Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gods delay is not Gods denial

If you believe in God of course, I suppose this could give one a sense of comfort that the higher power may just be in control and one's disappointment is easier to process as it suggests there is hope. God in the sense that there is a plan for every one of us as we meander through this lifetime with the karmic load we carry, the lessons we need to unfurl, the learning we need to embrace. God in the sense of a higher power, the source of all beginnings, to which we all return in essence? Well, that is the God I understand. So I will take comfort in these words, if I may.

Our journey across the seas is almost here - so excited. We leave for USA on Saturday where we spend 4 nights in Hollywood, Florida (yes, there is another small Hollywood in Florida) and I attend a conference and, hold thumbs, win a Maxi marketing award - if not I fear my CEO will regret having sent me at huge expense. However, after that, me and my love head off for a Mexican adventure. Cancun to Chichen Itza, to Coba, to Tulum, to Playa Del Carmen, to Izla Cozumel and back to Cancun, then to Miami and back home. I am busy packing in my usual over-prepared frenzy. I will pack light. Ja right. I will try to pack light!

We got our Mexican Visa after a rushed flight and hairy drive through torential rains and floods to Pretoria - weren't sure we were going to get there, but we did and a sweet Mr Edgar Hurtado whipped the visas together in only an hour. Even the 4 hour wait at the airport coming back was worth it - muchos gracias!

Looking forward to living lightly and being free of routine for 2 weeks!

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  1. Ooooh I am SO excited for you. Mexico is the country of my heart. Truly. All love to you both.