Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Rebecca is standing!!! She crawls over to anything and pulls herself up and stands there, walking along the selected piece of furniture!! Amazing! Finn has a fifth tooth growing and a sixth tooth about to push through!! Wow.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Food

Waiting for lunch...
Thought I would do a post on all the meals and foods that the babies have had so far...

Meals I have made them:
Lamb and vegetable,rosemary and garlic puree
Chicken, brown rice, tomato, onion and garlic puree
Chicken, butternut, sweet potato, onion, pea puree
Fish, sweet potato, corn and pea puree
Cheesy Brocolli and chicken
Quinoa, beans and banana puree
Apple, Pear, Blueberry, Banana, Vanilla and cinnamon puree
Apricot and banana and vanilla puree

They have also had a range of fresh Woolies meals and organic sachets of interesting things like:

Salmon, millet and vegetables
Cheesy Pasta
Spaghetti Bolognese
Pasta and Veg
Quinoa, Black Bean and Mango
Beef Stew
Cottage Pie
Brocolli and chicken
Turkey and veggies

Fruits so far:
Banana, Apple, Pear, Apricot, Berries, Mango, Avos, Pawpaw, Cherry, Pineapple, Prunes, Peaches.

Rice Cakes, cream cheese, eggs, yoghurt, mollasses.

My next meals ideas:
Chicken, butternut, coconut milk, red peppers, coriander
Homemade cottage pie with veggies
Homemade Spag Bog, basil, parmesan
Chicken and Lentil stew
Creamy Fish Chowder

Also want to start giving finger foods and encourage them to feed themselves:
- Avocado, diced
- Peaches, pears, plums; diced
- Bananas, diced
- Beans, cooked
- Peas, steamed
- Semi-soft cheese diced
- Carrots, cooked until soft
- Small, whole grain pasta, cooked
- Sweet potato, baked and diced

Rebecca tolerates new foods really well and doesn't mind textures or solid foods.  Finn on the other hand doesn't always like new tastes - he isn't fond of fish at all and gags when foods are too textured. Neither of them seem to like scrambled egg at all but I will keep trying with this as it is a quick easy meal. My ideal is for both of them to be easy eaters..let's hope so ;)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Big Boy

Such a gorgeous boy!

Twin update...9 months!

Age: Happy 9 months babies! (adjusted - 7 months and a bit)

Height/Weight: We have to take them for their 9 month immunisations (oh great. Not.) so will see how much they weigh now and how much taller they have grown.

Developmental notes: It is amazing how fast they are developing with new skills all the time. They both sit unsupported quite well now, but do fall over ocassionally. Rebecca is crawling. Finn is almost there - he just has to figure out the motion, but so close. He shuffles about and then collapses on his tummy waving his arms and legs around like a stranded turtle. Both have two bottom teeth and two top teeth. Both can grasp pincer like. Rebecca likes to grab whatever toy Finn is playing with and he doesn't seem to mind. He just reaches for something else. Both are ticklish and giggle when tickled. Both like playing peek-a-boo.

Eating: Rebecca is more into baby-led weaning and reaches for food when she sees us eating.  Finn is not interested as much in finger food and still is adverse to textures.  If he eats something he doesn't like he gags. His latest is to blow rasberries while eating, spraying food everywhere. Not. That. Funny. When you are in the firing line. I made them Quinoa, banana and beans yesterday and they really liked it until the last mouthful when Finn started gagging lol!

Sleep:  They go to sleep well after their bottle usually around 7pm and sleep through until about 5am when they first wake, chat and moan and sometimes go back to sleep again.  Sometimes one or the other or both wake up after their first sleep cycle at about 8pm or so, and then we have to go re-settle them. In the morning, we try to only go in at 6am to turn them over, give Becky her dummy and their mousies until  6h15-6h30 when we change them and bring them through to our bed for their morning bottle.

Favourite Things: Bathtime. Even if they are niggly and tired, they perk right up during bathtime and love splashing and shrieking in the water.

Dislikes: Finn really seems to dislike wierd textures and gags. Rebecca doesn't like to be cuddled or squeezed tight. Finn really doesn't like fish, but we will keep trying to give it to him.  They both really do not like scrambled eggs!

Looking forward to: Everything!

Mommy musings: I. Love. My. Babies. I cannot believe they are almost one year old...only three months to go. We are so in awe of these beautiful little characters that have such a special place in our lives already.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You will always be my children

We have a wonderful au pair. I trust her implicitly to care for the twins while we must work and I am so happy that they have bonded so well with her. She really is an extension of us and such an important part of our family. She also BBM's us pictures and videos of the twins every day so we don't miss out on all that happens. She sent the first video of Rebecca crawling for the first time which was so very special. This morning she messaged that they had a mini photoshoot this morning. 

Just look at this precious photo of our two treasures.

I have also just read this most moving post  I am your child - reminding me that while I have so many fears of how my miracle babies will process the way they came to me, they will always be my children and I will always be their mother.

Monday, June 4, 2012

And she's off!

Our darling princess Rebecca started crawling forwards for the first time today! Since the first week she was born two months early she has seemed far ahead of her age by stretching out, waving her arms around her incubator and draping her legs over the side of her little nest. In adjusted age she is six and a half months old! And crawling! You go girl...

Ridiculously cute!

The twins are just getting so cute it is ridiculous. I am loving this stage so much and while admittedly, I do look back and think how special newborns are, as they get more and more interactive and expressive, it just gets more interesting and fun.

Rebecca is no longer as kweffy as she used to be (we called the state of perpetual crying and moaning the "kweffy" state, after the call of the kwevoel...). She no longer screams non-stop when in the car seat, she is much calmer and more chatty and she doesn't cry before a nap either. Now, she chats to herself or her dummy or toy or brother and only kwefs if really fussed about something. Am loving this.

Finn is as chilled as ever, laughing at everything and only getting worked up when he is tired. He let off this cross shriek the other day as he was really really tired, with his two little teeth sticking out and I couldn't help but laugh at him, shame.  He really wears his heart on his sleeve already that one. Both are just adorable actually.

Just lie here so I can lean on you sis!

Hey, why can't we move further...

I love the colour green.

These animals are fascinating.