Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gratitude for the last warm Autumn days...

The cold nip on the air even on a warm day...memories of chilly Winter creeping in quickly now.

While I love the peaceful cool of Autumn days and the wind-free reprieve, I do not look forward to the damp, cold days of Winter. That feeling of days going past without a ray of sunshine on my skin, the coldness that creeps into your bones. If ever there was a person who would thrive in moderate to hot temperature climates, it would be me. I am most comfortable in dry warmth. My acupuncturist would tell me that this is because I am a damp, clammy body...mmm sounds great doesn't it? But with the classifying body-types, TCM uses these terms as guides for specific treatments.

So with gratitude for the last warm Autumn days, I will prepare for the next 5 months of chill.

Of course there are delicious soups, stews, baked fruit puddings, sherry and cosy mornings in bed to look forward to...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gratitude for having found Love

As we celebrated our 12th anniversary beneath the vast starry nights and during the hot dry desert days in the beautiful Biedouw Valley....I contemplated just how lucky I am to have found true love.

Love which only strengthens as every day passes. Love which only grows to new heights and dimensions as I learn more about the man I am with. The man I found, the woman he found and the love we found together.

He asked me on this day...would you do it all again? Yes, I would do it again and again and to infinity my love...if it meant we could have more time together in this life.

I know in my heart that we needed these years together, just the two of us.
To heal. To explore. To discover. To learn. To love.

To love...and to gratitude for it eternally.