Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, January 3, 2011

My donor and a New Year

Before we left for Knysna, the Prof finally called me to say he has who in his opinion will be our best donor match. He has assured me that she is marvelous and a beautiful girl just like me (what a charmer). We agreed on a Feb/ March or April cycle...I am leaning towards Feb really...Why? Because I don't want to wait, because we are going to Zanzibar for our Birthday week and I will be lekker relaxed and ready and because, well, just's time.

I have always wanted to go to Zanzibar and we have decided to book a more authentic experience rather than fancy 4 star resorts. Can't wait, my camera and snorkeling gear is ready!!!

We spent a busy Christmas in Knysna, returning home before New Years and celebrating the arrival of 2011 with a mystical picnic next to Silvermine Dam...beautiful evening, loads of fabulous red wine, good food and my DH. We are ready for a good year after the hard lessons and stress of 2010.

                                 The clouds streaming over the Silvermine Dam

It is good to be able to spend another week at home. I really want to do my vision board, the Caroline Myss "Entering the Castle" meditation, do a painting, do my sewing and hopefully a few scrap books...oh yes, and also need to stick all my collected recipes into a book at last...all the fabulous stuff you don't get to when stuck in the work-home-work rut of life...sigh. And of read a few books, start working on my tan, swim, eat, sleep, lie mmmmm.


  1. Hi Cam

    May this be your BIG BABY year!!!


  2. Much luck and many good wishes in this new phase of your journey :)

  3. Excellent news! I am wishing you and your donor HUGE success!

  4. Cam I am so glad you guys have a beautiful special holiday planned. May it be the beginning of a beautiful year. I am so jealous of your time in Zanzibar - make sure you have some fun for me too!

    Wishing you the very best of luck with your cycle, I would also be going ahead sooner rather than later.

    Happy New Year Honey!

  5. Hi Cam,

    Happy New Year and I hope that 2011 will be a happy journey for you.

    So good to hear that you have your donor lined up and as you say I hope the next cycle will be earlier rather than later.

    Also so jealous of your trip to Zanzibar. My DH had booked a trip for us there which was to be in 2 weeks but now that we have a bub on the way, thought it best to cancel. Have a wonderful holiday there and please send some tips this way as we would love to head there sometime.

    All the best.


  6. 2011 is a good year...I feel it in my soul.

    I would go with Feb too....

    Enjoy your trip to Zanizibar

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