Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

23 Months

Hanging with my teddy

Drawing with yoghurt

Age: You are now 23 months old...just 3 weeks to go until you turn 2 on 18th September. Your actual date of birth was 16 November, but as you know you were too impatient to get to earth and came two months early.

Development: We have to keep reminding ourselves that you are actually only 21 months old, as you have caught up developmentally so well. From your 2nd Birthday, we will not adjust your ages anymore - you will just be two!

You are doing so many new things, we can't keep up. Most especially, your talking is quite incredible. Finn - you are such a mimic and you repeat any word said to you, even "helicopter" and "spectacular". You dont always get it right, but pretty close! You also count to 5 and almost to 10. You both sing quite a few songs.  Becky, you love reading your books and babble away. You also repeat words but you are quieter about it and almost want to make sure it is right before blurting it out. You have the most precious little laugh and both a great sense of humour. You have started playing jokes on us like saying "Nicky's bum" and then laughing loudly, or saying "mummy" loudly and then I say "Becky" in response and you laugh and laugh. You both love being tickled. You say "turn" "turn" when you want a chance. Finn loves a "snuggle" and frequently asks for one, sucking his thumb and cuddling. Both give really good hugs and kisses saying "Mwah".

You look for each other when one isn't around and you share your food so nicely. Yes, you do squabble a little and I am sure this will continue - Finn you do take everything Becky has but she is usually good about allowing you to, occasionally however she will run away or put up a fight. Finn can jump and Becky almost does. You both run really well.

We have had a few big falls lately - Becky fell face first off the changing table and then the next day you both got tumbled up the beach in a big wave - very scary and you both got sopping wet but were really brave.

Eating:  Some days you eat so well and others not so much - all depends on if you are going through a growing phase or not I think. You still eat a lot of different foods but one of your favourite is spag bog. One day you love avos and eggs and the next not. You both love sausage at the moment. You still get a night and morning bottle but from your 2nd Birthday, we will stop the night bottle and just give you a morning one.

Sleep: You are both sleeping so well.  Finn doesn't wake up much anymore during the night. You have moved into your new big bedroom and playroom and your cots are now head to head.  We love listening to you chatter in the mornings before we come to fetch you. Finn has to have his teddy and doggy at bedtime and Becky her dummy and a Pea (of two peas in a pod) - too cute.

Mommy and Daddy musings: You are no longer babies and while we miss your warm baby heads, we are so excited to be watching you become these delightful little people with unique characters and personalities. Such a special journey being your mum and dad - we can't believe we had to wait 12 years for you...but every second was worth it.

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