Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Sunday, December 2, 2012


So Becs took her first steps last week! And now she can't seem to get enough...she is walking and pushing her cart all over the house with fierce determination. Whereas Finn returned to crawling again after his first steps...Becky is just ready to walk as much as she can. Finn started walking more again this it is a matter of time before they become really adept at their new way of getting from one place to another.  And with this new found independence, it is incredible to watch their development.  Finn actually climbed onto the couch for the first time yesterday - I turned around and there he was just sitting there looking cool and pleased for himself - so cute.

So day when you ask me "When did I walk?"...I will tell you all about it and how you both started walking just after your real first year birth date...clever cuties.


  1. Hi Cam - don't know if you remember me, Adi, from the forum. Saw a post of you just now and thought I'd look up your blog after all this time. So happy to see you have a beautiful set of twins. We're going for a FET this month, three years after our successful IVF. Wishing you all the best. Adi

    1. Oh wow hi Adi - of course I remember you :) Will be holding thumbs for you that a sibling will soon be coming along for your LG xxx