Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Now we are three!

Langebaan adventures
The twins turn three on Thursday! My last post referred to time speeding by, and how it has! I am amazed that we have arrived at this new milestone so quickly. The baby years seem well and truly over now and in some ways that is so sad - it went so fast I don't feel like I really had the chance to completely appreciate them as babies - In the day-to-day task of parenting twins, parents are mostly too busy just looking after their basic needs. With two it was difficult to fully indulge in the true one-on-one bonding experience and in some ways I mourn this lost opportunity. There is always another baby needing you too.
Now in the toddler years, they are increasingly demanding of your time as a mother, both wanting you all of the time, competing for uppie, for playtime, for attention.  It is rare that I can just spend quality time with one of them alone. And on that rare occasion, when we have split up to do just that, I feel as if a part of me is missing and that we should all be together.
Little beauty with flamingo feathers in her hair

Darling boy with those eyes
So my babies are growing up. And while part of me truly wishes I could have had another baby, I am also so excited by their increased independence on both a physical and emotional level. Their personalities are blossoming, their sense of humour unfolding and their physical bodies strengthening. It is simply wonderful to experience this. I take as many moments as I can to just watch them, to drink in the miracle that they are.
My memory taking of them in this way is so precious and absorbing that I often forget to capture them on other lasting mediums. Funny how I had so much time to video my family's children but not as much to video my own. I haven't even edited their first year video yet...I would like to do this soon as they are just at the age where they will be really interested in the journey from babies in NICU to their first Birthday.
Finn is a delightful, sweet, sensitive boy with a cheeky grin, a sense of humour and a keen curiosity. Rebecca is a determined, bright, sparkly darling of a girl with a love of reading, also curious and never wanting to be left out of anything. They are both caring, compassionate and protective of each other.  I expect this will intensify as they grow older and there are sure to be twin versus parent issues ahead of us I am sure. Their vocabulary is impressive, as is there understanding of concepts and structures of thought. We often find ourselves reeling at the observations they make at only two years old.
Beach adventures
We recently went for their Waldorf Playgroup interview and await to hear whether we have been accepted. If they are then next year, we start their education journey. It seems like yesterday that we applied for a place when they were only 6 months old. It is a wonderful environment for a child and we look forward to our journey there too.
Love my dog

Me too
What exciting times lie ahead! Oh the adventures we will have. The experiences we will share. The travels we will learn from...


  1. How can they be turning 3!!! I started following your blog when you were pregnant with them and it seems like it was just yesterday!! Time really is flying!!!

    Hope they have a very happy and wonderful birthday!!!

  2. I too can't believe they are already turning 3 Cam! Life with my own 3 year old is hugely entertaining and challenging in turn so I can only imagine how much you are enjoying this experience x 2 :)

    They are SO gorgeous! SO worth the wait.