Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gratitude for Basil and Olive Oil

When you don't know what to cook for supper - as long as you have pasta in the pantry, basil in the garden, olive oil and a few other basics - you can create the most scrumptious meal.... Whip up some homemade Pesto using basil, garlic, almonds, olive oil, feta, salt & freshly ground black pepper. Toss this through some hot cooked pasta and serve with a salad sprinkled with a few cashews...yum yum. So today I say thank you for these mouth-watering ingredients and the scrummy dinner we just ate.

And yesterday, I felt overwhelming gratitude for the beauty of the mountain behind our house. I admit that I may just have more than one day of gratitude for this natural wonder - just close enough to see detail on the cliff face and watch the mesmerising cloud whisping over the peaks. I had given DH a lift home from work as his car was in for a service and as a perfect ending to a long day and hours in the traffic, we took a walk up towards the mountain, along Boyes Drive and then back down home. The views are so glorious from up there, the sea rippling onto the shore, False Bay glinting in the purple sunset. Our hearts were beating with flowing energy and our minds soothed by the evening meander.


  1. Hey Cam...I honest love your gratitudes. They make me feel real good.

    PS.Love your kitty

  2. Mmm... basil pesto. I think it must be a drug 'coz I can NEVER get enough of it! And it's the only time I can cook a meal when T doesn't whinge about the fact that there isn't meat!
    Are you talking about our magnificant Table Mountain?? I make a point of looking at it every day. It's such a gorgeous mountain!