Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Saturday, May 2, 2009

No swines on Isla Mejeres

We made two day trips to Isla Mejeres (Island of Women) while in Cancun. Once when we first arrived and stayed in Cancun for two nights and again when we returned to Cancun for a stop-over night before flying back to Miami. The second trip was because we had had such a wonderful day the first time around, and we wanted to get out of Cancun - which is really just a glorified commercial Mexican experience - excluding the sea and the beaches, which are glorious. The first picture is from our room at the hotel in Cancun - see what I mean about the sea? The other pics are from our first day on Isla Mejeres. You get there on a ferry which takes about 20 minutes across the most intensely blue water you have ever seen before. If you narrow your eyes and look to the horizon, you can almost imagine being a pirate...a bit of a stretch of the imagination but still possible especially if you warp the Mexican banter around you to calls of "ahoy" and "land ahead".

We rented scooters from a small shop called "angel hire" which we thought was a good start, and ambled around the island, stopping off to snorkel, see the ruins, eat enchiladas, drink XX local beer and explore the village where there is too much to photograph but see the pic of the wall with the black cat mural.

We had the most delicious supper of freshly caught red snapper on the beach with gigantic margharitas just after the sun had set. Earlier in the day we visited some ruins of a hacienda that a retired pirate had built for a local Mayan girl he was obsessed with. She never could see past his sordid pirate reputation and married a respectable villageman instead. The mortified pirate died lonely with revenge in his heart.

The brown pelicans are adorable in their scraggly wet feathers - I love pelicans and watching them dive bomb into the turquoise waves in front of the hotel and hanging about for fish offcuts on Isla Mejeres was the perfect entertainment. We certainly didn't need the false glam of Monsier Frogs or Mango Bango nightclub in Cancun!

More Mexican tales to follow...

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