Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2 and a half!

The twins are almost 2 years and 8 months old...or 2 and a half if we still adjust!

This is how we role
I haven't posted in too long and time is tearing past. The twins are still getting cuter and cuter by the day, more vocal, more opinionated, more independant, more spirited, more wary, more observant...developing in leaps and bounds.  I am sure they are not supposed to be as articulate as they are at this age - very impressive really, their vocab is extensive.  They say words like "enourmous" and "shongololo" and "tremendous" and clearly too. The only pronounciation they seem to battle with so far is "th" and they say free instead of three. Of course we have been practising saying three as they turn three in just 4 months!!!  Still getting over the shock of that. Hey, I need to start planning their party yay!
Playing on the sculptures at Tokara
 We have had our fair share of the terrible twos in some ways - especially Becky who has had some good tantrums albeit shortlived mostly as she can be distracted out of them quite well. Finn gets quite physical and has bitten Becky a few times and pushes her over now and then. We started the naughty chair which works well but after reading 1-2-3 Magic, I am moving onto this discipline method with time out rather than "naughty" chair.  I have never really like calling it a "naughty" chair. The secret is not to be emotional or responsive towards the bad behaviour as this is rewarding the behaviour...tricky this as I find myself losing my temper when they so determinedly oppose me...I am still learning self control myself!!! Lol.  But I will keep trying to do it better.

Eating plums
I admit, I hope that the trantrums don't escalate in the threes. Other new rebellious behaviour is at naptimes, which makes us think that we are going to leave them in their cots until they don't fit anymore. Not always and never for the au pair, only me, but at some naptimes all hell breaks loose. You think they are going to settle down and the next minute they have jumped up, they strip their cots, throw everything on the floor including the mattresses and jump up and down like monkeys until they get tired. I usually intervene which makes them carry on more, so I really have to stop myself going into their room until they start crying for me. It is not that they are ready to stop napping as they really are tired and are impossible without a nap.

We recently put up an LED security camera in their room hooked up to a tv so we could see what actually goes on in there...well, it was partly hilarious, partly scary (as Finn was doing acrobatics trying to pull himself over into Becky's cot) and mostly infuriating (watching them trash their cots when they are supposed to be sleeping).  It seems as if Finn is the instigator and eggs Becky on.
Here is the proof of naptime mania...
Hmmmm trashing our cots instead of napping!
 Sigh, not sure how to handle this one, but based on our experiences going away for the weekend, if they were in big beds it would be ten times worse. They become raving lunatics when they have freedom to get up and play...I am dreading the day we move them to big beds and nightimes become manic...maybe by four they will have calmed down???? How do you get them to stay in bed when they have each other to play with?

Away in the Cederberg...bedtime was hectic!!!
On the subject of potty training...they are completely potty trained!! Yay, no more daytime nappies (only during nap but almost always dry) and then a nightime nappy.  Otherwise they are totally on top of it.  I am a bad mommy sometimes as I put on a nappy when I know we will be in the car for a long time or out at shops, I really shouldn't do this as it confuses them...must stop. And no more bottles either!  Totally off bottles more bottle cleaning! They really are becoming little kids now. The are growing tall - Finn is about 960cm and Becky 955cm - so both just under a meter.

Parenting twins is not for the faint-hearted indeed and you really need two fulltime parents to do it - in fact parenting itself is not for the fainthearted, but still loving it and wouldn't change anything for the world, apart from having a bit more time to enjoy them during the working week. In just 4 short months time we will be celebrating three years with our miracle twins - so special.

Monday, December 23, 2013

27 Months

This month, the twins are 27 months old.  They continue to suprise us daily with all the new things they are learning, too many new words for me to remember...The newest thing is "Mummy, what is this", then you say what it is and they repeat the everything! Some of the more impressive verbal feats include words like Shongololo, Flaxseeds and Rhinocerous.

Finn bit Becky the other day and she is sporting a blue bite mark on her back. They continually test the boundaries around what is allowed and what isn't, and even when you say no, they carry on to see what you will do. This new trend is escalating and it has become necessary to introduce the naughty chair.  Only problem is the other twin delights in seeing the naughty one sent there and then asks to also sit on naughty chair. Sometimes they ask to sit on the naughty chair just for fun when the word naughty hasn't even been mentioned. Funny little people.

They are sleeping so well - Finn doesn't ever wake up anymore. So every night they go to sleep at 7pm and wake early at 6. When we check on them before going to sleep later, and move their little sleepy bodies into more comfortable positions and cover them up again, their little peaceful faces are so dear.

Yes, it is exhausting and tiring running around after two year olds, but their ernest little faces and cheeky grins are enough to melt my heart every day. Even in the peak of intense lack of patience and irritation sometimes, one little grin or "please mummy" makes me swoon with mummy love for these little poppets.

This will be their third Christmas with us and we have so much to be thankful for.  This journey is the best one of all.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Two Too Cute

Two cute
Well, this age is even more wonderful and every day brings new delights and amusement and frustration in varying degrees. The twins are learning new skills at lightning speed and are super sharp. They have started pushing boundaries, challenging authority and laughing in the face of danger (me in cross mode) but sometimes are so damn cute doing it that I have to resist the impulse to laugh.

They are talking so well linking concepts and words together so perfectly sometimes, I wonder if I heard right. They are up to 7 or more word sentences and can clearly articulate a wide variety of emotions, needs and wants. The latter most effectively of course - usually with accompanying whining or crying.

Finn has taken to stripping off his nappy at bedtime, then falling asleep and wetting the bed, so when I go in to check, I have to re-dress him in his sleep.  I have started taping his nappy down with duct tape - last night I did this for the first time and he looks at me and says "Finny not take nappy off" chuckle, "Finn has sticker, not Becky" chuckle chuckle...damn cute!

Those eyes....
Becky is quite officious with pointed finger telling Finn what to do and also says really long sentences like "Finny no, you naughty, take this there" and so on. She is so good at telling me if something is worrying her like "Mummy head sore" or "Mummy cookie sore put coconut oil on all better".  They are starting to grasp the understanding that they are seperate people but still say things like "mummy help you me".  They are learning their colours now and can count to 5 and sometimes to 10. They are both obsessed with playing in the garden, watering plants, eating catfood, drawing and wanting whatever the other one has.

They are quick to hit each other but say sorry almost while doing it so we haven't started time outs as yet. They do play quite well together but also have many quarrels and often fight over the same toy - still learning the sharing thing.

Finn doesn't wake up anymore at night at all which is amazing and they are napping for about 2 hours during the day and then go to bed at 7pm until about 5h30/6am.  They have started chatting, shouting, playing and singing after we close their door at night but eventually fall asleep at about 8pm and so while they used to sleep for a full 12 hours, this has reduced to 10 hours now - I wonder if we should shorten their daynap or if this is just summer / light / normal.

All in all...loving every moment!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

25 Months

Age: You are now 25 months old and every day you are learning more and more new things!

Development: You are both growing so fast! You are tall and strong and getting more agile by the day as you get better at balancing and moving. You both love playing down in the garden but are only starting to be aware of the dangers around you like high walls, sheer drops, stairs, the pond etc. Our garden is fraught with these things so we have to be on the super look-out when we play down there. You both love playing with water and I am sure both of you would just step straight into the pool if it was uncovered! You are going to swimming lessons and we can't wait until you can both swim so we don't have to worry about that.

You go to Toptots on Tuesdays and swimming on Wednesdays alternatively which is nice as you get to have one-on-one time with Silvana - but you miss each other when you are apart and ask "where are you". You are learning to say your names now and proudly say RebeccaLor and FinnLor and you called Daddy, DaddyLor the other day. When one of you cry the other one says "stop crying" sometimes shouting it. Not sure if this is because I said it once to you sometime but we will have to help you understand that it is absolutely okay to cry if you need to. You both love cleaning and you wipe down everything frantically when given a wet cloth. This will be handy to help mum and dad clean up!

Finn loves vaccuuming and pretends his upside down hobby horse is a vacuum cleaner. Becky is a whizz at Lego and so good at building things already. You both love singing and playing in your sandpit and with your little stove and wooden toys. Your imagination is really starting to grow now as you pretend to feed your little animals, or pat your dolly or cook or make tea in your tea set. Oh the wonderful times that are still to come with pretend play...

You are starting to be very interested in the potty and your nappies and Finn is leading the pack on this front - he has already made quite a few wee wee's in the potty! You have both started taking off your nappies whenever you can and also love stripping off and running around kaalgat. Finn made a poo on the stoep the other day! So yes, potty training is starting seriously as you seem ready and in December holidays, we will make a focused effort to get you super-used to it.

Becky has her last two bottom molars which arrived without a fuss - so just two more for Becky and the last four for Finn and then all your teeth are here! You are both very good about brushing your teeth so let's hope no cavities until your big teeth arrive.  She had slapped cheek disease for a while - a raised rosy rash on both cheeks with a bit of a fever. You also both had a few colds this season but otherwise are strong and healthy. Finn has a little eczema still which flairs up now and then and his hair is growing long, but I will not cut it...yet.

Eating:  Your appetites are back! You are both eating so well and eat almost anything. I love this and I want to start making you more healthy superfood snacks. I also want to start making you yummy healthy smoothies and with summer coming I want to get an ice lolly maker so that we can make coconut ice-cream lollies and frozen yoghurt lollies - yum! We don't give you loads of sugar to eat or juice to drink, but if we are going to a party or for a special event you just love the sweet stuff. We will try limit it to honey at home ;)...

Sleep: You are both sleeping so well from 7pm to 6am with a 2 hour nap from 1pm to 3pm.  If it has been a busy disrupted day, Finn sometimes wakes up but he cries a bit and then goes back to sleep with no fuss. When you wake up in the morning, Becky usually throws Pea and her dummies out the cot and then cries for them, or you call "Mummy Uppie" or "Daddy Uppie" and you get quite upset if we take too long.  We tried to change over to the sippy cups with rooibos tea in the mornings but Becky gets very upset and wants her bottle. Finn doesn't mind but he doesn't drink much from the cup.  So we have gone back to the bottles for a bit.  We don't really mind if you keep drinking from a bottle as we are sure you will give them up sometime.

Mommy and Daddy musings: You two are growing up too fast...sometimes I wonder what happened to our tiny little babies and how time can go so fast and yet I don't want to stop time because you delight us every day with all the new things you are learning. We cannot imagine how how lives would be without you now. Yes, sometimes we don't get a single minute to relax as you are so busy and loud and demanding and learning to deal with your frustrations at not being able to communicate effectively yet, but it would just be too quiet and boring without you two precious tots around. We love squeezing you and snuggling and sometimes you love it but sometimes you protest loudly. You make us laugh every day - this is such a glorious age.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Twins are special

It really touches my heart every time I think about how special twins are.  They will always have each other I hope, as I do that they will always be close and be each other's dearest friends.
So so special.

Just pondering together

Playing with sand

Wearing mum and dads hats

Friday, September 20, 2013

2 Years old!!!

Rebecca and Finn turned 2 on the 18th! We had a lovely little party with a few of their first friends to celebrate this amazing day.
Birthday Treats

Proud Mummy

First friends!

Fox, Owl mummy

Happy Birthday to us!

Excuse me while I take this call

Birthday Boy

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

23 Months

Hanging with my teddy

Drawing with yoghurt

Age: You are now 23 months old...just 3 weeks to go until you turn 2 on 18th September. Your actual date of birth was 16 November, but as you know you were too impatient to get to earth and came two months early.

Development: We have to keep reminding ourselves that you are actually only 21 months old, as you have caught up developmentally so well. From your 2nd Birthday, we will not adjust your ages anymore - you will just be two!

You are doing so many new things, we can't keep up. Most especially, your talking is quite incredible. Finn - you are such a mimic and you repeat any word said to you, even "helicopter" and "spectacular". You dont always get it right, but pretty close! You also count to 5 and almost to 10. You both sing quite a few songs.  Becky, you love reading your books and babble away. You also repeat words but you are quieter about it and almost want to make sure it is right before blurting it out. You have the most precious little laugh and both a great sense of humour. You have started playing jokes on us like saying "Nicky's bum" and then laughing loudly, or saying "mummy" loudly and then I say "Becky" in response and you laugh and laugh. You both love being tickled. You say "turn" "turn" when you want a chance. Finn loves a "snuggle" and frequently asks for one, sucking his thumb and cuddling. Both give really good hugs and kisses saying "Mwah".

You look for each other when one isn't around and you share your food so nicely. Yes, you do squabble a little and I am sure this will continue - Finn you do take everything Becky has but she is usually good about allowing you to, occasionally however she will run away or put up a fight. Finn can jump and Becky almost does. You both run really well.

We have had a few big falls lately - Becky fell face first off the changing table and then the next day you both got tumbled up the beach in a big wave - very scary and you both got sopping wet but were really brave.

Eating:  Some days you eat so well and others not so much - all depends on if you are going through a growing phase or not I think. You still eat a lot of different foods but one of your favourite is spag bog. One day you love avos and eggs and the next not. You both love sausage at the moment. You still get a night and morning bottle but from your 2nd Birthday, we will stop the night bottle and just give you a morning one.

Sleep: You are both sleeping so well.  Finn doesn't wake up much anymore during the night. You have moved into your new big bedroom and playroom and your cots are now head to head.  We love listening to you chatter in the mornings before we come to fetch you. Finn has to have his teddy and doggy at bedtime and Becky her dummy and a Pea (of two peas in a pod) - too cute.

Mommy and Daddy musings: You are no longer babies and while we miss your warm baby heads, we are so excited to be watching you become these delightful little people with unique characters and personalities. Such a special journey being your mum and dad - we can't believe we had to wait 12 years for you...but every second was worth it.