Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, November 17, 2014

Big Beds

So finally we made the move to big beds!  I have been building up to this for a long time, getting them used to the idea and getting them excited about moving out of their cots into big boy and big girl beds. The transition went really smoothly with lots of excitement and not nearly as much mayhem as I anticipated. Seriously, I thought they would go crazy with the freedom, but I think we timed it perfectly in that they seem to know and accept when it is bedtime and when it is naptime. I do not think this would have been the case if we had moved them in their two's.

Perhaps this will change or they haven't completely realised that they can now basically do what they want when the door closes...we will see.  It helps that we have a camera in the room, so I can see exactly what is going on.  If they sit or stand up I call to them to lie down and they do. I hope this bit of bedtime hype is merely because of the novelty and will fade in time.

I was sad packing up their cots - really one of the last "baby" things they had, and yet despite this, I am also so ready for this next stage in their lives - from toddler to 7 years old. I remember meeting many a 4 year old and loving the age and the incredible little conversations you have with them. I am looking forward to this with Finn and Rebecca.  Already, I keep reminding myself to make a note of the spectacular things they say and observations they make...sometimes Henk and I will turn to each other and mouth 'OMG, did you just hear that! How did they know that?"

They love their new rooms and I loved putting it together for them. I really love the antique oak beds - a different shape for each of them. And the hand knotted cushions on the black and white! We still have an art deco cupboard that we are painting baby blue and fuchsia and a bright yellow bedside table in place of the kist...will take more pics when complete!