Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Personal Trainer from hell

Well...I have replaced acupuncture with a personal trainer. The one the antithesis of the other. One meditational and natural calm healing, the other hardcore tearing of muscles to build tone and form...oh well, if I land up with a more lean mean me, then great.

The session was an hour long. The routine, unrelenting. Competitive Cam did it all, even though I could feel my thigh muscles ripping and burning. I had no idea that the next day, and even worse the day after that would leave my body screaming with stiffness. Eina. What do I say to her next week? Surely the exercises should have been do-able? Surely one shouldn't be in such agony after doing them? I am going to have to admit defeat though as I am not looking forward to another physical fallout of this degree. I am going to have to ask her to tone it down a little!

I have an appointment with the Prof on 10 December. Not sure I want to know what he is going to say...will he take sides with Dr S and agree with what he said, or will he offer me some hope?

I went to see a medical intuitive who works with Jin Shin Jiatsu (sp?). I couldn't stop crying during the session...really all came out. Anyway her insights included the fact that I have a fear of freedom and a fear of the future. Go figure.

She did some chakra and energy point healing and during the session I was finding it hard to breathe when her hands were in some positions while easy to breathe when in other positions. Wierd. But felt nice and calm afterwards. She feels I could do well to hand it over to the universe. And do some self-help healing using the central energy points (think?) daily action. She gave me a copy of what to do and I have been trying to remember each morning.

I am also now more a brunette than a blonde. Decided to go more my natural colour with a few highlights but hairdresser chose a lovely colour called "honey lavender" so we went with it...very interesting shades of brown, purple, gold, red....but nice. DH thinks it is sexy and a bit hooker. I think he's been playing too much Grand Theft Auto.

Persia is growing fast and has started exploring the garden with Asia. They are really playing nicely together and have taken to tearing across the lawn under the basil and lavender bushes. Just took some great pictures and will load them next week.

Am looking forward to the end of this year. And to a good break. We are going to Knysna to spend xmas with mum and sisters and Mish and friends.

We may also stay for New Year but we may also come back to welcome 2010 in Aurora.

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  1. Did she say anything about whether you should go the donor egg route? Sometimes I just wish we could get some ANSWERS! But then it wouldn't be a journey, just a destination.