Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Asia is 1 years old!

Little Asia Sky Lightning Claw, our Foundation 1 Bengal kitten turned one years old in September! He is now a full-on teen in kitten years and what a character!

He doesn't shower with us anymore but he still only drinks water from a running tap! He has eeked his way into all of our hearts either loved madly or loved partly or hated completely depending on which relationship we are talking about. By us and Savannah, our Alsation cross Ridgeback/Irish Wolfhound, he is loved madly. By his elderly aunty cats, it is the two latters.

Playing with Aunty Savannah...Grrr looks like Sav is going to eat Asia...but they are just playing!

Tallulah, the eldest, our 14 year old tabby abhors him and hisses aggressively whenever he comes near. She then makes the fatal mistake of running away which he cannot resist and inevitably he then springs on her from the rear, which results in a whole lot of growling and hissing and spitting. Mmm, definitely no love lost there. Which is sad really as all he wants is a little love in return.

Tallulah's daughter, Pye, our 13 year old tabby, has made a kind of pact with him. She hates him when he leap attacks her but when he is calm, he is welcome. Here is a picture of the two of them during a rare peace pact, showing an unusual display of acceptance and affection. This does not happen often though as usually he is in full play mode launching mock attacks whenever he sees either of his "aunties". We are thinking about getting another Bengal and calling her Persia...if one is such a little handful, two will be a riot!

News of the moment is that he has a pet rat which I have nicknamed "Ratatouille" after the movie version. He brought the rat inside but instead of killing it, he plays with it now and then - usually at 3am.

This is one clever rat as all of our traps have so far failed. So, for now we are cursed with a rat in the kitchen....fabulous!

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