Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, March 18, 2013

One and a half!

Age: Oh my goodness...the twins are one and a half today! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. 18 months ago, I was rushed into an emergency caeserean and out popped our two little blessings, two months early weighing just 1.5kg and 1.2kg at their lowest, spending four weeks in NICU, and growing like weeds every day since then. These two little miracles are becoming such wonderful little people day by day. We are so blessed.

Development: Wow. Their vocab has really taken off. They say so many words now and really know what they mean - not just mimicking - bowl, thank you, hello, bye, yum, banana, up, down, ball, shoes, nose, eye, tank you, Raaraa (for TV), and so many more - can't think now. They also follow quite a few instructions like - take this to Daddy or Mummy. Go outside. Nitey nite - and they walk to their rooms for naptime. Fetch your shoes. Where is your nose / eye, winkie (Finn loves his winkie lol - such a boy), bum. Up. Down. Sit. Dance. Clap hands. Stamp feet. Supper time - and they walk to their highchairs. Fetch your ball. Bathtime - and they walk to the bath. Cutest of all, Finn walks around calling "Becky Becky". Becky helps herself to dummies from her draw, Finn walks around with his lappie when he is tired. 

The interaction between them is fascinating - both have tactics to deal with different situations already. Becky will lure Finn's attention away from something so he takes another thing rather than the thing she wants - already manipulating the situation lol. Finn doesn't really like to share, while Becky will share her biscuit or give hers first to Finn - but he always says "Tank you".

Both have their canines coming through without too much fuss. I had to trim Finn's fringe as it was growing into his eyes!

Eating:  We are keeping their sugar to a minimum - the only naughty food they eat now as treats are Marie Biscuits and a little dark chocolate (dark choc chips). Otherwise we are giving them lots of avo, banana, egg, cheese, meat, veg, oats, rice cakes, oat crackers, Greek yoghurt, fruit, organic milk. DH and I are on a low carb diet / Paleo / Caveman, so will be trying to keep them on a similiar real food diet. I have only just realised how bad formula milk, futurelife and other cereals etc etc - in fact all processed foods reason to eat them at all. In fact, any food with an ad is worrying lol. Want to keep away from all the prepackaged junk.  We still feed them the fruit pouches (not the best as these have been cooked) and purity when on the go, and we used to buy the nestle toddler products...but NO more. Keeping it as real as possible going forward. Am loving the new Woolies toddler meals and their fresh fruit purees - makes planning their week's meals much easier.

Having said this - we will not restrict them from carbs or sugar completely - don't want to be too extreme as sugar will be all around them as they socialise with other kids and families - just want to keep it to a minimum when necessary or as treats. They are both eating really well at the moment which is great.

Sleep: Both are sleeping just great. Finn still occassionally wakes and cries but I leave him be and he usually settles himself again. Becky doesn't make a peep until we fetch her at 7am in the mornings. They are still in seperate rooms but I am still wanting to put them back together.

Looking forward to:  Setting up their new room when we do move them back together - will be decorating for their toddler - kindergarten years and not as babies anymore - so exciting.

Mommy and Daddy musings: We cannot believe how much you two have changed in just one month. We love spending weekends together with you and miss you every day we are at work. You make us fall in love with you more and more every day - what a cute age you are now! We love watching you become the special little people you are going to be xxx