8 June only. How am I going to wait that long without seeing the little sweeties? Oh yes, and Dr Hinz wants me to stay on Cyclogest until 12 weeks!!!!! She says the placenta's are only fully formed at 12 weeks and because they are twins, she doesn't want something as silly as a progesterone issue complicating anything right now!!! Awesome.

Here they are today at 10 weeks...measuring 34.1mm and 10w2d or so...they were both bouncing up and down!!! First thing she said was, we have some happy little blighters LOL.

Next scan: Tuesday 26 April with Prof
Then Fetal Assessment Scan the following Monday on 9 May...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crampy, hungry, tired and 10 weeks!

BUT still very very happy and grateful that I am pregnant. And it has started hitting me what a blessing this is, not one but two beautiful little babies are growing inside me right now!

And I am about 10 weeks TODAY or tomorrow - wow!

Last night, I slept so badly, in between the strangest recurring dreams about prams, DH snoring, having to get up to pee three times, our cutey kitty Persia catching a mouse which was squeeking and then of course the clippity clop of Mala's nails as she stalked out into the passage to investigate the hunting activity. I had to get up and pee, lie down and deal with the vivid dream, shake DH as the snorks started and then try to ease back into sleep - 3 times!!...very tricky! Could do with a good snooze right about now!

Also forgot to pop in my Cyclogest this morning, so was worrying especially as I am feeling quite crampy today...but clinic says I can take one later and then 2 at night and should be fine.

On the hunger front...I am always queasy and always hungry...

Today I have eaten:

A bowl of Pronutro
2 Slices toast with avo, cheese marmite and tomato
A seed bar from Woolies
A glass of Apple juice
A huge sub sami with cheese, tomato, avo, lettuce
...and I am still starving....

Going to go find milo now and maybe a muffin too!

We have our Obgyn appointment tomorrow with Dr Hinz.  I am so excited to meet her and hopefully she will do a scan! The first appointment is R1120 - eish! Of course, this year we would have changed from a full on comprehensive medical aid to a saver plan LOL...but it is all worth it!!!

Will post after our appointment tomorrow :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scan # 4

This morning the twins were lying side by side so measuring them was a little tricky...and worrying as they only measure 9w5days and 9w4days and are about 28.7mm or so.  I would have thought they would have grown more but Prof said the growth is fine. Heartbeats still there.

I am not sure what to call these little for now will stick with twin 1 and twin 2...or today Wriggle and Sleepy LOL.

Twin 1 was having a real bounce around! Moving all over the place - SO amazing to see and I could have stared at them all day....but scan went so fast and in minutes it was over. Here they are side-by-side...

                                             Twin 1 on the left was dancing a little jig...hands and feet wiggling

I asked Prof if he was going to check my progesterone levels and he said no, there is no need to, everything should be fine.  Then he ummed a little and paused and left to check my file. He came back in and said,  "You know what...let's stay on the Cyclogest for another week just to give an extra boost. If it was one I would be certain all is fine, but there are two, so let's do that.  And I want you to come in next week for another check."  So of course, now I am worrying...why did he change his mind?  I hope it is because he is just being extra cautious. Of course I am glad I don't have to wait 11 days for the next scan.

Last week, they measured 21.7mm and they have only grown 7mm...hope this is okay...hope this is not why he wants to check next week again - even though he said the growth is fine...!!! It is sometimes tricky to get accurate measurements depending on how they are lying...

So they are back on progesterone support for another week...I agree, rather that than take any chances!

Next scan: Tuesday 26 April and I hope they have a serious growth spurt by then!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Growing solo

So today was my first day without progesterone.  It is now over to the little ones' placentas and they are growing solo! I must admit it is a little scary...what if they are not producing enough progesterone? I think Prof said he was going to do blood tests tomorrow to check my levels - I think I will ask that he does - just to make sure the levels are all good.

One more sleep until scan # 4 - 9w6 days or so!
3 More sleeps until our first Obgyn appointment to meet Dr Hinz.
A loooong 11 day break with No scans - eeeeeek!
15 More sleeps until scan # 5 - 11w6d or so.
21 More sleeps until our Fetal Assessment Scan at the Kingsbury Fetal Assessment Centre - 12w5d or so...
And...telling everyone who doesn't already know...SO exciting!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scan #3 - Twins growing perfectly

Have just got back from our 3rd scan!  And we saw feet!!! Yes, little tiny feet! How incredible to see how much they have both grown. They have almost doubled in size since last week. They are now both measuring 21.7mm and 8 weeks 6 days (with 3 days variable) and in one measurement, twin 1 was 9 weeks! Prof says they could be nearer 9 weeks - which he says is about tomorrow / Thursday (so my calcs seem right based on the first day of the LMP!!!). He said the heartbeats look good and strong.

Here is Twin 1...

                                         Can you see the little foot? How cute!!

And here is Twin 2...

                                          Looks a bit squashed to me!

Here are both of them - it is hard getting them both in one pic...

We had a good chat and he told me that he wants to keep seeing me until after the foetal assessment appointment. I told him that Dr S said this would be my last appointment, but he said no, he has a plan and that is keeping me with him until 14 weeks!!! He even said I only need to go to Dr S Hinz at 15 weeks! How sweet is that. And it means weekly scans if I want them - even better! And the best news is I am off the PIO shots - WOW...this is have no idea how sore my butt is. Will stay on Cyclogest pessaries 3 times a day until Sunday and then it is over to the actual placentas! How awesome is that. By now they will be producing enough progesterone on their own.

While swopping meds, I was chatting to the Sister about Prof saying I needn't see Dr Hinz next Thursday, but she suggested I go anyway as I don't know her and it would be good to meet her just to see if I would like her to be my Obgyn - if yes, then I can make the 15 week appointment.  If not, I can move on - I think this is a sensible plan so I will keep the appointment. And of course, I will get a bonus scan and maybe even get to hear the heartbeats!!!

I have a form to make an appointment with the Fetal Assessment Centre Kingsbury for sometime between 11 weeks - 14 weeks...will give them a call later.

I am so happy that they are doing very grateful and happy.

Friday, April 8, 2011

8 Weeks...and Lima beans

If I use the last scan as a real guide with the bigger twin, then I am officially 8 weeks today...

This is what the twins are starting to look amazing is this...

(an excerpt from

"By pregnancy week 8 your baby is anywhere from 14 to 20mm long, or about the size of a Lima bean! In fact, some women refer to their baby as their little 'bean' as they follow their pregnancy week by week.  Your baby is doing a lot of growing during pregnancy 8 weeks. Up until this point in time your baby had a small tail... which starts to disappear this week, and your little one will soon have eyelids to cover his or her blossoming eyes. While the arms and legs are also lengthening, the fingers and toes are likely to still be webbed. Your baby's brain is also maturing during pregnancy week 8, as nerve cells begin to connect with one another, forming the groundwork for communication later in life. Did you know the tip of your baby's nose is already formed by pregnancy 8 weeks? The lungs are also working hard at maturing, though they won't be fully mature until near term. However, tubes leading from your baby's throat to the lungs begin to form branches.By week eight, your baby should have distinct elbows, which allow the arms to curve around the chest. Your baby's organs continue to develop with lightning quick speed. Before you have time to even blink an eye, your little one will resemble a miniature human being, complete with ten fingers, ten toes, skin, and all the body parts we all have!"

Can't wait for the scan on Tuesday to see how they are growing...They should be 8w4d and 8w2d then...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Queasy queasy queasy

The queasiness has been pretty intense the past two days. I still haven't thrown up yet, but I have thought about it!!! I am NOT complaining, it is wonderful. I never thought I would say that, but I would happily puke as much as I have to if it means all is well with these two precious miracles inside me. But, I admit it is not my best...nausea....aaaargh.  And I have had a splitting headache for the past 3 days which is also wearing me down. Have taken Panado which does nothing for me. Am hoping it will please go away today...I am finding it hard to concentrate at work.  Have decided to take the day off tomorrow just to chill and sleep...yay.

Yesterday, I couldn't take the bloated tummy problem anymore (pant buttons undone by the afternoon LOL) so I went and bought a Preggi Belly Band (to wear usual pants with buttons undone for longer) and a pair of stretchy top pants....bliss!  I also got a maternity bra for sleeping in - made from stretchy lycra stuff and SO comfortable...made a huge difference.  Instead of rolling over and feeling a tender ouch, they are nice and sung against my body...awesome.

I think the uncomfortable tummy issue is more from bloating than expansion as when I wake up in the morning it is fine.  It is just as I eat through the day that it gets more and more bloated. I have read that with twins obviously the uterus expands more quickly and with a singleton, it would be about the size of a grapefruit now at 8 weeks on Friday (started off the size of an avo pip) with twins, it is probably quite a large grapefruit LOL.

This is all so exciting...I still can't believe it is happening...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh the queasies.....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scan # 2

The twins are still doing well and growing!!!! Had a terrible night with a constant cramp in the one side so had constant nightmares all night about losing them...horrible.  Felt quite numb as we went into the scan - almost a little depressed.  Maybe all the progesterone?? Anyway, Dr S explained about the possibility of vanishing twin syndrome (which is common before 7 weeks but not after) and what we needed to see today.

In went the wand.  And there they were...all perfect. Two perfect little blueberries. Baby A is 7w4d and 12.5mm and Baby B is 7w2d and 10.9mm.  I joked with Dr S saying - one must be a boy and the other a girl and he said...I would agree with you!!! Let's hope!!!

                                          Baby A - a bit blurry
                                        Baby B - Our "girl?

He was very happy to show me the heartbeats on both - about 140 beats per min.  He didn't let me hear them - not sure why...when I asked he said, no not at this stage.  He said that my risk of anything happening to them after 7 weeks is drastically reduced now and gets even less as the weeks go by. He said I must just enjoy this now and try not to worry so much.

Still in awe....

Monday, April 4, 2011

2nd Scan tomorrow

The week went by pretty fast and scan # 2 is tomorrow...and I hope all is well with both twins...I have heard of disappearing twin syndrome and how common it is...but I would be devastated as I am already getting attached to the idea of is as if it is meant to be...One more sleep until we hear their heartbeats and see how much they have grown.  They should now be about the size of a blueberry...

I am battling to button up my pants! While I did have some fat on my tummy before this, I could always hold it in - NOT NOW! Not sure if it is all the progesterone or the expanding uterus(from the size of a plum to a grapefruit) or both, but it is getting harder LOL...

Please universe, let everything be okay tomorrow...