Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Saturday, May 12, 2012

More teeth!

Top teeth mum!

What a cutie

Yesterday we noticed that Rebecca had sprouted both her top front teeth - overnight! She now has one on the bottom and the two on top while Finn only has the bottom two. Finn had a first yesterday as well, he finally rose up on all fours and was rocking forwards and backwards. He can roll over quite well too. Rebecca is still shuffling backwards mostly and still has to figure out how to move forwards. Both babes are a little sick at the moment with a cold and a cough, runny nose, wheezy chest. Poor tots. Finn seems to sleep at night without too much hassle but Rebecca wakes coughing and cries a bit...means parent on duty wakes up each time too, so not great nights sleep at the moment. I still can't believe they are almost 8 months old! And most dreamlike of all is that tomorrow will be my first Mothers Day with real live babies in my arms. So very very special...

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  1. Big congrats on all those teeth..

    Hope your first Motherdays was awesome