Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Friday, May 18, 2012

Twin Update...8 months!

Age: The twins are 8 months old today! (adjusted - 6 months and a bit) I can't believe they have been with us for 8 whole months already. They are developing more quickly and each day now brings something new, with a different sound, a new discovery, a new special to watch. And I miss so much, working. Just thinking about it makes me sad. Weekends are so precious and I treasure the two full days we get to spend with these little cuties.

Height/Weight: We weighed them on our last babyclinic visit on 23 April and Finn was 8.2kg and Rebecca just over 7kg...we will only weigh them again at 9 months when they have to go for another round of innoculations. We have decided to do the minimum amount of innoculations as recommended, but no uneccessary ones.  Must still decide whether or not to do the MMR one. The TB shot they got when still in NICU has been active under their skin to this day - Rebecca's mark has almost healed but Finn's is still an angry red lesion. While I support immunisations on a level, I still have a strong sense that it may not be the best thing for the baby. My strong physical response to them actually getting the shot is almost unbearable - I hate subjecting them to the shock and pain of getting an injection, I hate seeing them cry in fright and pain. How can this be right? Our paediatrician assures us that it is best especially for preterm babies who naturally are more susceptible to viral infections. They both seem tall, already wearing some 12-18 month pants for length.

Developmental notes: It is incredible how quickly they are growing and changing everyday. Both are rolling over and getting up on all fours, rocking back and forth. Rebecca actually almost crawls and shifts herself backwards and is almost ready to grasp how to go forward properly.  To go forward now, she lifts herself up and then pushes forward and slumps down a little ahead. They can pass ojects from one hand to another. They pick up objects and recognise toys. They have started seeing the animals and laugh at them. They explore faces, pull hair, pat cheeks, grab skin. The interaction between the two of them is becoming more regular and they laugh at each other and chat and take toys from each other. They like to stand supported but are yet to sit completely unsupported. Rebecca has four teeth! Two On top, two on the bottom. Finn only has two bottom teeth but his hair is growing faster. Rebecca reaches for any food I am eating and likes to drink water from a glass when I do - I have to give her little sips. Finn doesn't do either.

Eating: We dropped the 10pm bottle on Freedom Day and haven't looked back! They are eating three meals a day - cereal and fruit in the morning, veggies, protein for lunch and then veggies or fruit and cereal for supper.  We also give them stewed prunes and yoghurt twice a day.  We are still struggling to get them to drink the recommended 600mls of milk a day - somedays they only drink 400mls or even less. This worries me but surely they would drink more if they needed it? I do worry they don't get enough liquids, but we haven't had any really bad constipation issues again... We are giving them eggs for the first time this weekend!  I also want to try start making more "real" meals for them, but it is so easy just getting fresh woolies baby food.  But I will do one nice dish a weekend and freeze portions.  We can also start with fish now.

Sleep: Despite a few difficult restless nights which I am sure were due to teething and the fact that they both had bad colds and coughs, they have generally been sleeping through the night with no problems from 7pm to about 5/6am. It is absolute bliss when they sleep through peacefully and you wake up without having stressed about nightime cries, coughs and moans. We actually worry when we don't hear them and I find myself waking up anyway and sneaking in to check they are okay.

Favourite Things: The new favourite thing is our Ridgeback, Mala. They love her and when she licks them (eeeugh not on the face!) they laugh and laugh! They also like to grab the kitten.

Dislikes: They are not fond of apricots or peaches - maybe the sourness?

Looking forward to: Everything!

Mommy musings: They seem to be starting to bond really nicely with our au pair, which is wonderful and definitely something we want, as we really see her as an extension of us. I know this is natural and normal and important, but the other morning, Rebecca got so excited to see her when she arrived for work and she never gets like that when I get home from work and she sees me.  It made me realise that this is the sacrifice of being a working mother and while I am sure she will love me no less, I am going to have to prepare for this happening more and more. Silly mommy.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My first Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day
It was my first Mother's Day yesterday.

I have waited twelve long years for this experience and needless to say, I had built up quite a hefty expectation of how it would be and how my DH would plan something so very special to celebrate such a very special day. Silly of me perhaps, but it was something that infertility had stolen from me for so long - during the dark days, being a mother with a real live baby or even more blessed with two seemed so far far away from ever happening for me. Each Mother's Day missed would rip at my heart as everyone would celebrate around me.

So finally with the birth of our miracle twins, for me, this day, my first Mother's Day was beyond incredibly significant. More so as I had been pregnant twice before on Mother's Day but lost the pregnancies shortly afterwards. Yes, I had high expectations...and was a little disappointed as it wasn't made as special as it could have been. But...

I was on duty the night before and both twins were wide awake from 4h45 so I fetched them both and snuggled with them in bed for a bit. In the dark of the morning, smelling their warm furry heads and hugging their solid, squirming little bodies, I soaked in the wonder that this was finally my reality. This would be the first day of acknowledging that I was a mother at last, with many more years to come, celebrating each one on this special day. And just hugging these little miracles is and always will be enough for me.

The first time I held both my babies in NICU Sep-Oct 2011

At home, 6 weeks old

Almost 8 months old

Saturday, May 12, 2012

More teeth!

Top teeth mum!

What a cutie

Yesterday we noticed that Rebecca had sprouted both her top front teeth - overnight! She now has one on the bottom and the two on top while Finn only has the bottom two. Finn had a first yesterday as well, he finally rose up on all fours and was rocking forwards and backwards. He can roll over quite well too. Rebecca is still shuffling backwards mostly and still has to figure out how to move forwards. Both babes are a little sick at the moment with a cold and a cough, runny nose, wheezy chest. Poor tots. Finn seems to sleep at night without too much hassle but Rebecca wakes coughing and cries a bit...means parent on duty wakes up each time too, so not great nights sleep at the moment. I still can't believe they are almost 8 months old! And most dreamlike of all is that tomorrow will be my first Mothers Day with real live babies in my arms. So very very special...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Twin love

It is an amazing thing to watch as the twins start interacting more and more. They have a real curiosity now for who the other baby is and openly smile and laugh at each other, exploring faces with hands - sometimes scratching heads, sucking noses and grabbing limbs...but so special to watch.

When a boy has to sleep...

Our Finny boy loves his sleep...he also loves pulling blankies and lappies over his head and then scaring himself when he can't see. What a sweetie pie.

Falling asleep waiting to be put in his cot

Falling asleep just after being changed, before being put in his cot

Can't wait for you to put me down...



Lappie on head

Lappie over face so he can't see

Friday, May 4, 2012

Two teeth!

Finn's second tooth made an appearance a few days after the first.  He looks so cute with his two bottom front teeth growing. Rebecca is close behind with her first tooth already showing. Now I have to watch my fingers when they want to gnaw on them as they can bite really hard! I must say, I am rather pleased my nipples are out of the picture lol - ouch.

one tooth, two teeth...