Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eat. Pray. Fight

I am so incredibly ratty at the moment so I assume my oestrogen levels have plummeted and I am blundering into another monthly PMS state-of-irritability. Of course, my DH delights in winding me up when in this state as I believe he finds my lashes of snappy retorts rather amusing! I have also been so clumsy today, even knocking over a case of Cobra at PnP this morning! I mean probably would be best to just stay indoors for the rest of the day. Had thought about pottering in the garden with a pair of shears...but maybe not.

So to the title.

Watched Eat. Pray. Love yesterday and I really enjoyed it - think Julia is just a prefect Liz in her way. And YES to Italy again...watching the scenes in Rome, I really need to go back to explore more. Bali also looks amazing.

To eat.

Today has so far included a delicious scram B at the Empire and a plate of provolone, tomato, basil and avo drizzled with olive oil and balsamic with a lightly toasted seed roll. Mmmmmm. Later, I will be making garlicky crunchy chicken breasts with organic pumpkin and cauliflower cheese. With chocolate frozen yoghurt and black cherries for pud. Uh huh. Yum.

To pray.

I said a prayer this morning when I saw a little antique wooden and wicker child's chair.  It just spoke to me, so I prayed and then bought it. Then I said another this afternoon when I read an old friend's post about her birth story. She lost her first miracle while still a baby some years ago and has just welcomed a son into the world. Love and light to them.

To fight. love.

Love is a much better word...I am going to stop fighting, acknowledge my irritation and send myself a little love too.


  1. Did you know Julia Roberts became a Hindu after that movie?

  2. PS. From a reliable source. YOU magazine.

  3. Sounds good (except of the hormone part) !

  4. Thanks for the recommendation on the movie I soooo want to see this. Your food sounds absolutely devine, seems to me you might need to send me a recipe or two. Despite the moodiness of PMS seems to me you are in good spirits.

    Sending you much love.