Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Thursday, December 20, 2012

15 Month Update

Age: The babes were 15 months old on 18 December (13 months).

Height/Weight: I just read that babies only put on about 2.4kg from age one to two!  So I will stop monitoring their weights now. All I know is that they are already almost growing out of the lengths of clothes 12-18 months, so will only buy 2 year old sizes from now. I cannot resist buying them clothes - serious problem but am grateful I can indulge as I have such fun trying on fun new outfits!

Developmental notes: Both are walking so nicely now all over the house!  They still stumble now and then especially when they get going too fast and then wobble and fall lol. But both balance so well and can bend down and stand up perfectly. Both push their Kewi bikes around rather than riding them, or the cars or the walking toys. Finn only wants the pink bike and runs after Becs to get it. We have decided to swop parts so they are a mix of pink and blue.  Lesson in this is...just get two of the same colour! Finn also rams and drives over poor Becky - naughty brother!

They are both gabbling away and have many new words - "Mala, hi, careful, tata, hello, there", and more - Finn calls Rebecca "Ca". They clap, they dance, they kiss, they wav, they point when asked to identify someone or something - and this is the MOST adorable phase as they just get cuter and cuter by the day! We are so enjoying watching them become more and more independent.  And yet I am so sad that we don't have babies to cuddle anymore - they are becoming their own little people already with serious minds of their own lol - I have to insist on lots of snuggles and kisses whenever I can.

Eating: I think Finn will always prefer mush, but Becky likes to feed herself.  We put a variety of fresh fruits, veggies in front of them and they eat what they want. One day they love something and the next day not, but we keep putting all sorts of foods in front of them.  We still try get in a good protein and veg meal daily as well like spag bog, mash and mince veg, or chicken and veg etc. Finn loves yoghurt and smoothies and avo. Becky loves rasberries and blueberries. It is a real messy business and they haven't even started using spoons!

Sleep: Both sleep like dreams now. They have their bath at 6:30pm and then we put them down to doodoos at 7pm and they sleep until about 6:30am, but "chat" and play in their cots until 7am. Occasionally Finn wakes once or twice a while after going to sleep but he is quickly soothed and goes back to sleep again no problem. We are going on holiday now and they will be in camping cots so we are going to try put them in one room and if it works out okay we will move them back in together when we get home. They still nap for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.  Soon, we will move to dropping the morning nap and instead have a longer afternoon nap from 1-3pm maybe.

Favourite Things: Walking everywhere!!!

Dislikes: Finn has a complete meltdown when Rebecca will not give him something.  Poor Becs has started to relinquish whatever she has to him as it is just easier...very funny to watch.  If she doesn't want to then she will hide it or get away from him as fast as possible and then he hurries after her crying his little heart out! Funny. Rebecca doesn't always like to be fed - tricky when it is something messy.

Looking forward to: Our holiday - first time we will going anywhere with the twins - BUT am very stressed about our routine being so disrupted as we will be out and about a lot and naps will be missed or late, meals not on time etc Am hoping everything will be okay.  Our routine has been the thing keeping it all together for me - have no idea how they will respond to being out of one!!! A tad stressed...

Mommy and Daddy musings:  Rebecca and Finn - you cannot believe how cute you two are right now and getting cuter by the day as you get more and more independent. We hope so much that you will grow up to be close to each other and look out for each other. Right now you chat together and we can see how you love each other even if you fight a lot over toys. We are looking forward to a lovely holiday and lots of swimming and spending time with your family. This will be your second Christmas, but last year you were tiny babies and now you will be opening your own presents and having so much fun. We love you.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


So Becs took her first steps last week! And now she can't seem to get enough...she is walking and pushing her cart all over the house with fierce determination. Whereas Finn returned to crawling again after his first steps...Becky is just ready to walk as much as she can. Finn started walking more again this it is a matter of time before they become really adept at their new way of getting from one place to another.  And with this new found independence, it is incredible to watch their development.  Finn actually climbed onto the couch for the first time yesterday - I turned around and there he was just sitting there looking cool and pleased for himself - so cute.

So day when you ask me "When did I walk?"...I will tell you all about it and how you both started walking just after your real first year birth date...clever cuties.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

14 Month update (1 year for real!)

 Age: The babes were 14 months old on 18 November, so are now really really ONE! Their full term date was 17 November, so I can really now think of them as real toddlers. And toddling they are!

Height/Weight: Not sure of latest weights...but they are getting heavier for sure!  Becs is a slim, tall baby with a tiny waist - no doubt she has been blessed with slinky genes ;)! Finn is also tall and has lovely definition already - am sure both are blessed with lovely physiques lucky tots. DH is 6 ft 4 and has long lovely legs - so hoping they both get this from him. We have decided not to give them the MMR - just too much research showing the risks of giving to them so early...and paediatrician although not in agreement has said it is okay as long as we give it to them when they are 5...which is our plan. We may give a measles booster at 18 months, but not sure yet.  I think they have had enough now and their immune systems must be given an opportunity to strengthen naturally. Also they are not in daycare so the risk is less of contracting measles or mumps etc.

Developmental notes: Finn took his first steps last week!!! He is still hesitant but walks to you from quite a distance. I cannot believe he is walking already!  Rebecca will be right behind him and although she started crawling long before he did, I think she is not as confident yet.  She stands and balances perfectly but is yet to launch off on her own. Any day now. They are doing new things all the time now. Becky imitates singing sounds, claps as well now, babbles away, reads to herself in baby language when looking at a book and has started laughing and giggling more.  Finn is so proud of himself when he walks to you, he is very good at opening cupboards, doors, he loves to take whatever Becky is playing with for and games!

They interact so much more, usually with Finn hitting her with a toy or over the head or something. Becky hides toys from him. Both love playing / grabbing / hitting the cat and both know how to shield their faces from licking dog. They love tearing up magazines and eating them...eating any paper actually! Both push their carts along the verandah and are riding their Pewi YBikes all over the place or pushing them and walking. They both now call us by Mamma and Dadda.  It is so cute.  They also call DH Daddy or Dadden. Becky got two more teeth, so they both have eight teeth now.

I showered with them for the first time the other day - they loved the feeling of the water spraying on their little bodies and lay against my chest so calmly - too cute. We have also started letting them play in the baby pool and with a hosepipe which they love. I am so looking forward to warm summer days so they can run around kaalgat!

Eating: They go through phases but I am less stressed about their eating now.  We have started moving away from purees now and just place a variety of foods in front of them letting them eat what they want to.  New things they like are red pepper strips, celery sticks, date oat balls - Becky likes rasberries and dried mango but not Finn. He is not really crazy about most new things, but I am still offering all sorts of things to them. He does like drinking smoothies, fresh juice and drinking yoghurt. They both eat oats again thank goodness. We make sure they have water in a sippy cup available all day and really only give a milk bottle in the mornings and evenings.  I may give them a rooibos tea or mik bottle during the day, but it depends on how much they have been drinking / eating.  We have moved onto cows milk now so I want to start giving them a multivitamin to make up for the vits from the formula.

Sleep: I am so relieved that sleeping has settled down again. Becky is sleeping like a dream - she goes down at 7pm without a fuss and sleeps until 6am or so.  Finn went through a little phase of fighting sleeptime and screaming for up to 30 minutes - it is so hard to leave him - sounds like his heart is breaking!  But he has also settled down nicely now and sleeps well all night long - hope it stays like this!

Favourite Things: Pushing carts and bikes on the verandah. Playing with water. Playtime. Emptying cupboards.

Dislikes: Still dislike lying down on the changing mat or having clothes taken off lol!

Looking forward to: Everything.

Mommy and Daddy musings: Becky Blue and Finny - you are our delight...we are amazed at how cute you are both becoming - more and more so every day. We are loving watch you grow and do new things every day. What beautiful treasures you are. We love you so much and look forward to every new day with you.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My snowbabies

I just can't seem to let go of our two snowbabies...two perfect embryos on ice, just waiting to implant and start to grow.  We got our invoice to keep them frozen for another year and while I know we should just confirm that we cannot proceed with another pregnancy, I just can't seem to do it. I also don't want to donate them..I want them for myself. Does that make sense?  Even though I know the doctors have advised in the harshest terms that I should not attempt to carry another pregnancy, let alone another possible set of twins, my heart loves them already.  They could be another perfect two babies. What if they were Finn or Rebecca.

How am I going to let them go?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

13 Month Update

Age: The babes are 13 months old (or 11 months if like me you just can't quite stop adjusting yet).  I think I am still reluctant to say they are actually one as they have not started walking yet and I was sure they would start before they turned one, if I look at their developmental progress so far.  They are both standing balancing perfectly but just haven't taken a step still sure it will be in the next month or so...

Height/Weight: Finn must be just over 10kg as he was 9.940g on 8th Oct. You can really notice how their weight gain has slowed down now since they started crawling as he only gained 400g in 2.5 months! Becky was only 8.960g, a 700g gain but at the Paed she was over 9kg - not sure if she lost weight or just difference in scales?? Anyway, both are on track growthwise and looking good on the chart - Finn is over the green line and Becky is right on it - so perfect!

Developmental notes: Both are still standing around and balancing nicely. They then drop to the floor and crawl off at great speeds. They both realise now that the bed has an edge and are learning to turn around and push off backwards. They have started to be fascinated by putting objects inside other things - the shape circle toy is a great hit but they get so frustrated when the shape doesn't fit. Finn loves standing in his push cart like a chariot and he loves wheels and things that move. Rebecca loves the ball pool and diving into it. Her newest words are "giggle" and "tickle" and they both say "daddy" perfectly. They also say "weeeeeeee".  Rebecca is an exceptional mimic and often still says once off words, so clearly you wonder if you heard right.  I think she is storing them all up in her fast developing brain for later brilliant articulation lol. Finn still calls out mumum for me. They love it when I play round and round the garden on their hands and they giggle loudly as I tickle them under their armies.

Both have started disliking being changed and sometimes cry and kick when we put them on the changing mat for a change - really no idea why.  It is hectic as they kick me in my stomach, they are getting too big for the changing table but it still so convenient that I am loathe to change the set up. Becs has never liked being changed and still cries after bathtime as we dress tiresome and we wish they would both just happily lie there but alas. Of course they could also just be really tired by that stage and we are lucky that bathtime is always a happy time. There are no new teeth...wonder when the next lot will arrive.

Eating: Mmmm...Becs has started being disinterested in all the usual foods she loved - very frustrating.  I think it is ingrained into us that we must make sure kids eat their food, but after reading up on it, I know I should chill - have read that their growth slows down now and often they do not need as much food as they have been getting.  Also a child will not let themselves starve and will eat if hungry. It is still hard though as I love seeing them enjoy food. Finn still eats pretty much everything and has gone from being sensitive to textures to pretty much eating whatever you give him.  Becs new favourite is peanut butter on bread. She also way prefers feeding herself so I have started putting a variety of food chopped up in front of her and that's how she has been eating for the past few days. I have also wondered if it is because the milky tea during the day may be filling her up? They are supposed to be drinking at least 300mls of milk a day which they do between their morning and evening bottles, so I am going to give them none or less milk during the day and see if that makes a difference. On the other hand I have been worrying that they are not getting enough liquids as they don't really drink a lot of water during the day - how do you know if they need more liquids??

Just after I wrote this...we had the worst lunch feeding EVER! Both freaking out, crying and not wanting to eat anything...a first! Finn had face planted and hurt his mouth so am hoping that was his problem and Rebecca had a few mouthfuls of rice and pumpkin and some small pieces of lamb and then started fog-horning! Geesh she can kwef...she has this loud na na na na screech. They used to LOVE lamb and veg...well not now.  I landed up giving them a peanut butter brown bread sami...not great but they ate that! Please babies snap out of this food strike phase.  I don't want to fill you up on bread...

Sleep: So we did seperate them and it has been SO much better as we do not rush in at the first peep, hearts racing to avoid a double wake up anymore. Even though I would prefer them to be together, it is actually much less stressful now. Sleep training went really well in the beginning and then Becs got a snotty nose again...and it says do not sleep train when they are sick.  So we have had to start on square one again, and had a few nights of crying after she is put down.  But we will persevere. She has also stopped crying when put down for day naps (except for today...she cried and cried at her afternoon nap??!!) Finn also started crying after being put down - very uncharacteristic of him, so we are following the same method after soothing him twice max.

Favourite Things:Crawling around the new huge veranda and exploring.  Finn ate some bird poo the other day = great.  And Becky squashed an ant...shame poor ant.

Dislikes: Still not loving tuna or fish...wonder where they got that from... . Eating.  Being changed. Lying on their backs. Eating. Did I say eating?

Looking forward to: Less moaning and crying during change times and calm peaceful bedtimes.

Mommy and Daddy musings:Oh babies, how beautiful you are. Even when you are crying or moaning you make me want to squish you with kisses and hugs.  And when you fall and cry that hurt cry, I want to run to you and make it all better just to see your little smile again.  You are learning so many new things and we love watching you grow. I love your soft hair tickling my face and your little grabbing hands clutching at my neck as I pick you up. Becky, your serious little face when you wake up until you crack your first smile and fall into my arms for a little hug just melt my heart.  Finn, your huge grin when I say good morning and when you take my hair with your thumb to suck it just makes me want to squeeze you with all the love I have. We are so proud of our little treasures and you are doing so well. Love you booboos.

Monday, October 15, 2012


What is it about vaccinations that make me feel like I am not doing the right thing? The intellectual side of me understands the merits, is conscious of the advantages of protecting our children from possible really serious illnesses and actually agrees with the logic of the herd philosophy. Why then, is the gut instinct, emotional side of me so hesitant, distrusting of the drug company financial motivations and concerned about possible side effects - I mean - no scientific studies have actually been conclusive and despite the outright refute of previous claims about the autism link at the end of the spectrum, I can't help but wonder...are they really okay for my kids and their growing brains and bodies? How do we really know for sure if there are any side effects?

Do. Not. Google. You will find thousands of parent testimonies about how their children were developmentally affected after receiving vaccinations. Very scary stuff. So I ordered a kindle book immediately which I hoped would shed some light on the matter.  Written by a MD, it is not anti vaccination but provides his objective overview based on suggestions about which are must-do and which are optional and why.  Informative yes. But he still indicates that no-one is really really sure if your child is the one in a thousand that could be affected by a vaccination - it really is the risk you take when you immunize. Risk. You. Take. A bit like holding a loaded gun isn't it?

Have you seen all the books on the subject? There are so many conflicting opinions - either pro or anti...or very very anti. Also written by MD's or scientists saying "it is a contravention of basic human rights" to "vaccinations can cause harm - serious harm in some respects" to "are we willing to sacrifice one child so 100 may live and so on..." This hasn't really left me feeling comfortable one way or the other.  I personally know of a story on both sides of the camp - one where a child was not immmunised and died and another where a baby was mistakenly immunised twice with the incorrect dosages and is now in a mental institution.

After receiving the vaccinations for Chicken Pox and Hep B last week, Finn had the strangest response - he didn't cry at all while being injected but that night and the following night he was incredibly hyperactive and we battled to get him to go to sleep. This was completely out of character.  Coincidental or a side-effect?

They have finished the state provided vaccinations and we are supposed to be taking them for a booster shot for pneuccol something and for ear infections - pricey but recommended and then the MMR at 18 months...also private.

How do you know what to do? I mean really know?

How would I feel if my babies were developmentally affected in even a small way from receiving vaccinations which we forced them to have?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

More snot and sleep adventures

And just as we thought we had landed in peaceful sleep land, poor little Becky has a snotty nose again.  So at 10pm she woke up very miserable and snotty and couldn't breathe nicely.  I left her to cry a little but after 10 minutes it was unbearable.  So I googled.  And it says do not sleep train when sick.  So I went into her room and tried to soothe her.  She started crying again and after 45 minutes of on and off again crying and misery, I eventually dosed her with some meds.  She finally went back to sleep and slept until morning.

Finn has also started changing his bedtime behaviour...instead of drinking his bottle in my arms and then drifting off peacefully to sleep in his cot, he becomes loud and hyper and refuses his bottle and stands up in his cot playing with the curtains instead of self soothing himself to sleep. At least he doesn't really cry. So it seems a little sleep training with our boy is going to be needed.  I think the take-out is...nothing stays the same and especially with two prepared for something to change everyday!

Sleeptime adventures dear babies...keeping mom and dad on their toes lol!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Good nights!

Amazingly, little Becky has been sleeping like a dream.

Since doing sleep training last weekend, she now lets me carry her to her cot and tuck her in without too much fuss and she. Goes. To. Sleep. She whimpers a little as I pick her up sometimes and might let out a little cry as I tuck her in, but that's it.  And she sleeps the next 11 - 12 hours with no complaints.  One night last week she started crying just after 10pm which was strange so I had to go in to check just in case but just resettled her and she was fine.  Now, when we go in to wake her at 06h45, she is sometimes awake chatting to her teddy bear and sometimes still dozing, but in good spirits and absolutely fine.

She started crying during her afternoon nap last week but this has also improved - could be she is just not as sleepy so she objects more when Silvs puts her down.  On the weekend she didn't cry at all, so hopefully she is getting used to it.  We have had sleep-throughs every night for the past week - fabulous! This from dreading the "night on duty" when she would wake up two or three times and we would have to dash into their room so she didn't wake up Finn.  Now as they are seperated, the stress of them waking each other up is gone!  I can't believe what a difference this has made - now we don't feel like we have to run into their room, we can actually wait a little to see how long they cry for before running to them.  Most of the time, if there is a little moaning or crying, it is only for a little while and they they go back to sleep.

I don't like the fact that they are in seperate rooms at all...but if it means peaceful sleeping, then so be it for now.  We will move them back together at some point - maybe when they go into big beds and we make the study their bedroom and playroom...we will see.

Now I just have to get my DH to stop snoring so we can sleep in the same bed again lol!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sleep training update...

Sleep training is going well so far. I must admit I was really stressed about using the "extinction" method rather than the gradual approach, but it sure has worked fast. The first night, we moved Becs cot to the study and as soon as she had finished her bottle, instead of rocking and patting her to sleep and then taking her to her cot, I picked her up, gave her a dummy and walked with her to her cot and gently put her down and tucked her in.

Well, to say she was affronted is putting it mildly! She screamed in protest and then cried hard for about 15 -20 minutes. And then she went to sleep. We went in to check on her and she had turned around completely and had passed out, so I tucked her in and covered her with a blankie. When we rushed in to check on her the next morning at 6:30am, she was still asleep in the same position. Then on the second night, she cried for 5 minutes and went to sleep, also to be woken the next morning in the same position! And last night, she went down with a little whimper but no crying at all. Tonight, she cried a few little ones but settled down quickly.

This makes me wonder if they were not disturbing each other more than we thought? Finn has also been sleeping a little later and he has uncommonly had a few wake ups at night which is unusual for him. Maybe he knows his sister is not there, or he is scared of the dark as I have turned off the night light to keep the room nice and dark.

My hope is that after a while if they settle nicely into going to sleep without intervention, then we can move them back into the same room! I really wanted them to share a room especially when they move into big beds. My plan was to convert the study, which is a really big double room into their bedroom on the one side and a playroom on the other. Hope this will work out.

But in the meantime, here's to helping our babbas learn healthy sleeping habits for their health and ours!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sleep training for Becs

Well, we have finally come to the realisation that our current routine is not helping Rebecca develop healthy sleeping habits at all. She is having such issues going to sleep at night and getting back to sleep on waking during the night. Because we have been rocking or patting her to sleep every night, she just can't seem to do it on her own and it is becoming more and more apparent with more night wakings. For the past year, we have been "on call" every night and leap up at the first cry to pacify her back to sleep in fear that she wakes up Finn, who is a really good sleeper but if he wakes up, two awake babies are hectic to deal with alone.

The penny dropped for me the other night when it took more than forty minutes for DH to pat her to sleep. Later that night she woke up at 2am so I rushed in to soothe her. She reached through the cot bars and patted my leg, and eventually went back to sleep, until I tried to leave the room when she started wailing again. this went on for an hour until. Finally I relented and took her to bed with me....mmmm not really conducive to teaching her how to fall asleep again! 

The decision to start sleep training now rather than later is also because the Paed confirmed there is nothing physically wrong with her - no ear infection as I suspected and no reason why she shouldn't sleep well and also advised sleep training. This whole issue is rather controversial I know, with attachment parenting in one camp and Ferberization methods in the other and Sleep Sense somewhere in-between. So I started researching and came across the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child I ordered it on kindle and consumed it in one sitting. It details the basis of how good sleep patterns are established and how horribly wrong things can go if a child never develops this including learning problems etc later on, adult sleep issues etc. It resonated with us however his approach is hardcore. You literally let them cry it out from the beginning and make sure they have two good naps everyday and a bedtime between 6-7pm. If they have interrupted naps, you bring bedtime earlier. 

So we started last night. We moved Becky's cot to the study and followed the usual bedtime routine, but instead of rocking her for half an hour, I placed her in her cot, patted her a while, said goodnight and left the room. She cried. And cried. And cried. And  cried. And twenty minutes later she stopped and went to sleep. And she slept all the way through until 6:30 am. It was really hard not to rush in there, but once she had fallen asleep we went in to check and covered her with a blankie and made sure she was okay.  She was in the same position when we rushed in to check on her this morning. And she was happy and smiling as usual. 

I think all children are different, and some may find the Ferber or gradual process better, but for Becs, she is already very aware of "needing" our involvement to sleep and we believe she will learn quickly tha she really can do it for herself. I also think it is important to reconise the difference between an angry "why are you not rocking me" cry to a sad or hurt cry. Obviously if she is teething or unwell, this approach would not work...but for now while she is healthy we are going to persevere until she can fall asleep on her own at nights so we can move her back into the nursery with her brother!! She has no problem going to sleep for daytime naps, so we have no doubt she will  pick it up fast! Now I just have to stay strong and resist rushing in there to scoop up my little treasure!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ONE YEAR Update!

Age: ONE Year old! We will start saying they are one now, even though in actual terms and developmentally I still see them as just over 10 months old. By 14 months they will truly be one!

Height/Weight: Finn must be over 11kg by now and Becky is just over 9kg as weighed at the Paed yesterday. We will check this out when they go for their MMR shots next week - not looking forward to that sigh.

Developmental notes: Both crawl at great speed, both coast along furniture and both stand without holding on to anything.  Rebecca is more adept at standing and I think she is about to take off on her first steps. She will stand there unsupported and even moving her arms and then...sit. I have read that shorter babies with stubby legs find it easier to balance and walk than taller long legged babies - apparently harder for them to coordinate longer legs lol.  I am sure though that walking is imminent although happy that they take as long as possible to get going as I am sure once they start walking, we are going to start running! And in different directions!

Finn is very vocal and babbles away. Becs has started babbling as well and still surprises us with the odd new word said perfectly.  The other day she said "night" and then "dog". But she only says it once or twice so you second guess yourself as to whether you even heard it or not. But other people heard her say these words the other day so I was not imagining things. Both have started waving / folding their hands saying ta ta. If I say "come" they crawl to me and stand up against my legs to go "uppie". They stop doing something is I say "ahah" - not for long though - I really don't want to over-use "No" as I am sure there will be so many "no's" in future! Finn calls me mumum.

Both drink their own bottles in their cots in the morning now - too cute. They are quite happy to sit playing for reasonable periods of time while I get ready for work - so much better than trying to run after them in my bedroom while I have a hair dryer in one hand lol. Becky kisses and loves her teddybear and Finn sucks his teddy blanket or a rogue dummy if there is one. They are hilarious as they both pop the dummy out of each other's mouths and then take it for themselves. They have started doing interesting things with their toys - putting cups on top of the stacking ring; putting objects inside others; beating the maracas together; walking pushing toys along; moving small parts; dancing to music toys - amazing to watch their development!

Finn has 8 teeth now and Becky still has 6 - we brush their teeth every morning and night. Finn's hair on top of his head is really long now and stands straight up - he really has a natural mohican!  Becky has started getting little curls on the sides - so cute!

Eating: We haven't introduced snacks really so will start this and will also replace the 2 day bottles with rooibos tea and cows milk and a little snack. Then will stay on stage 3 formula for morning and nightime bottle for a while.  The paed suggested we stay on formula until they are two as it has good vitamin and nutrient supplements which he reckons is really worthwhile. I gave them tuna for the first time the other day and they did not love...will try sardines next - good brain food. They basically eat everything now, so next step is more chunky foods and then self feeding will start soon - going to be messy! We do not give them juice - only milk, water and rooibos tea.

Sleep: Finn is sleeping through with no serious problems. He does sometimes wake up crying full on - must be night terrors, but is easily comforted.  He self-soothes really well.  Becs on the other hand is not sleeping that well.  We are going to need to do some sleep training with her at nighttime so she goes to sleep on her own without us rocking or patting her to sleep at night. This may mean we seperate them for a while but hopefully we don't need to. She gets pretty loud and then Finn wakes up and it is more difficult dealing with two awake babies than one - so seperation for a bit may help us so that we don't need to respond that quickly to Becky when she wakes and starts crying.  I don't know if CIO is the way, but at least we don't have to rush to her to pacify her in fear Finn is also going to wake - maybe she will self soothe if we leave her a bit...mmm still need to research all this more. We are going to start this on the weekend.

Favourite Things: Crawling, playing, exploring the house! And oats are always a winner - I make them with cinnamon and mashed banana and vanilla paste....yum.

Dislikes: Tuna ;)

Looking forward to: Getting Becky to sleep without interventions ;)

Mommy and Daddy musings: What a special milestone babies - you are ONE...well almost completely one in a few weeks as you are still catching up a bit. But, you are both almost walking which is amazing and we are so proud of how well you are both doing.  You are so completely adorable, we just love watching you interact and sometimes I watch you in your cots between the crack in the door so you can't see me.  Finn, I love your huge smile when you suddenly see me watching you.  Becs, I love your squeals and fast crawl to get to me as soon as possible when I get home for a big hug and a kiss. What special little treasures you both are.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Now we are ONE!

The big day finally arrived, the twin's 1st Birthday Party! And after worrying about the weather as it had been raining all week, we were blessed with sunshine! What a lovely, special celebration. 

I had so much fun organising their party and even with 32 people, both Finn and Rebecca were so chilled, just enjoying the action all around them. We have also just completed a veranda extension which was completed literally the day before the party! This is going to be a wonderful space for the twins to ride their little waddle bikes when they are ready.

The goodies table turned out exactly as I had planned pretty...

And what a beautiful cake.

Their little thrones for the day...

The Birthday babbas holding hands - too cute.

Everyone singing Happy Birthday...

 They especially enjoyed their Birthday cupcakes...

Birthday Beauty.

Oh our precious little babies, even though you are only actually 10 months old now, we are now saying you are one as you have both caught up so beautifully.  Rebecca, you are about to walk your first steps as you confidently stand balancing perfectly - any day now and you will be off with new independence.  You are so affectionate and love cuddles and singing with your mummy. You are so unbelievably cute with your crystal clear gaze and rosebud mouth smiles and little chuckles. Finn, my boy, what a delight you are. Charming everyone with your smiles and laughs and your hair that is determined to stand up straight. You will also be off on your first steps soon and then Daddy and I are going to have to run to keep up with you and your sister. You are already so fast. You are our special miracle babies and we love you more than words will ever express. Happy Birthday Rebecca & Finn!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One today!

Our miracle babies are one today. One! Already! How did time go so fast? Today was an incredible milestone and we both feel so blessed and so proud to have been chosen by these two precious children to be their mummy and daddy. Rebecca - you are a beautiful, affectionate, bright little girl born beneath a special star. Finn - what a loving, happy, open little sweetie you are, so curious and expressive. We love you both so very much our little twins and look forward to sharing so many special times with you xxx

Monday, September 3, 2012

The dreaded snots!

I really thought we were over the colds this winter...until I got serious flu - the worst I have had since 2004! My first thought was, I hope the babes don't get it too - just after getting over two colds in succession and an ear infection, we had settled into clear noses and good sleeping again. And then the dreaded snots set in over the weekend aaaargh!

Poor tots are all snotty and while Finn takes it in his stride and sleeps well despite this, little Becky keeps waking up unable to breathe properly and then she yells in contempt of her condition as if to say, "I have a snotty nose and I don't like it wwwhhhhhaaaaa!". And she does this all night long. Yes, I jumped out of bed five times on Saturday night to re-settle her, until at 2:30am I was so over it and fetched her to lie with me. Mistake.  I couldn't sleep. By the time poor DH came in at 6:30am, I begged him to let me go sleep for an hour to catch up a little. What a night. I hope that it doesn't get worse than a snotty nose and they don't get a temp and the nasty cough I have now. Please no.

Besides for the snots, they are getting so damn cute. Finny does high fives. Becky said "okay" and "hello" and "meow" - but only once! You really have to listen out as she suddenly says a word and then just looks at you so you are left wondering if you imagined it.  But she says it so clearly it is unmistakable. She also stood for quite a while yesterday and then fell forward when she realised she was standing.  I am sure walking is not far away.  Finn also stands so it is going to be interesting to see who takes the first steps first. Finn babbles away loudly but apart from mamma, babba, dadda, yum hasn't said any new words - he is far more vocal than Becky, but she hums and sings and he doesn't.

Becky has become more clingy and settles in for hugs more often from me - so sweet. Finn has some real boy actions - pushes his sister over, crawls over her, head bangs the ottomon, body thrusts his cot across the floor - really physical sometimes lol.

They turn ONE in 15 days time!!!! Can you believe it? I can't.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

11 Month Update

Age: 11 Months old yesterday! The Paed says that they have caught up so well and even their milestones are beyond their actual ages, so by their 1st Birthday (in just one month's time can you believe it???) we don't need to adjust their ages anymore! Yay. Our clever little babes!!!

Height/Weight: Finn weighed 9.540kg on 23rd July, so no doubt he is well over 10kg now. He is 78cm tall. Rebecca weighed 8.260kg and is 75cm tall. Finn is well over the median line with weight for his actual age and Rebecca is almost there. Both are well over the median height range so will be tall kids ;).

Developmental notes: They are getting stronger and more independent every day. Both crawl along at great speeds, pull up on anything and everything, can sit up from lying on their tummies, hold onto furniture with one hand balancing and Rebecca even stood without holding onto anything for a little while yesterday! Both bounce up and down holding onto their cots. Finn gnaws at his high chair, Becky gnaws her cot. Finn likes to bang his head up and down often - apparently this is soothing as they are mimicking the rocking motion lol. Finn "walks" holding onto the walking toy with wheels but is so strong that he lifts the whole thing and throws it sideways - then he can't hold on anymore lol. Both are chewing nicely now and we don't stress as much leaving them with finger foods. Rebecca has a 5th tooth out at last. But no more teeth from Finn, who still has 6. Both still drool up a storm so no doubt we will have another bout of teeth soon.

Finn has been battling with baby excema and we are now keeping it under control with Advantan and moisturising creams. Hope this goes away soon.  Poor Becky had a horrible ear infection and must have had it for some time as after being treated with antibiotics, she has become a different baby - happy, relaxed and not kweffy at all and back to sleeping like a dream! She is so so cute at the moment. Just as well I was dosing her with ibuprofen etc as she would have been in pain and a lot of discomfort poor thing. They both say quite a few words - mamma, dadda, babba and yum when they eat and Becky said meow the other day. Finn claps his hands perfectly.  I am still trying to teach them to wave ta ta - they are starting to get it but not quite. The other morning, Finn woke up at 4am and was quite noisy, so I fetched him for a cuddle.  He wouldn't sleep so eventually I turned around and left him to it. He sobbed and reached out to touch my back and clearly said "mamma".  It was if he knew that I was mamma - what a special moment.  Of course I turned around and hugged him close and he promptly went back to sleep. So special.

Finn can high five! If you say high five and hold up your hand, he claps it! So clever! Becky hums along with me if I hold her and sing or hum - too dear.

Eating: They are still eating well. Rebecca has gone off cereal a bit - she really loves real food.  Hope this love of good food lasts and we don't have picky eaters after the two's - apparently babies may start to become picky eaters between 2-5 years old - this ties into the ancestral genetic conditioning that as toddlers become more independent they limit eating new and unusual, possibly poisonous things as they explore their surrounds. Mmm. Finn drank orange juice out of a straw perfectly, but Becky couldn't suck hard enough yet. Becky is far more adept at finger foods still and eats anything I pop into her mouth from my plate. Finn drinks from his sippy cup but Becky still chews hers.

Sleep: After the chaos of poor Becky being so miserable due to her ear infection, we have had sleep-throughs for the past 2 weeks.  Of course, last night not - she woke up and then wouldn't go back to sleep so eventually Finn also woke up and it became a 3 hour long session...sigh. Hopefully this was because of her tooth and it was random. Have been loving the uninterrupted nights.

Favourite Things: Finn has aquired a liking for a dummy - he finds Becky's discarded dummies on the floor and pops them in, sucking away for ages.  Oh well as long as it keeps him happy. We have set up a playroom in the front of the house in a little sunny enclosed area with all their toys and comfy mats.  They spend a lot of time here playing during the day. When they have had enough, they crawl around the house.  Finn goes straight for anything electrical - the cords from lamps are a problem and he almost pulled one over the other day. Going to need to rethink a few things to make the house safer.

Dislikes: Being tired.

Looking forward to: Their first Birthday party!  I have started planning it and already have 40 guests coming - not sure where to put everyone but hey it will be fun!!!

Mommy and Daddy musings: We are loving the adventure of parenthood and after spending a rare day alone with just the two of us last week, we missed not having the babies with us and realised that we are and always be attached to them by such a strong bond - our lives have irrevocably changed. It is not just the two of us anymore. And we are so happy about our new family it makes me quite teary everytime I remind myself that I am finally a mommy.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

10 Month Shoot

We had our 10 month shoot with the brilliant Angi Whittle. She is so talented and we are in love with these beautiful pictures of our little are some of my favourites...

Friday, August 3, 2012

On the move...

Wow these babies are on the move!  They have become cruising crawlers and pull up on everything. They are both adept at getting up and down without falling and have learnt the art of bum landings rather than face planting! Both now hold their own bottles and have realised they can actually sit up out of a boppy pillow - not great for my mornings while I am trying to get ready for work! When they are let loose, they crawl so fast I have to keep up with them.

We went for the (late) 9 month shots (measles and pneucc something?!) and it wasn't as bad as it usually is - both were fine quite quickly. Both got temperatures though so we had to give them Neurofen / Panado for a couple of days. Finn weighed in at 9.6kg and is 76cm tall - he is already way over the normal range for his actual age.  Becky is 8.3kg and 73cm - tall and skinny but almost catching up to the weight graph so doing just great. Finn's head circumference is 45cm and Becky's is 43cm.

And, Finn had his first fall off a bed. DH turned his back for an instant and splat onto the wooden floor.  One egg on his forehead later poor little guy. They are both more wary now and peer over the edge almost testing to see how far down the drop is. Would really prefer no more falls babes okay!

Both squeal with delight when playing together and have a high pitched communication dialogue of squeaks and squeals. When we get home in the evening and they first see us, they also squeal and crawl towards us fast - so cute. There are lots of words - mamma, dadda, babba, nine, yum - but they still don't identify us as mamma and dadda specifically. Finn claps. Becky sings and croons with me when I sing to her. Finn's first response is always a laugh. Becky's is usually a yell. Becky wants whatever Finn is playing with and he sometimes lets her have it and other times fights for it back. Finn only cries when he is hurt or tired. Becky cries when getting changed or when she is left behind in her cot or for whatever is frustrating her at the time.
Finn has 6 teeth, Becky has 4.

They are changing so fast now, I will have to post more updates - I don't want to forget a thing! Poor Becky had a bad ear infection and had to go on her first course of antibiotics - no wonder she was so miserable for the past few weeks.  Her sleeping has improved and she now only wakes up once or twice to find her dummy. Finn is sleeping through and if he wakes up usually just babbles and chats for a bit and then goes back to sleep. 

Oh what an adventure this is!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Twin Update - 10 months today!

Age: Happy 10 months today! (adjusted - 8 months and a bit)

Height/Weight: We postponed the innoculation day but will take them on Monday - not looking forward to this at all but at least we will find out their updated weights and heights then.

Developmental notes: They are developing in leaps and bounds.  Finn has started crawling as well, so the two of them are off on adventures. They also both pull themselves up on anything and everything, so you really need to be close by now as we have started the stage of tumbles and knocks to the heads poor tots. They forget to hold on and Finn especially is still a little unsteady. Rebecca has become so much more animated and expressive. She is such a little beauty. Finn is sensitive and such a sweetie. They have 10 teeth between them and not a sight of a new tooth for weeks now. But they are still drooling and obviously have discomfort as their sleep is disturbed often. Finn has started to "kiss" - too adorable. I am trying to teach them to wave goodbye and can't wait for them to realise who mamma and dadda are. When I get home, they will actually crawl to me - precious!!!

Eating: They are eating well but if overtired it can get a little chaotic.  Finn will throw a major hissy fit if he is too tired to eat poor babba. Rebecca will just shut her mouth tight if she is not interested or not hungry. She still reaches for food we are eating. I tend to feed them here and there from my plate especially if we are out having breakfast - I will pass them pieces of toast and little pieces of egg etc. Both love drinking from a mug or glass.  I gave Becky a piece of lemon the other day and she sucked on it happily! Clearly the sour tastebuds are not active?

Sleep: Oh woe...nights and nights of restless sleeping has become the norm! Finn has actually been sleeping through well the past while, but Becky wakes up at least 4 times a night and needs to be patted back to sleep. If this doesn't work and she starts to get too loud, we have to whip her out of the room so she doesn't wake up Finn. This is not great and I am hoping it doesn't settle in as a habit - we may need to seperate them and do a little sleep training if she doesn't learn to self soothe herself back to sleep.  It must be discomfort or teething as she didn't usually wake at all. Ever. We have been giving her neurofen in case it is teething, but nothing has helped so far to stop her waking up every night.

Favourite Things: Mala and Patchouli. Each other. Mommy and Daddy.

Dislikes: Eating when tired. Rebecca simply hates getting dressed. Both love being naked - how wonderful Summer will be with lots of naked romps on the beach!

Looking forward to: Everything! Being called mamma...

Mommy and Daddy musings: Oh our babies, we cannot tell you how much we love you. There are no words big enough. Our hearts swell with pride every time we look at you. Each day, we thank the universe for sending us such precious little souls to be part of our family. You are our treasure.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Boo Boo and Kweffy

My little Boo Boo and Kweffy (or Becky Blue or Becky B as she is known at the moment), are doing so well. We have had some rough nights of restless sleeping, but this seems to be better the last few nights - you really do not know what to expect and I fear this will be our reality for years. But that is also just fine, because I look at these little noo noos and still can't believe our luck. And they are changing and growing so fast now, it is quite something to experience. I can't wait for their 10th month update as there is too much to share lol.

Little Becky Blue standing
For the first time, Becky Blue is starting to realise she is a unique little being.  As she is gaining independence in movement so her brain is registering that she is an independent person. The other night when I got home, she excitedly started crawling to me reaching up for me to lift her! Amazing.

Finn, my Boo Boo crawled forwards for the first time with a few steps the other day but not much since then and he is sitting really nicely now. His vocal range is diverse, moving between high pitched shrieks and squeals to saying mamma, dadda, babba, kakka and other babbles. Both love clacking their tongues against the roof of their mouths. He is a delightlful smiler, willing to grin at anything and everyone.  Becky starts crying if a stranger gets in front of her - she is not fond of this. Finn is more relaxed but cries in support of his sister if she cries - very cute.

We have a photo shoot with them next Saturday and I can't wait to have more beautiful pictures of our little treasures. I also have to start thinking about their first Birthday did a year fly past so fast?!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Night wake ups....

Oh heeeeeelp! Our babbas have started abberating. In that we have had months now of perfect sleep throughs...the past week has been chaos. First Finn woke up one night and wouldn't go back to sleep for hours. Then Rebecca has been waking up several times during the night for the last four days!! Last night, rather than having to leap up all the time, I put her in bed with me. That way, she didn't wake up Finn and I could lean over and pat her back to sleep rather than lean over her cot for ages. It was so much better. But. She. Still. Woke. Up. At 11, 12, 2 and then at 4h45am....yes. NOT GREAT! It must be teething but there are no new teeth showing. Finn's top third and fourth teeth are out, and there is lots of drool from both but no more teeth yet. What else could it be? I was advised to use Stopayne but then read the insert which said it is contraindicated for infants under two. So panado and baby neurofen only it seems. Problem with this is that it doesn't really help them to sleep. I now understand why parents in the age of Laudinum used it and other remedies like brandy and other dodgy substances before they knew how bad this was! I really hope this is just a phase!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Rebecca is standing!!! She crawls over to anything and pulls herself up and stands there, walking along the selected piece of furniture!! Amazing! Finn has a fifth tooth growing and a sixth tooth about to push through!! Wow.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Food

Waiting for lunch...
Thought I would do a post on all the meals and foods that the babies have had so far...

Meals I have made them:
Lamb and vegetable,rosemary and garlic puree
Chicken, brown rice, tomato, onion and garlic puree
Chicken, butternut, sweet potato, onion, pea puree
Fish, sweet potato, corn and pea puree
Cheesy Brocolli and chicken
Quinoa, beans and banana puree
Apple, Pear, Blueberry, Banana, Vanilla and cinnamon puree
Apricot and banana and vanilla puree

They have also had a range of fresh Woolies meals and organic sachets of interesting things like:

Salmon, millet and vegetables
Cheesy Pasta
Spaghetti Bolognese
Pasta and Veg
Quinoa, Black Bean and Mango
Beef Stew
Cottage Pie
Brocolli and chicken
Turkey and veggies

Fruits so far:
Banana, Apple, Pear, Apricot, Berries, Mango, Avos, Pawpaw, Cherry, Pineapple, Prunes, Peaches.

Rice Cakes, cream cheese, eggs, yoghurt, mollasses.

My next meals ideas:
Chicken, butternut, coconut milk, red peppers, coriander
Homemade cottage pie with veggies
Homemade Spag Bog, basil, parmesan
Chicken and Lentil stew
Creamy Fish Chowder

Also want to start giving finger foods and encourage them to feed themselves:
- Avocado, diced
- Peaches, pears, plums; diced
- Bananas, diced
- Beans, cooked
- Peas, steamed
- Semi-soft cheese diced
- Carrots, cooked until soft
- Small, whole grain pasta, cooked
- Sweet potato, baked and diced

Rebecca tolerates new foods really well and doesn't mind textures or solid foods.  Finn on the other hand doesn't always like new tastes - he isn't fond of fish at all and gags when foods are too textured. Neither of them seem to like scrambled egg at all but I will keep trying with this as it is a quick easy meal. My ideal is for both of them to be easy eaters..let's hope so ;)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Big Boy

Such a gorgeous boy!

Twin update...9 months!

Age: Happy 9 months babies! (adjusted - 7 months and a bit)

Height/Weight: We have to take them for their 9 month immunisations (oh great. Not.) so will see how much they weigh now and how much taller they have grown.

Developmental notes: It is amazing how fast they are developing with new skills all the time. They both sit unsupported quite well now, but do fall over ocassionally. Rebecca is crawling. Finn is almost there - he just has to figure out the motion, but so close. He shuffles about and then collapses on his tummy waving his arms and legs around like a stranded turtle. Both have two bottom teeth and two top teeth. Both can grasp pincer like. Rebecca likes to grab whatever toy Finn is playing with and he doesn't seem to mind. He just reaches for something else. Both are ticklish and giggle when tickled. Both like playing peek-a-boo.

Eating: Rebecca is more into baby-led weaning and reaches for food when she sees us eating.  Finn is not interested as much in finger food and still is adverse to textures.  If he eats something he doesn't like he gags. His latest is to blow rasberries while eating, spraying food everywhere. Not. That. Funny. When you are in the firing line. I made them Quinoa, banana and beans yesterday and they really liked it until the last mouthful when Finn started gagging lol!

Sleep:  They go to sleep well after their bottle usually around 7pm and sleep through until about 5am when they first wake, chat and moan and sometimes go back to sleep again.  Sometimes one or the other or both wake up after their first sleep cycle at about 8pm or so, and then we have to go re-settle them. In the morning, we try to only go in at 6am to turn them over, give Becky her dummy and their mousies until  6h15-6h30 when we change them and bring them through to our bed for their morning bottle.

Favourite Things: Bathtime. Even if they are niggly and tired, they perk right up during bathtime and love splashing and shrieking in the water.

Dislikes: Finn really seems to dislike wierd textures and gags. Rebecca doesn't like to be cuddled or squeezed tight. Finn really doesn't like fish, but we will keep trying to give it to him.  They both really do not like scrambled eggs!

Looking forward to: Everything!

Mommy musings: I. Love. My. Babies. I cannot believe they are almost one year old...only three months to go. We are so in awe of these beautiful little characters that have such a special place in our lives already.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You will always be my children

We have a wonderful au pair. I trust her implicitly to care for the twins while we must work and I am so happy that they have bonded so well with her. She really is an extension of us and such an important part of our family. She also BBM's us pictures and videos of the twins every day so we don't miss out on all that happens. She sent the first video of Rebecca crawling for the first time which was so very special. This morning she messaged that they had a mini photoshoot this morning. 

Just look at this precious photo of our two treasures.

I have also just read this most moving post  I am your child - reminding me that while I have so many fears of how my miracle babies will process the way they came to me, they will always be my children and I will always be their mother.

Monday, June 4, 2012

And she's off!

Our darling princess Rebecca started crawling forwards for the first time today! Since the first week she was born two months early she has seemed far ahead of her age by stretching out, waving her arms around her incubator and draping her legs over the side of her little nest. In adjusted age she is six and a half months old! And crawling! You go girl...

Ridiculously cute!

The twins are just getting so cute it is ridiculous. I am loving this stage so much and while admittedly, I do look back and think how special newborns are, as they get more and more interactive and expressive, it just gets more interesting and fun.

Rebecca is no longer as kweffy as she used to be (we called the state of perpetual crying and moaning the "kweffy" state, after the call of the kwevoel...). She no longer screams non-stop when in the car seat, she is much calmer and more chatty and she doesn't cry before a nap either. Now, she chats to herself or her dummy or toy or brother and only kwefs if really fussed about something. Am loving this.

Finn is as chilled as ever, laughing at everything and only getting worked up when he is tired. He let off this cross shriek the other day as he was really really tired, with his two little teeth sticking out and I couldn't help but laugh at him, shame.  He really wears his heart on his sleeve already that one. Both are just adorable actually.

Just lie here so I can lean on you sis!

Hey, why can't we move further...

I love the colour green.

These animals are fascinating.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Twin Update...8 months!

Age: The twins are 8 months old today! (adjusted - 6 months and a bit) I can't believe they have been with us for 8 whole months already. They are developing more quickly and each day now brings something new, with a different sound, a new discovery, a new special to watch. And I miss so much, working. Just thinking about it makes me sad. Weekends are so precious and I treasure the two full days we get to spend with these little cuties.

Height/Weight: We weighed them on our last babyclinic visit on 23 April and Finn was 8.2kg and Rebecca just over 7kg...we will only weigh them again at 9 months when they have to go for another round of innoculations. We have decided to do the minimum amount of innoculations as recommended, but no uneccessary ones.  Must still decide whether or not to do the MMR one. The TB shot they got when still in NICU has been active under their skin to this day - Rebecca's mark has almost healed but Finn's is still an angry red lesion. While I support immunisations on a level, I still have a strong sense that it may not be the best thing for the baby. My strong physical response to them actually getting the shot is almost unbearable - I hate subjecting them to the shock and pain of getting an injection, I hate seeing them cry in fright and pain. How can this be right? Our paediatrician assures us that it is best especially for preterm babies who naturally are more susceptible to viral infections. They both seem tall, already wearing some 12-18 month pants for length.

Developmental notes: It is incredible how quickly they are growing and changing everyday. Both are rolling over and getting up on all fours, rocking back and forth. Rebecca actually almost crawls and shifts herself backwards and is almost ready to grasp how to go forward properly.  To go forward now, she lifts herself up and then pushes forward and slumps down a little ahead. They can pass ojects from one hand to another. They pick up objects and recognise toys. They have started seeing the animals and laugh at them. They explore faces, pull hair, pat cheeks, grab skin. The interaction between the two of them is becoming more regular and they laugh at each other and chat and take toys from each other. They like to stand supported but are yet to sit completely unsupported. Rebecca has four teeth! Two On top, two on the bottom. Finn only has two bottom teeth but his hair is growing faster. Rebecca reaches for any food I am eating and likes to drink water from a glass when I do - I have to give her little sips. Finn doesn't do either.

Eating: We dropped the 10pm bottle on Freedom Day and haven't looked back! They are eating three meals a day - cereal and fruit in the morning, veggies, protein for lunch and then veggies or fruit and cereal for supper.  We also give them stewed prunes and yoghurt twice a day.  We are still struggling to get them to drink the recommended 600mls of milk a day - somedays they only drink 400mls or even less. This worries me but surely they would drink more if they needed it? I do worry they don't get enough liquids, but we haven't had any really bad constipation issues again... We are giving them eggs for the first time this weekend!  I also want to try start making more "real" meals for them, but it is so easy just getting fresh woolies baby food.  But I will do one nice dish a weekend and freeze portions.  We can also start with fish now.

Sleep: Despite a few difficult restless nights which I am sure were due to teething and the fact that they both had bad colds and coughs, they have generally been sleeping through the night with no problems from 7pm to about 5/6am. It is absolute bliss when they sleep through peacefully and you wake up without having stressed about nightime cries, coughs and moans. We actually worry when we don't hear them and I find myself waking up anyway and sneaking in to check they are okay.

Favourite Things: The new favourite thing is our Ridgeback, Mala. They love her and when she licks them (eeeugh not on the face!) they laugh and laugh! They also like to grab the kitten.

Dislikes: They are not fond of apricots or peaches - maybe the sourness?

Looking forward to: Everything!

Mommy musings: They seem to be starting to bond really nicely with our au pair, which is wonderful and definitely something we want, as we really see her as an extension of us. I know this is natural and normal and important, but the other morning, Rebecca got so excited to see her when she arrived for work and she never gets like that when I get home from work and she sees me.  It made me realise that this is the sacrifice of being a working mother and while I am sure she will love me no less, I am going to have to prepare for this happening more and more. Silly mommy.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My first Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day
It was my first Mother's Day yesterday.

I have waited twelve long years for this experience and needless to say, I had built up quite a hefty expectation of how it would be and how my DH would plan something so very special to celebrate such a very special day. Silly of me perhaps, but it was something that infertility had stolen from me for so long - during the dark days, being a mother with a real live baby or even more blessed with two seemed so far far away from ever happening for me. Each Mother's Day missed would rip at my heart as everyone would celebrate around me.

So finally with the birth of our miracle twins, for me, this day, my first Mother's Day was beyond incredibly significant. More so as I had been pregnant twice before on Mother's Day but lost the pregnancies shortly afterwards. Yes, I had high expectations...and was a little disappointed as it wasn't made as special as it could have been. But...

I was on duty the night before and both twins were wide awake from 4h45 so I fetched them both and snuggled with them in bed for a bit. In the dark of the morning, smelling their warm furry heads and hugging their solid, squirming little bodies, I soaked in the wonder that this was finally my reality. This would be the first day of acknowledging that I was a mother at last, with many more years to come, celebrating each one on this special day. And just hugging these little miracles is and always will be enough for me.

The first time I held both my babies in NICU Sep-Oct 2011

At home, 6 weeks old

Almost 8 months old

Saturday, May 12, 2012

More teeth!

Top teeth mum!

What a cutie

Yesterday we noticed that Rebecca had sprouted both her top front teeth - overnight! She now has one on the bottom and the two on top while Finn only has the bottom two. Finn had a first yesterday as well, he finally rose up on all fours and was rocking forwards and backwards. He can roll over quite well too. Rebecca is still shuffling backwards mostly and still has to figure out how to move forwards. Both babes are a little sick at the moment with a cold and a cough, runny nose, wheezy chest. Poor tots. Finn seems to sleep at night without too much hassle but Rebecca wakes coughing and cries a bit...means parent on duty wakes up each time too, so not great nights sleep at the moment. I still can't believe they are almost 8 months old! And most dreamlike of all is that tomorrow will be my first Mothers Day with real live babies in my arms. So very very special...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Twin love

It is an amazing thing to watch as the twins start interacting more and more. They have a real curiosity now for who the other baby is and openly smile and laugh at each other, exploring faces with hands - sometimes scratching heads, sucking noses and grabbing limbs...but so special to watch.

When a boy has to sleep...

Our Finny boy loves his sleep...he also loves pulling blankies and lappies over his head and then scaring himself when he can't see. What a sweetie pie.

Falling asleep waiting to be put in his cot

Falling asleep just after being changed, before being put in his cot

Can't wait for you to put me down...



Lappie on head

Lappie over face so he can't see