Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Like mother like daughter

So I stumbled across this photograph of my mother with me on her back at 7 months old and remembered I had done exactly the same with Becky when she was unsettled as she loved it - what an amazing memory echo - like mother like daughter.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The start of Potty training!

So, I started thinking about the potty training issue and while watching TV one night was researching potties online as I had seen nothing great in local stores - all small silly potties or garish OTT colourful ones. I really wanted nice plain white potties so that they would look as close to a real loo as possible.

I have not researched the theory of potty training as yet suprisingly, so was only going on what I thought made sense...time will tell. However, I digress. So I was on Amazon looking at potties and came across the Baby Bjorn range. Which. I. Loved. So I whisked two high back potties, the portable loo top seat and a cute stair right into my basket to try see the costs before ordering. I knew it would be a pricey total - Baby Bjorn after all, but hey, I am only doing this once...right? So I can afford to indulge in my baby stuff fantasy world if I choose.

I was watching The Following at the same time. Mistake! In the distraction, I clicked on "one click" instead of "basket" or whatever the button is called, as the two orange buttons are one above the other. Eeek. I heard my cell sms buzz. Yes - I purchased them right there without even checking costs. Yikes. R2000's worth of potty equipment!!!!

So my darling twins, mummy hopes very much that you will appreciate learning to wizz and poop on your rather pricey potties because with that price tag they must have some magic in them lol!

No pressure however and I think they are still too young.  They have sat on them and find it hilarious when I say "come on weee weeeeeee pssssssss". They look back at me earnestly and echo "pssssss" but as yet no actual urine has been pssssssst.  So for now they look very cute in our loo and have become favourite new push cars for the stuffed toys or places to sit on while wondering what for.