Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Prescription for Hope

My Prof actually wrote out a prescription for hope for me - on his prescription book! He wrote out the letters H O P E !! and underlined it twice. Twice!

My appointment was last Thursday, and I drove to the practice with the feeling that inevitably the Prof would most likely agree with Dr S that things were not looking good for my eggs and that donor is the only way to go.

I arrived and waited in his room for a few minutes feeling a little nervous but resigned to what I had roll-played in my mind. The Prof arrived still in scrubs and I was pleased to see him - he really has such a collected and calm energy. He sat down and opened my file and asked me "Tell me what you think about this whole situation"...

?? Really. So off I launched into my pre-orchestrated spiel about protocols and Dr Sher's views on using Menopur and concerns about being Oestrogen dominant etc etc. So he stops me mid-rant and says, "No, you are chatting now - just tell me what you think about where we are." I was at a loss for words admittedly...what was I to say? So he said "Well I am going to tell you what I think. I think we do not give up just yet".

W H A T!!!! Not what I was expecting at ALL. And the tears started...I had been prepared to have an adult discussion about donor eggs and where to so I was not ready for this...

Still speechless, he continued to tell me that he had just got back from a conference where a lot of emphasis was placed on poor responders and he had actually used me as a case study under discussion. Apparently there was resounding agreement from all the dr's present that due to the fact that I have had two ectopics, we should not be too quick to give up. It is clear I have viable eggs and it may just be more difficult to find them...however, it is too soon to turn to donor.

I told him that I had come today with a message from my sister that she has lots of happy eggs for me. He made a note of that on my file but said that we have time...and if we need to go down the donor road then my sister will still be there next year or the following year. He said he can see I am not ready for donor.

I mentioned money as a reality and he understands there are financial limitations. He told me that I qualify to be included in a project due to my case which allocates R5000 towards a cycle (not sure for how many though...) and he will also waive all doctor fees so we will only need to cover direct med costs and lab costs. He wants to look at doing PICSI next time as even though DH little guys are abundant, we need to make sure we are getting the best genetic superstars as this could also be a reason why our embryos are not making it. I will be on what is called the "Washington protocol" which is low stims (so cheap stims...) and the aim will be on trying to get one good make one good embryo...

So, we are giving it journey...another year...of HOPE....of prayer....of preperation...of the collection of emotions this process brings with it...

But I know one thing....I will not give up....not until I am holding our little one.

A colleague gave me a voucher for a tarot reading by a intuitive who works with his guides as well. So yesterday I went to see him. My obvious question was: when is this journey that in fact started with a reading will end. He said that they said to tell me that I still have some way to go but 2011 looks like it could be the year, that I must not give up treatments, that my first born will be a boy, most definitely. He told me that I should remember that special children are worth the wait and that I have been on this long journey to prepare for him....

I bought a small magnetic heart with the word "believe" on it.

And I have it stuck on our fridge.

Next to The Prescription.

For hope.


  1. Oh Cam: I am so happy to read this today. Yes. HOPE. Been thinking a lot recently about setting little boats of hope upon the river. Here is adding my breath to yours! All my love to you'all.

  2. yes, hope hope hope! Have to give you the hope poem now.

    Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul,
    And sings the tune without the words,
    And never stops at all

    - Emily Dickinson


  3. Fabulous - what a brutally positive post! Your FS sounds amazing!! I'm glad that things are looking up for you and I really do hope that your dreams are fulfilled in time!! xxxxChopper1

  4. I am so hoping that the end of your journey will come soon. I really like the fact that he gave uou hope!!! Good luck for 2010, may it be a good year.

  5. Wow..Wow..I got goosebumps reading your blog. What an awesome experience with your Prof and this to be confirmed by the Universe.
    Believe, Cam...send that message out there...let that little soul know that you are the best Mom it will have

  6. Thank you wonderful friends xxxxx