Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, September 29, 2014

Birthdays, Bunnies and Balloons

We decided to celebrate their third Birthday with small gatherings of people closest to them and with family.  We woke them up on their Birthday morning with 3 balloons each which they loved and then had cupcakes and unwrapped presents with Silvana, their adored au pair and Noms, our wonderful housekeeper.

On the weekend, their Aunty Jen and cousin Abby arrived to stay for 2 weeks and so we had a little celebration braai with Aunty Nicky and Stef, Ilse, Arusha and Bodhi too. It was so special to see them interact with other kids.  There is no doubt that they are ready for school as they are keenly interested in other children so I am sure they are quite ready to start becoming more social. I didn't see them for hours as they were so busy playing. We had special bunny cakes made for them - a blue one for Finn and a pink one for Becky - on request. They loved them and ate most of the icing before we could cut it into slices.

There have been some classic sayings lately. Finn had been playing with his balloon and when I let Mala in from outside, he said to her "Mala, don't eat my Birthday!". And then, Silvana told Becky that as she was 3 now she needed to stop sucking on her dummy at which she responded that Finn had to throw away his thumb then, to which Finn said "I can't throw away my thumb, it is stuck" and "Mom, don't throw away my thumb hey".  Very amusing!

We just had the news that they have been accepted to Waldorf!  Very happy about this and even though it means more strain on our already tight disposable income due to the high school fees and we also have to keep our au pair - we really feel it is the right place for them to start their next phase of development. So from January they will be going to playschool for 4 days a week.  I will have to drop them off in the mornings, which means I will be at work 15- 30 mins late as I can only drop them off at 8h15 earliest - work will have to handle it - and then Silvana will pick them up at 12h30 and take them home for lunch and nap and afternoon playtime.

I am loving this phase and all the wonderful words and thoughts coming out of these little poppets' so so cute!

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