Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Working towards a lower bmi?

Well, on instruction from my FS, I have been working towards lowering my excessive bmi! Okay, I am on a losing weight mission...a diet if you must. And so far I have lost 4.5kg! Yeah! I am committed but in a healthy long-lasting sort of a way. I DO NOT want to be on a starvation diet so I am counting calories (1500+- per day) and I am going to gym. 10 kg to go...

Going to gym is pretty awesome in that you get to subtract 300 calories a pop! So you can eat a little more, or not depending on how badly you crave carbs. While the weight is dropping slowly, it is much more civilised not to be manic-obsessive about the process. On the other hand, I admit, everytime you eat something you really shouldn't, you ponder how many minutes it would take to deduct the credit on the bicycle!!!!

So, all in preparation for my next shot at IVF...hopefully April if all goes well!

And, amazingly exciting news - we are going to America at the end of March! I am going for a conference and DH is coming with so we can extend for a little R and R - hopefully in Mexico - the news was so unexpected but hugely fabulous!

Maybe life will start in the land of the dead? An unexpected miracle as the perfect fertilised egg drifts down the last tube which miraculously has unblocked itself? I do believe in miracles.


  1. ooooooh Cam! I am so excited: America! (which part of the huge huge country?) and maybe Mexico. This is sooooo incredible. Do tell ALL. And I am proud of you for the weight loss. Not bad. Though I do so love your curves and perfect beauty, if the doc says lose 'em who am I to argue....they say, a comment is the new hug. So here's huggin' you woman!

  2. Hi kd! I know - isn't is wildly exciting! Am going to a conference in Hollywood, Florida, so trying to organise an add-on to Mexico - Yucatan Peninsula - see latest blog. I know it is commercial but a quick flit into the culture and of course Chichen Itza and Cozumel...and snorkelling and Cenotes and and and...hold thumbs we get it together!!! So sorry we can't stay longer and visit! :)x