Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Twins at 24 weeks...

This is how fraternal twins look at 24 weeks in the womb...

"Your babies are growing steadily, having gained about 115g since last week. That puts them at just over 600g (although our twins were well over this already last week). Since they are about 30cm long, they cut a pretty lean figure at this point, but their bodies are filling out proportionally and they'll soon start to plump up. Their brain is also growing quickly now, and their taste buds are continuing to develop. their lungs are developing "branches" of the respiratory "tree" as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help their air sacs inflate once they hit the outside world. Their skin is still thin and translucent, but that will start to change soon."

Grow my little babes xxx

Friday, July 29, 2011

24 Weeks!

How far along? 24 weeks yesterday!

Symptoms?  Non-stop heartburn which comes and goes all day long. Backache. Pinched sciatic nerve - comes and goes. Rib pain when I roll onto my LHS at night - ouch. Some cramps which made me stress - sore. I also realised I have been having Braxton Hicks for a while now - my whole uterus contracts and it feels like the twins are either pushing outwards or breathing out a deep breath - not painful just wierd. More fluid-like discharge which I hope is normal. White to pale yellow as well sometimes...

Stretch marks? None yet...hoping I get off lightly...

Weight gain? Haven't weighed myself since the 12kg gain mark.

Sleep? Still getting up for night wees, uncomfortable when turning from side to side. Twins kick me when I roll over at night from both sides - hope I am not squashing them lol! Vivid and wierd dreams. But sleeping deeply and well.

Movement? Some days not much at all - I suspect the twins were facing the back? Quite a bit of movement at nights when they kick and nudge me as I sleep - I wake up with a chuckle and a smile on my face - love them moving! Am love love loving doing belly watch so I can visably see my belly twitch and jump when they kick and nudge! Just can't get enough of this :)

Best moment this week? Watching my belly move when they kick...must be the best thing yet...

Food cravings? Chocolate milkshake and Knead Classic Burger.

What I am looking forward to? Getting to 26 weeks...28 weeks...30 weeks - only 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks to go...will celebrate in a big way at each milestone!!! Also looking forward to my scan and cervix check on Wednesday - DH may come with me to meet Dr H for the first time!

Milestones? Getting to 24 weeks...2 weeks to go until viability although internationally 24 weeks is considered viable...

Emotions? Some days strong, other days wobbly. Believe believe believe Cam. Closer and closer...

General... Have been unable to resist buying some of the most ridiculously gorgeously cute little outfits - even though I promised I wouldn't buy clothing yet, I have bought some Baby Gap, FC Baby and Naartjie babygrows...indulgent but so adorable. I realised that I am not living out my fantasy through other womens babies anymore - it is all for our babies - wow. So special my heart can't even hold all the love I already feel...sometimes I think it is going to burst with joy and excitement and I have to hold back tears of absolute happiness.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shopping bug...

The shopping bug has bitten! Just got back from Mr P where I found mattresses, sheets, covers, gorgeous quilts, a fab vintage style rug and some other bits and rearing to get to Baby City for the rest...and to my list of specialty stores for some special things. But enough for one week...or maybe I can hold back until Saturday? 
The Quilts...

It also doesn't help that the centre where I work is on sale...including Baby Gap - hee hee hold me back!

Monday, July 25, 2011

We started the nursery...

The weather was so lousy on the weekend, we decided to start the nursery.  Yes, I am actually writing unreal it seems that we are really here, and I am writing the words...we started the nursery.  A real watershed moment for me and am a little emotional just grasping the miracle that is still unfolding day-by-day.

On Saturday morning, the babes woke up and I starting feeling their little morning moves and kicks. I suddenly realised that I had never actually watched my belly while they were kicking, so I pulled the covers down so the sun fell on my belly and sat staring. The biggest kick ever came from our little boy to the right and my whole belly flicked out! I was amazed and sat watching the twitches and bumps for ages. I can see the difference between the rolls and the kicks - simply the most special thing about being pregnant for me so far! I am feeling great overall, not too uncomfortable, full of energy, positive and calm. I know I will only truly breathe at 28-30 weeks but every day that passes brings me more joy, more peace and more strength at this unbelievable reality that is finally here after 12 years.

We have had the cots and compactum for a while, so took the plunge and moved the double bed out of the spare room and DH started building the cots. The walls were already the perfect colour as I had painted the room in the colours for a nursery when we moved in 3 years ago. One wall is duck egg blue and the others an off-white colour with a twinge of pink called Lotus The room was always going to be the nursery, so it has been waiting patiently for this day too.

                                         DH moving a single bed into the nursery...

Yes - we have managed to fit in a single bed which is great as after much pondering about moses baskets and carry cots for the beginning when they are in our room, we have decided maybe to try them in a cot from the beginning and then we can take turns sleeping in the nursery if need be. This may change...

                                        See Mala, our Ridgeback watching the action with interest...

Once the cots were assembled, I started worrying about space. But, we figured out a good layout and even though the door doesn't open wide, everything fits in and it is going to look great!  These pics taken with my BB are not wide angle enough to see...but when all is done, I will take some better pics of the final story.

                                         The cots in position and the compactum...

We ordered a beautiful wingback chair and a Boston wall shelf from Wetherleys to finish off all the furniture. The shelf will go above the compactum for nappies and all stuff needed for changing etc. We also bought a lovely baby bath and top and tail bowl from bathtime all sorted. The shopping bug has seriously bitten and I may need to go get some of the soft goodies and mattresses really soon!

The theme is supposed to be country vintage with some Beatrix Potter touches.  But finding any real original Beatrix Potter stuff seems impossible in SA!  Have found an international online shop but waiting to see if they will ship to SA. But, this too may change and it seems to be taking on it's own theme as we go along.

And I bought a breast pump!!! Yes, a 2nd hand one from Gumtree, but it is in perfect condition and has been used only a few times so will be saving R2200. It is a Pump In Style Medela - just the one I wanted. I just need to buy new lactaset fittings and storage goodies.

2 Weeks to go until 26 weeks...then 2 weeks until 28 weeks and my family baby shower and belly shoot and 4D scan...then 2 weeks until 30 weeks and I will exhale completely, ready for this miracle to unfold to its reality...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

23 Weeks and anatomy re-scan!

How far along? 23 weeks today!

Symptoms? Bad backache after a night's sleep - comes and goes. Heartburn most of the time. I think a nerve in my bum is being pinched - could be my sciatic? Ouch every now and then.

Stretch marks? Using Justine Tissue Oil now morning and night everyday...

Weight gain? 12kg!

Sleep? Still getting up for night wees. Otherwise great.

Movement? Sometimes a LOT, sometimes a little...sometimes body rolls, other times kicks...

Best moment this week? Today's anatomy re-scan results!

Food cravings? Any gelatine based sweeties - jelly babies, winegums, woolies gum box yum!!

What I am looking forward to? 26 Weeks...28 Weeks...30 Weeks...33 Weeks...36 Weeks :) And when I got back to the office I saw Groupon was having a special on 4D scans, so have booked one!

Milestones? I ordered the pram and car-seats!!! Shopping coming up soon - I looked at some twin belly pics at 33 weeks and could not believe how huge you can get!  I really understand now why twin mommies say get everything finished by 28 weeks latest!  So I have 5 weeks to do it all!

Emotions? Giving away all my fears and trusting!

General...Just got back from the anatomy re-scan at the fetal assessment centre. The membrane is still lying on the little girl's face like a veil (she must be shy), and she has way less fluid than the little boy who is floating around in loads of space on top of her...but...she has enough and her membrane is closed! All their measurements check out fine and they are both big babies, weighing in at 629g and 693g respectively!  At 23 Weeks, the average weight is 500g! Best of all, my cervix is okay and closed and measuring 29-30mm, which while it is shorter than it was a week ago (35mm) is still fine for a twin pregnancy apparently - well the sonographer said she was happy with it. The usual length of a cervix should be 40mm, and if it drops below 30mm, then could be sign of preterm labour risk. So no more shortening okay dear cervix!!!! And as a special suprise, we got a 4D scan pic of our "big" boy, but not of our girl as she was not cooperating at all lying with her face towards my spine and her back to us...hopefully she has moved in time for the 4D scan I just booked!
Here is our gorgeous cute is this little tot?

And here is my long and closed cervix!  You can see our little girl's head pushing against it still...sigh...please move up babes then your brother won't be sitting on your head and you can have more space and fluid!
My next check-up is in 2 weeks with Dr H...
My mantra is:  Long and closed, long and closed, long and closed...and Healthy happy babies born at 36 weeks, healthy happy babies born at 36 weeks, healthy happy babies born at 36 weeks!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big steps!

I don't know what happened today, but I took two big steps...

I ordered car seats and a pram!!! While I have been researching for ages, it happened so quickly that it can only be so right. I was inspired by my fellow twin-mummy-to-be-buddy so ordered the same car seats as her after I realised the Discovery discount is a big fat joke as it is limited to some really horrible styles...not specified so a little misleading I thought.  Anyway, after terrible service at Babies R Us and having to track down the Maxi-Cosi supplier myself and finally getting answers including then being told this style did not qualify for the discount...I decided to actually buy the Peg Perego Viaggio Tri-fix and adjustable bases from Baby City instead. I also quite like that it is made in Italy! So I called and it took me all of 5 minutes for them to call me back to confirm the special order.  I just need to confirm final colour now (Pois Brown may not be available), but this is the one we have ordered...

Onto the pram...after researching all the twin prams out there, again inspired by a fellow blogger who ordered one in US, I finally chose the Bumbleride Indie Twin.  It is stunning I think, all terrain, lightweight and best of all side-by-side which fits through a standard SA door! I finally tracked down a company in the US that ships to SA and after much correspondance, I sent a quick email today just to check if they had the new edition colours in yet as we really want the new natural edition walnut colour.  I got an email back saying to call them as the new stock was just in but not loaded on the site yet. I called and within 3 minutes had bought the pram!!!!! It will be here in 3 weeks! Here it is...
How gorgeous! As you can see, we have gone for earthy, natural tones for both. This pram is also awesome in that is is made from 50% bamboo fabric and recycled materials. Love that.

Still can't believe how fast it just happened today. So exciting.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Moving babies

So in an attempt to shift the babies off my cervix, I thought some drastic actions may help.  On Saturday morning I wedged myself on my back against our cupboard with my legs up on the cupboard at about a 40 degree angle (best angle I could achieve considering the soccer ball in my tummy!). 

Once I had caught my breath, I attempted to lift my hips up off the ground leaning on my elbows. Whoar!!! I had no idea how heavy I was lol!  I could only manage to keep the pose for about a count of 10 before collapsing! And I could only do it twice!  All the while asking our dear little girl to move on down or up depending on which way you are looking at it...

Yes, I was quite a sight! Alas, however, they do not appear to have moved and I can quite definitely feel her head still pushing against my cervix and his little feet kicking me right down there - quite painful sometimes! Naughty little sausages.

They are moving and squiggling about more and more which is fantastic - more more more!  DH actually felt our little girl kick for the first time which was such a special moment. Her legs stretch up to the RHS of my belly so she is easier to feel while his legs are clearly down towards the bottom on top of her.

The other night I had a dream that I was feeling someone's babies moving with my hand on their belly...and I woke up and realised it was actually me and them I was feeling. Simply the best thing about pregnancy so far!

Oh yes...and only 3 more sleeps until I see them again - how lucky am I?  But also slightly nervous considering it is an anatomy re-check at the Fetal Assessment Centre and we will be checking some of the measurements again and our girl's fluid. All must be well.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Obgyn checkup

Went for a check-up this morning with Dr H. She rechecked my cervix which is still closed and was measuring 3.5cm but because it was curved around, she said it would be more like 4cm. The report had come in from the Fetal Assessment Centre and she got the pic from the sonographer which showed the "beaking". She wanted to check for this herself. There is some sign of some funnelling or beaking which gets worse apparently the harder you push down on my belly. She added that she doesn't know how hard the sonographer had been pushing before her scan and it could have made it worse as the picture shows. It doesn't help of course that the babies are both lying against my cervix - the little girl more so and exerting pressure which could be causing the funnelling. 

But Dr H is not overly concerned. She said she had reviewed the literature and even with a little funnelling and a closed cervix, there is no conclusive concern that it will definitely point to a preterm labour.  Of course anything is possible but as we are only 22 weeks, there is little to do now - she wouldn't recommend any treatment.  She said that she will monitor the cervix closer to 25 - 26 weeks and if it has shortened and there is reason for concern, we may decide to give the babies steroid shots in case of preterm labour so that their lungs can develop.  However, you can only do this once, so she will not do so if not necessary.

She also scanned on my belly and both babes doing great and growing - measuring 23 weeks and about 440g and 459g. The little boy was kicking his sister in the face...naughty boy. Dr H said she was suprised that twins aren't born with bruises as they are so rough with each other in the womb lol!

She also said that common sense obviously points to not jumping up and down or running a marathon, but normal activities are all fine. It would be preferable for the babies to move to a sideways position off my cervix, instead of double-story like they are at the moment.....but they will eventually. If sideways, it would be easier to see and monitor them.  Babies...please move off mum's cervix!

So basically...we hang on there and pray that all stays shut and tight and perfectly normal for at least the next 4 - 6 the next 14 weeks as I only want to deliver these babies at 36 weeks!

In the as usual. I don't want to worry so I am not going to...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

22 Weeks

How far along? 22 weeks today!

Symptoms? Really bad backache at night.  Oh and did I mention the severe heartburn!!!

Stretch marks? No new ones - hoping to get away with none.

Weight gain? Still haven't weighed

Sleep? Still getting up for night wees. But was bliss when I had food poisoning as there wasn't any wee to get up for so had two whole night's sleep!

Movement? Dear babies...mummy loves it when you kick, even when it feels so wierd, so anytime is great for me!

Best moment this week? Am changing this to worst moment this week as it wasn't a great week...with the leaking amniotic fluid scare at 21 weeks, my stay in hospital and then I got food poisoning on Sunday night from dodgy chicken on a pizza!!! Have been off work since last Wednesday - 4 days! All I want from here on is boring, normal, healthy and no more dramas.

Food cravings? Definitely NOT chicken or pizza!

What I am looking forward to? Next check-up to make sure twin girl is okay - on Friday and then the repeat fetal assessment scan next Thursday. The sonographer was too frazzled to do any 3D last week so am going to ask her to print me some 3D pics next week. Oh and feeling my babes move and kick.

Milestones? Feel quite damaged still from my stressful week - so just getting back to normal and trusting all will be well.

Emotions? Too much stress and tears and fear - letting it all go now.

General... Want to start the twin's scrapbook with all their scan pics - maybe this weekend. DH and I went on a research trip to Baby City and are all ready to start shopping - just waiting for my tax refund - yeah!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

21 Weeks

Here is our little girl at 21 weeks...

And here is our little boy...

How far along? 21 weeks.

Maternity clothes? Same. Belly growing by the day and still loving showing it off.

Symptoms? Bad backache after most night's sleep. Stuffy nose. Severe heartburn. Pains and aches this week.

Stretch marks? No new ones. Please none!

Weight gain? Still haven't weighed myself...

Sleep? Still getting up for night wees. Otherwise good...loads of intense dreams.

Movement? Have been feeling actual real little jerks and kicks - more pronounced movement but not enough - want to feel them all the time. LOVE it.

Best moment this week? It was a great week until I went for the fetal assessment scan on Wednesday at 21 weeks 6 days and my world almost caved in...

Food cravings? Chocolate milkshake.

What I am looking forward to? 22 Weeks...23 weeks...24 weeks....25 weeks...26 weeks...36 weeks :)

Milestones? Another week closer to viability...the day for 21 weeks was too scary.

Emotions? Was feeling great and positive until the big scare.

General... Peaceful, boring and perfectly healthy please from here on...

Friday, July 8, 2011

21 Weeks and update

So my 21 Week date which was supposed to have been such a special day turned into a potential nightmare instead...After the terrible anatomy scan scare, I went straight to my Obgyn the next morning. Burst into tears and couldn't stop, She took a swab test and checked my fluid with litmus paper and scanned me.  She checked my cervix which is measuring 4cm and long and closed - exactly as it should be and she couldn't see any sign of funnelling or beaking, but baby girl's head was in the way - right up against the cervix.  She explained that diagnosis of premature ruptured membranes is more difficult with twins as they are so close and you can't always see the whole picture. She also said that it is possible for her membrane to be touching her face and then pooling behind her so it can't be seen but she felt that while it looked like she had less fluid, she had enough. apparently you can also leak fluid from above them in the uterus and it may not mean a ruptured membrane. But rather to be safe rather than sorry, she said she wanted to admit me to hospital for 24 hours monitoring - to check pads and discharge and also to do blood tests to check more thoroughly for infection. She has also forbidden me to google anything diagnostic...

On the one hand I really didn't expect that but on the other relieved that she was taking it so seriously. It was really scary being walked over to the maternity ward and having to self-admit myself.  I did this and was shown to a bed, filled in hundreds of forms and started being monitored - temperature, blood pressure (which was really high 144 / 96 - hopefully due to stress!). The lab whisked in and did my blood tests, lunch was served, and day in hospital began. I had to give the sister my pad so she could press a litmus strip onto it to check if it changed colour to blue - a sign that it is amniotic fluid which has a PH level of 7-7.5. The first check was clear which was such a relief. Then they issued me with these boatlike pads - I mean you would need to be leaking half a cup of fluid to get a reading, so luckily, they were "dry" the next two checks - a good sign.

At 10pm I settled down to sleep and fell into a really deep sleep only to be rudely awakened just after 12 with the lights switched on...and the bed next to mine being wheeled outside.  Oh nooooo I realised that someone was coming in - and no doubt an emergency someone.  The lights went off and half an hour later the nurses came back in to apologise that indeed they had to bring an emergency caeser patient in to share my room as there was no other space. It is not policy for them to mix patients with babies with patients without - I mean if I was having severe complications and at risk of losing my babies - can you imagine having to room next to a new mother - so not on.

Anyway eventually they all arrived - mom, new babe, midwife, hubby and of course I realised sleep would not be possible. Terribly frustrating but so amazing that they were experiencing this special day.  I still would have preferred my dark quiet room though lol. Eventually at 2h30 they left but then I had to listen to the new babe sucking and snorting and snuffling and crying when she fell off her breast. And of course the half hourly blood pressure tests and other checks for new mom - beeping machine right next to me.  Aaaargh.  Eventually had another hour or so sleep from 4h30 to 5h30 when they wake you all up with tea! I was starving as dinner had been served at 5pm the evening before...and breakfast would only arrive after 8am!

Anyway, so only about 3 hours sleep, but then Dr arrived to say she would discharge me that morning as all looked okay. The blood test shows slightly elevated white blood cell count but not enough to warrant concern - it could be due to my cold or some inflammation in my body. I am to monitor discharge and see her in a week to check baby girl's fluid level.  She also said I must call if worried about anything.  She was really sweet and this experience has really restored my opinion of her.

So I am beyond relieved and trusting that all will be well for the next 15 weeks.  I do not want to have to be back at hospital until then. Okay babes...please be perfectly okay until the 20th October.

Will post the usual 21 Week update and scan pics soon...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anatomy Scan Update - So scared

Just got back from our anatomy scan.  I have been having some watery discharge for the past few days...well, I may have been right in thinking I was leaking amniotic fluid.

The babies are doing great - all perfect. Measurements all great. She is 432g and he is 459g. But, her fluid looks a little low. On closer look at my cervix with the wand, the good news is that my cervix is long and closed. But there is some "beaking" of her membrane and the sonographer couldn't see it closed across at the bottom. So it may have a hole and is leaking.

This means that, I need to go in to the Obgyn tomorrow and get it swabbed so we can test if it is amniotic fluid and also to check for infection. If I am leaking, then I may be put on bed rest and will need to be monitored for fluid levels and infections. She said if the membrane has ruptured it could also re-seal - sometimes does.

I am so scared, I am shaking. My world is upside down and no matter how much I try to focus on the positive, I am struggling to keep it together. I can't stop crying and I don't know what I will do if this turns out negatively.

Oh how could the universe lay this on me now?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Twins at 20 weeks...

This is what the twins look like at 20 weeks...real little amazing.

How your babies are growing:

Your babies weigh about 300g now. They are also around 16.5cm long from head to bottom and about 25cm from head to heel. (For the first 20 weeks, when a baby's legs are curled up against his torso and hard to measure, measurements are taken from the top of his head to his bottom — the "crown to rump" measurement. After 20 weeks, he's measured from head to toe.)
They are swallowing more these days, which is good practice for their digestive system. They are also producing meconium, a black, sticky by-product of digestion. This gooey substance will accumulate in their bowels, and you'll see it in their first soiled diapers.

20 Week belly pic...

5 More sleeps until the Anatomy Scan..yipppeeee.