Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Finn and Rebecca have arrived...

Our birth story…

Well…they didn’t stick to the plan and our precious little miracles chose their own time to arrive into our lives…
                                        The last belly shot taken in hospital before the twins arrived.

On Sunday, I woke up with a bad headache after a really awful night with little sleep. I felt as if I was literally drowning in fluid. My sinuses were swollen, I was struggling to breathe properly and I couldn’t believe that my body could swell any more than it was already. I had put on about 18kg just in the 3 weeks in hospital - all fluid! My thighs were stretched beyond belief.  I couldn’t cross my legs or even sit on the loo properly. Walking was difficult and I could barely fit into a wheelchair. I remember lying in bed during the night crying, thinking to myself that my body couldn’t do this anymore. My Dr called me into her practice rooms which are just down the passage from the maternity ward to do a scan to double check our little girl’s doppler and their weights before the planned caeser on Monday. I could barely climb onto the table. The scan showed that her doppler had actually improved a bit! Their estimated weights were 2kg and 1.6kg. So we were all set for our big day…or so we thought.

By mid-morning, my headache had become so bad I could barely think straight. I tried taking Panados, putting ice against my forehead, lying with a cloth over my eyes. It just got worse and worse. The Sister in charge called my Dr who asked them to take into the labour ward and a quiet dark room to rest. She came in to see me, checked my blood test results and looked at my BP which was about 160/106 at that time. She said to just keep quiet and rest and we would go ahead as planned on Monday morning. By 2pm, I had not improved and my BP had continued to rise. It was around 180/115. At 14h30, the Sister came in and told me that my Dr had called to say we were doing an emergency caeser straight away at 3pm. They had already called my DH and he was on his way.

I was immediately put onto a line and a drip and a nurse shaved me dry!!! No baby powder even! We couldn’t use the theatre we had planned to next to NICU as there was a leak – so next thing I knew I was being wheeled at great haste off to the main surgical theatre floor. Alongside me were the neonatal sisters with the incubator that would carry our babies back down to NICU immediately after the birth. It was such a surreal experience. The theatres were all empty, as no planned surgeries are done on a Sunday. It was eerily quiet. We were met at the entrance by the scrub sister and then I was in pre-op while the Dr’s and DH got into scrubs. The anaesthetist arrived and explained to me that the spinal block may be tricky due to all my swelling and fluid on my back. He said I may have to be put out completely and I asked him please to make sure he got it right as I really wanted to be awake to see my babies being born. I was quite calm at this point, but extremely anxious at the same time. I moved onto the delivery table and bent over to begin the spinal block. It was incredibly scary and painful as the Dr tried to get the local anaesthetic into my spine first.  I could feel the needle hitting bone.  After about 5 attempts, he finally slid the proper needle into place and the spinal block was done. I lay down until it took effect.

My Dr started cutting and discovered that I had masses of scar tissue from the previous laporotomy after my ruptured ectopic. She explained that there are pristine uteruses and then there are some that are not…I was the latter, but a really tricky case as she battled to cut through all the layers of scar tissue. This took quite some time. Then one of my muscles started bleeding, which is also unusual. She had to put in a drain for the muscle. Finally she reached the uterus and the next thing I knew after feeling much tugging and pulling, our little girl was pulled out head and arms first as if she has been waiting all along to make her big arrival.  Rebecca was born at 16h06, crying with a lusty yell and a red face. My Dr showed her to me and I was in floods of tears. I couldn’t believe that this tiny precious little human being had been growing in my womb for 31 weeks and 3 days. She was whisked off by the paediatrician and the neonatal sisters. Then, our little boy was pushed down reluctantly.  He stuck a leg out as if to say, I am not ready to come out thanks. But he was pulled out by the legs and also arrived yelling. Finn followed his sister one minute later at 16h07. I recognised him immediately as he was shown to me. It was too much to process and I remember turning my head towards the table where they were being worked on desperate for another glance.  They were wrapped up and brought to me again and I got to kiss each one on their heads, before they were wheeled away straight to the NICU.

                                          Rebecca's arrival into the world...

                                          Seeing her for the first time...

                                                        Finn legs first...

                                                        Finn arrives a minute later...


                                                      Seeing him for the first time.  I recognised him from the 4D scan!

                                                       The NICU team working on the babies...

                                         Kissing Rebecca on her head...also kissed Finn but no pic...

Then I started struggling to breathe and my heart started beating incredibly fast.  My BP shot up and I was put onto oxygen. It took another 30 minutes or so to stitch me up and then I was wheeled to recovery. I started shaking quite badly. I remember thanking the anaesthetist, who replied saying he really thought it was touch and go at one point and was now so stressed he was off to have a large drink…..great!  My BP was still extremely high so I was wheeled down to high care in the labour ward. It got worse. And worse. I was not really completely conscious at this point so I only remember some of what happened. But by 8pm or so, I think my BP had shot up to 225/125, which is apparently really extreme.

I recall glimpses of my Dr sitting on one chair monitoring me and my DH on another just watching me.  I was shaking and slipping in and out of consciousness. I remember my Dr saying, we are taking her to ICU now. Then we were off, all action stations when we got there. I remember the anaesthetist arriving again to put in an A-line (a line straight into my artery to monitor BP directly and constantly). I was hooked up to a full monitor system and two more lines were put into my arms for other drips. I was also put onto magnesium sulphate to prevent seizures. By this time I was completely zoned on pethadine and the effect of the mag sulph drip which apparently has horrendous side effects.  I had a self administering pump, but I was too out of it to use it so the ICU sisters kept pushing it for me. Then I was out.  

I spent 3 nights in ICU. The hospital kidney ICU physician became my primary Dr during this time as he handles any GPH cases.  Essentially pre-eclampsia is a disease of the kidneys primarily and mine was pretty bad apparently. I had critical levels of protein in my body, hence the oedema and blood pressure complications. The disease is a response to the placenta and becomes life threatening. My Dr had been monitoring me so closely to allow me as long as possible to nurture our babies, but the critical point had arrived and she made the decision not to wait a minute longer – so she had made the call to do an emergency caeser. It was the right call, as I cut it really fine apparently. I was in reality, really really sick even though my blood results did not indicate organ failure yet…we were close. Both Drs now tell me that I was one of the worse cases they have seen in a while. The ICU staff also said that they hadn’t seen a maternity case in so long.

                                          Day three in ICU...

                                          Finn in the beginning, in NICU...

                                          Rebecca in NICU...

                                          Finn with his incubator mascot...

                                          Rebecca with hers...

ICU is another ball game completely. I felt like I was in a real life episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It was really impressive though seeing the skill of the ICU staff – a seriously slick operation. It was so humbling being completely helpless and essentially strapped down to monitors, unable to do anything for myself. They had to do everything including washing me, helping me to eat, move…It was incredibly frustrating too and I had many hours of weeping to myself as I couldn’t see my babies. I couldn’t do anything for myself. It was really hard. I was losing about 8 litres of fluid a day via the catheter - can you imagine if I hadn't been on one how hectic it would have been getting to the loo every 15 minutes! On the Tuesday, I begged the Dr to let me go down to see my babies.  He agreed. We strapped the catheter to the wheel chair and they unplugged all the monitors and DH wheeled me down to NICU to meet Rebecca and Finn face to face again. I will never forget this moment. I could just see them from the wheelchair, and was so overtaken by emotion that all I could do was weep. They are beyond the most precious things I have ever ever seen in all my life. There they were. Real little (and I mean so very very small) live, perfect, complete babies. They were here. Our little miracles had finally arrived and how absolutely perfect they are.

Rebecca was born weighing just 1.430g and Finn 1.940g. She did not even need oxygen at all and her agpar was 8/10 and 9/10. I believe she was clearly ready to be born and knew to put her energy into developing her lungs. She is small but feisty already.  Finn was a little more reluctant, putting his energy into growing instead of developing his lungs, so while he weighs more, he needed some help with breathing and was on a c-pap for a while and then just a nose-tube. His agpar was 8/10 and 8/10.  So impressive for prem babies! They are doing so well, and both are off oxygen already. They are getting the hang of oral feeding and their digestive systems are getting stronger. Their umbilical lines have also been removed and this means we can start kangaroo care sessions with our babies…can’t wait.

I got back to the maternity ward on Wednesday evening and now am just a walk down the passage from NICU. I get to visit them whenever I want to. I am expressing milk every 3 hours during the day, but until my BP stabilises we cannot use the milk due to the meds I am on.  This has made me really sad, but I am hopeful that I get taken off the nasty BP drugs soon so we can start feeding them my breast milk. Then the next step is to move to kangaroo care and breastfeeding, when their suck reflex kicks in at about 34 weeks or so. Today they are 5 days old or 32 weeks and 1 day. We are praying that their stay in NICU is only another 3 or 4 weeks tops, so we may get to take them home at 36 / 37 weeks, which is when they would have been born.

                                          Holding our babies for the first time...

I cannot put into words what the babies do to my heart.
It simply takes my breath away every time I look at them.
When I see how my DH looks at our babies, I can hardly contain the emotion I feel.

It has changed my life irrevocably and forever.

                                          Finn's foot.

                                          Rebecca's hand.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

31 Weeks and my last 4 days...

How far along?  We have reached the incredible 31 week mark today!!! And we won't be going very much further.  In 4 days time, we will be welcoming our miracles into our lives at last.

Symptoms?  Severe pre-eclampsia with protein count sitting dangerously over 6. 5 Is considered cut-off point. Hypertension being treated with meds. Severe lymphoedema. Headaches. Unbelieveable water retention - legs, feet, thighs, butt, face, hands. My belly is measuring 39cm from top to bottom - equivalent of a full term pregnancy. I can't bend over or cross my legs.  My knees are filled with water so if I kneel it feels like a gel pad. Have to wear special support stocking to prevent DVT. Can't sleep lying down as my sinuses are swollen so I make the strangest whistling noises keeping me awake and I also cannot breathe properly due to diminished lung capacity and fluid. Gosh...I sound like a moaner, but I realise now how serious pre-eclampsia really is...not a walk in the park! Let alone a twin pregnancy!!! All worth it though. I may need to stay in for longer than the normal 3 nights after the caeser however to stabilise my blood pressure etc.

Stretch marks? No new ones...using tissue oil morning and night. Existing stretch marks look more stretched but haven't started getting longer...

Weight gain? I have put on about 10kg now of water retention and my weight has increased by 13kg since I was admitted to hospital.  The good news is that it is completely reversible and I will lose up to 15kg immediately.

Sleep?  Despite the hectic issues...I am still managing about 6 hours during the night and day combined - good training for when the babbas come home!!!

Movement?  Still love feeling them so much.  I am going to miss having them inside me so so very much and I am trying to embrace and enjoy the last 4 days of being pregnant.

Best moment this week? Banking almost 3 weeks of time keeping our twins inside me in their cozy little nest so they can grow grow grow!!!

Food cravings?  Can't really eat very much at real cravings....

What I am looking forward to? To seeing our babes faces at last. To seeing them hold my liitle finger. To looking into their eyes. To finally having these two precious miracles a heart can almost not handle the love I already feel for them.

Milestones?  The precious time we have gained.  Both Obgyns really thought I wouldn't make the week...and I made almost 3!!!

Emotions? A mixture of sadness that I won't experience my last 4 weeks of pregnancy.  Relief that we will have reached 31 weeks and 4 days. Excitement at knowing we will meet our babies in 4 days time.

General... I met our paediatrician, Dr W today.  He is so awesome and seems quite chilled and pleased about the twin's weights. He said we will only know more once we evaluate them after being born, but if just the basics, he would say we could even be looking ahead to about a 4-5 weeks NICU stay!!! The quicker they can suck, breathe, self regulate and do all together...and get over 2kg, the faster they get to come home! He also said the smaller twin sometimes progresses faster as they are more stressed and reactive. How amazing it would be to have them home in 4 weeks! That is something to look so forward to. All in all, I am so blessed to have had this time to prepare properly. I am at peace.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday is the day!

I was in a snoozy catch up sleep this morning when my Dr arrived at my bedside and said to me..."You had better knit faster". WHAT??? Yes, my protein has doubled since the last reading, so she has decided the babies need to come out latest Monday.  So the theatre is booked, the stage is set, the date is up in the NICU unit...we will be welcoming our twins to the world on Monday 19th September...little Virgo Rabbits, fair of face! We are still waiting for blood test results on Friday, and if there is any reason for Dr to be worried about my liver or kidney function, it could possibly be earlier.  But for now...Monday it is. Wow.

I wish I could have kept them inside to grow some more, but I am so very chuffed that we have bought almost 3 extra weeks.  They will be 31 weeks and 4 days old - only 3 days short of 32 weeks, which is a long way from barely 29 weeks. I would have been in hospital for a total of 16 days before delivering them. We are so lucky to have received such amazing care.  The paediatrition will be coming around to chat to me sometime - need to start thinking about a list of questions...not that I even want to think about any complications - these babies must be strong and fight to grow well..the sooner they get to 2 kg, can suck, breathe and self thermo-regulate, the sooner they can come home.Our little boy is already 2kg which is great and our little girl is about 1.4kg.  Keeping in mind they lose about 20% of their weight just after they are born, they will both need time in NICU. Every baby is diffrerent, but I am hoping their stays are not too long. This means I will be a real NICU mommy - here every day for the next 4 weeks at least until my caeser heals. It is also possible that one baby comes home before the other...we will see.

I will also be getting another course of steroids to help them develop their lungs even more. I might also book another antenatal massage...last one for a while I am sure. On the one hand I am so sad to be saying goodbye to my belly and to feeling them move inside me, but on the other, I can't wait to see their little faces and look into their eyes and welcome them...We have been waiting so very long for this day, it is hard to believe it is really happening now....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 11...

So it has been 11 days today...and only 2 more sleeps until I reach 31 weeks! I had the most hectic scare this morning as really uncomfortable cramps started during the night.  Not hard-core sore, but definitely enough to be noticed.  I was worried they were contractions so I was measured in the morning CTG. They were contractions, but just pumped up Braxton Hicks fortunately!  For a moment there, I thought my Dr was going to say...this is the day!  On the one hand I was quite enthralled with the idea that possibly my body had decided itself to start labour - love this idea as I believe it would prepare the babies more than going coldly into a caeserean. But no...not time just yet. And I am SO okay with that!

Days merge in this place...and can pass so fast even though one hasn't actually done anything at all. It has been such a blessing to be roomed with such a great ward roomie as we laugh from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep.  There are so many stories I could relate with hilarity, but my posts would be so long! Needless to say, there is a huge disparity between the skill and fabulousness of ward sisters, and the support nurses, who barely know what they are doing. These nurses cause us great mirth and frustration, but you have to keep your sense of humour!

I am about to go for a scan now to measure our little girl's doppler and blood flow to her placenta. I did a repeat 24 hour urine protein test (last one had jumped from .9 to 3), so I am very curious to see what has happened - results will only be in tomorrow. So far, blood tests have not shown up any liver or kidney issues...everything has to be monitored until the picture says, it is time to deliver the babies.  But 11 days saved inside their snug cosy home has bought us 33 days less in neonatal NICU!  I am also hoping to see how much they have grown this past week - will post tomorrow again once all results are in.  I wonder if tomorrow will be the day my Dr pinpoints a date for delivery, or if we carry on day by day until next week.  I would be so relieved to make it to 32 weeks!!!!

We have everything bought for a prem delivery - prem nappies, earbuds, vaseline, cotton wool, and all the stuff I will need post caeser.  I was so thrilled when DH called me to say that the Dutch shop with the fabulous baby  baby bag called to say we could have it! Yay!  Isn't it fab?  I am also knitting a pram blanket in the same colours...keeping my hands busy and my mind doesn't need to think too much!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Scenes from ward Magnolia

Here are some really flattering pics of me from my hospital bed...

                                          Some lovely fat swankles and leets...

                                          WWE Strapdown - hooked up to the CTG checking on the babes...

                                          The CTG machine...

                                          Day 5 in hospital...

Thursday, September 8, 2011


How far along? 30 weeks! Such a better number than 29 - especially in light of the fact that I am buying time right's to 31!!!

Symptoms? is day 6 in diagnosis - severe pre-eclampsia. High blood pressure, kidneys are leaking protein, severe swelling in legs and feet, headaches, visual disturbances - all lead me to being admitted. I am waiting for my 2nd 24 hour protein test which will tell us how much worse my protein results have gotten in 5 days. As my Dr says, we are in the game now of buying time. We are also needing to constantly monitor the babies to make sure our little girl does not go into it depends on what happens first. But things can happen fast so we are all on stand-by.

Stretch marks? None yet...using tissue oil morning and night.

Weight gain? I have put on about 7 kg of water retention - all sitting in my legs and feet...not pleasant.  They feel like stuffed sausages - if you pricked one, it feels like it would pop!

Sleep?  Well...for anyone who has spent time in a hospital, you would know that sleep is a challenge lol. But my ward-mate and I have it pretty waxed so not too bad.  Now that my hypertension meds are starting to work, I am not drowning in fluid every night - it also helps that I sleep upright more so the fluids can drain downwards rather than into my head.

Movement?  Quite a bit of movement, but smaller moves as I think they are starting to run out of space a bit. They let me know they are there though which is comforting.  I don't like it when they are too quiet, although if it is because they are growing then I am so fine with that!

Best moment this week?  Getting to 30 weeks in the hospital and not having to deliver the babes yet!!! Having the BP meds work has helped me pass a lot of retained water so I am much more comfortable and less swollen in my face.  My feet and legs are still really bad, but at least this will go away as soon as I deliver. I will post some pics of me in the hospital soon...

Food cravings? food is a bit bland and non, but at least there is a Wiesenhof Cafe downstairs so DH can bring me the odd treat which is nice. Of course thank goodness for Woolies! 

What I am looking forward to? Another week in hospital!!! Can you believe I am saying that? But every week in hospital is 3 weeks out of NICU! I am praying that I can be a medical miracle and get to 34 weeks but my Dr thinks I am delusional...She told me that a week or at best 2 would be pushing it.  I won't give up though - I mean miracles happen all the time!! Maybe I will be the first woman in history to beat pre-eclampsia?

Milestones?  30 Weeks!!!

Emotions?  It was terrifying almost being rushed in for an emergency caeser at 29 weeks.  These babes are so very very little (1.650 kg and 1.2kg or so according to Dr's scan)  - I just want them to stay in for as long as possible... I can't wait to meet them, but I can wait 4 weeks!

General...It has been a hell of a week...having to adjust my thinking to a new version of how these twins are coming into the world.  I am working through the phases but regress now and then back to anger - feeling a little cheated that I won't get to see my fully grown belly, that I won't have my babies in my room with me and won't be able to take them home with me when I go. There are fully baked twins in the nursery here, and they are so perfect but twice what mine weigh right now and even then they are so very small. It has been amazing to be opposite the nursery and NICU as we keep looking at all the new and prem babies...making it easier to come to terms with just how small they are going to be. I am so holding thumbs that I can buy at least another week...but two would be just perfect....4 a miracle.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The naughty mommies ward

Well here I am. It is day 4 in hospital. I am sharing the ward with a woman who happens to be at our same dog training classes also with ridgebacks, also at 29 weeks pregnant and biding time with ruptured we are pretty much in the same boat. How bizarre is that? It is great as we can share notes and support each other through a similiar experience.  She is a Dr, and really fab! And as a bonus, she can explain medical things to me!

Yesterday was a hard day...I was almost taken in for an emergency caeser! The day started with the expectation that I could possibly be sent home on bedrest, to finding out that my protein test was 3 times higher than it should be, to a poor non-stress test result for our little girl, to being told not to eat anything more as I could be taken in that morning!!! It was a huge shock to me, realising that this is exactly how fast things happen. I was extremely emotional and cried most of the day as I got to terms with adjusting my whole outlook on how this is going to play out.  I truly believed that I would go home, chill with my feet up and make it to 34 weeks.  But the universe has other plans, as it often does.

Pre-eclampsia is a placental disease and my body is effectively reacting to our girl's placental function, causing my high blood pressure and therefore my kidneys to leak protein.  If left untreated, I would effectively develop full blown eclampsia and my liver and kidneys would fail and I would have seizures and a stroke...Her blood flow is not perfect, but the Dr says she has enough capacity for about another weeks growth, so at the moment it seems as if it is a waiting game to see who goes into distress first. She reckons we may have a week, but thinks I will give in before the baby. So everyday is a blessing - one day on the womb is worth 3 days in neonatal NICU.

It seems destiny that we are to have prem babies and a long road of at least 7-8 weeks on NICU, spending as much time with them as possible and hoping for no complications. There are a pair of twins in the unit now who were born at 28 weeks weighing only 650g or so and 1kg, and they are both doing really well. But there will be ups and downs. I really didn't believe this is how these babes would arrive, but I am slowly preparing myself for the inevitability.

The hospital is our world for now...and will be for the next couple of milestone...30 weeks on Thursday....praying we get to 31 weeks next Thursday.....

My ward-mate and I have named our room... the naughty mommies ward!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

29 Weeks, Hospital and Pre-eclampsia!

Well I didn't get around to doing my 29 week was a hectic day and I was treated to a wonderful baby shower at work by my wonderful team and colleagues.  Wow, the twins were so spoilt with some amazing gifts - so so special. I fully intended to do my update yesterday...but...

Was so swollen when I woke up and had a splitting headache again and white spots in front of my I suspected this was not good.  Asked DH to take a BP reading and it was 154/101, a tad high and not to be ignored.  DH suggested I stay at home with my feet up, but no...I went to work.  I emailed my Dr telling her about the symptoms and BP reading and she replied saying to go have a protein urine test straight away.  So I popped down to the Dischem to see the sister there. And there it was...pissing protein in my urine - +2 instantly...not I called Dr H and she told me to please get to the hospital immediately to be admitted as it was clearly pre-eclampsia symptoms. NO!

I got back to my office in a state, trying to sort a few things out while trying not to cry uncontrollably. I got to the hospital and was taken straight to the labour ward!  The labour ward!!!! I was put onto an NST monitor immediately to take the babies stress readings. And my BP was measured again - still high.  Blood was taken to check for my liver and kidney function as this is the biggest risk to me - due to the high BP, your kidney starts leaking protein.  The babies can also be affected as blood flow through their placenta's can be compromised. So with serious pre-eclampsia, it is a waiting game to see who gets worse first.  My BP can be treated with meds and potential seizures with magnesium sulfate etc, but if me or the babies goes into distress, they come out immediately. 

My Dr told me that in her experience this doesn't get better, only worse, but that they try to stave off labour for as long as possible. She also said that if we needed to deliver this weekend, she would come in to do it. I had my first steroid shot of 2 - another one today just in case to help develop the babies lungs. Dr H also said that she didn't think we would make 3 or 4 weeks which would be best case scenario...but to take one day at a time...

I was quite calm...perhaps in shock....perhaps in denial....thought I was okay until I was admitted to my ward when I promptly dissolved into tears. It was a lot to take in...the prospect of delivering our precious babies so small with a 10 week at least stay in NICU - so not what I wanted for them or us.

Had a terrible night of poor sleep as I woke up at 2am and then couldn't get back to sleep - processing the information, the possibilities, work planning, lists, and other tangents of rambled thoughts...eventually I nodded off at about 4h30 only to be rudely awoken again at 5am for tea.

What is amazing is that I am sharing a room with another 29 week mommy to be, who is actually in our dog training class, also with a ridgeback!  Her membrane has ruptured and she has been on watch for the past 10 days. She almost had a caeser yesterday but her white blood cell count dropped so it was cancelled - such a relief for her!  Her biggest risk now is infection, so she is also hoping for a few weeks more before they have to deliver her little girl. But at least we are in the same boat and both 29 weeks pregnant so we can share this scary time.

My Dr called me this morning to say she was happy that my BP was stable, even if a little high.  My blood tests had come back and my liver and kidney function is fine.  The babies non-stress tests are doing fine - they are not in distress. So all very positive.  She even said that maybe just maybe I could transfer to strict home bedrest if I carry on like this. YAH!!!!!! So I am just focusing on this fulltime now - I so would love to be home.  It will be a little chaotic though as I would need to come to hospital for blood tests, NST tests and to see her three times a week - she warned me that this route would be costly as currently everything is being covered by med aid. 

But I think it will be worth it, just to be home.  I wouldn't be able to drive myself so DH would need to do that - could be tricky, but even if for next 4 weeks I think it will be worth it.  But she said let's not jump ahead, we would discuss this on Monday.  We also have to wait for the 24 hour urine protein test which we would only get sometime next week - this will give a better picture of the whole story. The on-call Dr, explained to me that it could possible be gestational hypertension with a little protein leak rather than full blown pre-eclampsia.  Oh how I hope he is right.

So for I am in my hospital bed...bed-resting...and talking to my babies and my body and asking them to work together so they can stay in for at least another 4 weeks!