Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Thursday, December 20, 2012

15 Month Update

Age: The babes were 15 months old on 18 December (13 months).

Height/Weight: I just read that babies only put on about 2.4kg from age one to two!  So I will stop monitoring their weights now. All I know is that they are already almost growing out of the lengths of clothes 12-18 months, so will only buy 2 year old sizes from now. I cannot resist buying them clothes - serious problem but am grateful I can indulge as I have such fun trying on fun new outfits!

Developmental notes: Both are walking so nicely now all over the house!  They still stumble now and then especially when they get going too fast and then wobble and fall lol. But both balance so well and can bend down and stand up perfectly. Both push their Kewi bikes around rather than riding them, or the cars or the walking toys. Finn only wants the pink bike and runs after Becs to get it. We have decided to swop parts so they are a mix of pink and blue.  Lesson in this is...just get two of the same colour! Finn also rams and drives over poor Becky - naughty brother!

They are both gabbling away and have many new words - "Mala, hi, careful, tata, hello, there", and more - Finn calls Rebecca "Ca". They clap, they dance, they kiss, they wav, they point when asked to identify someone or something - and this is the MOST adorable phase as they just get cuter and cuter by the day! We are so enjoying watching them become more and more independent.  And yet I am so sad that we don't have babies to cuddle anymore - they are becoming their own little people already with serious minds of their own lol - I have to insist on lots of snuggles and kisses whenever I can.

Eating: I think Finn will always prefer mush, but Becky likes to feed herself.  We put a variety of fresh fruits, veggies in front of them and they eat what they want. One day they love something and the next day not, but we keep putting all sorts of foods in front of them.  We still try get in a good protein and veg meal daily as well like spag bog, mash and mince veg, or chicken and veg etc. Finn loves yoghurt and smoothies and avo. Becky loves rasberries and blueberries. It is a real messy business and they haven't even started using spoons!

Sleep: Both sleep like dreams now. They have their bath at 6:30pm and then we put them down to doodoos at 7pm and they sleep until about 6:30am, but "chat" and play in their cots until 7am. Occasionally Finn wakes once or twice a while after going to sleep but he is quickly soothed and goes back to sleep again no problem. We are going on holiday now and they will be in camping cots so we are going to try put them in one room and if it works out okay we will move them back in together when we get home. They still nap for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.  Soon, we will move to dropping the morning nap and instead have a longer afternoon nap from 1-3pm maybe.

Favourite Things: Walking everywhere!!!

Dislikes: Finn has a complete meltdown when Rebecca will not give him something.  Poor Becs has started to relinquish whatever she has to him as it is just easier...very funny to watch.  If she doesn't want to then she will hide it or get away from him as fast as possible and then he hurries after her crying his little heart out! Funny. Rebecca doesn't always like to be fed - tricky when it is something messy.

Looking forward to: Our holiday - first time we will going anywhere with the twins - BUT am very stressed about our routine being so disrupted as we will be out and about a lot and naps will be missed or late, meals not on time etc Am hoping everything will be okay.  Our routine has been the thing keeping it all together for me - have no idea how they will respond to being out of one!!! A tad stressed...

Mommy and Daddy musings:  Rebecca and Finn - you cannot believe how cute you two are right now and getting cuter by the day as you get more and more independent. We hope so much that you will grow up to be close to each other and look out for each other. Right now you chat together and we can see how you love each other even if you fight a lot over toys. We are looking forward to a lovely holiday and lots of swimming and spending time with your family. This will be your second Christmas, but last year you were tiny babies and now you will be opening your own presents and having so much fun. We love you.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


So Becs took her first steps last week! And now she can't seem to get enough...she is walking and pushing her cart all over the house with fierce determination. Whereas Finn returned to crawling again after his first steps...Becky is just ready to walk as much as she can. Finn started walking more again this it is a matter of time before they become really adept at their new way of getting from one place to another.  And with this new found independence, it is incredible to watch their development.  Finn actually climbed onto the couch for the first time yesterday - I turned around and there he was just sitting there looking cool and pleased for himself - so cute.

So day when you ask me "When did I walk?"...I will tell you all about it and how you both started walking just after your real first year birth date...clever cuties.