Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Moving to their own room!

Today is a momentous day! The twins are 6 weeks corrected age and we have moved them to their own cots in their nursery! They have been sharing a camping cot in our room for the past 2 months, and are getting so tall that they are running out of space in the camping cot. They kick the bottom and have to squash up their legs to fit if they scootch down while sleeping. is time, and tonight will be the first night we haven't slept next to our babes. It is going to be wierd!  And as I write this, they are both in bed...pretty miraculous considering that Rebecca was up crying until 11:30pm last night!!! So it may not last...but for now they are snug in their little beds...

We may even share our bed again instead of having seperate rooms.  We have been sharing night duties so we each get 6 hours sleep in the study room every 2nd day which has been great.  Now, the parent on duty will have the monitor next to them and when the twins wake, will go do the 2-3am feed.  If the wheels are falling off, then the parent can turn the monitor off and go sleep in the nursery leaving the off-duty parent to sleep...hope this works.  DH tends to sleep through a lot more than I do, so invariably I react before he does...I may need to wear really good ear plugs on my off night lol! At least we have the option of other beds to sleep in if we need to...

I will miss having the babies close to us, but on the other hand, maybe all the night snuffling, coughing, moaning and groaning will not keep me awake if they are in their room - not sure how these noises will play through the monitor, but we will play with the settings so we can still hear the crying and apnea monitor alarms if they go off.

Our babies have been with us for almost 3 and 1/2 months already and yet they are only actually 6 weeks old in developmental stages.  The wonderful smiles and gurgles are starting and I already can't get enough...


  1. Good luck! It's a big step and I hope you both are able to sleep well with this method. I'm sure the babies will do great with it.

  2. PS I love all of these pictures. Soooooo stinking cute. Love love love them :)

  3. I really enjoy and benefit from following blogs like yours and Michelle D above. I learn so much about twin parenting. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge. I'm almost 32 weeks so reading all you've been through will come in handy when I'm in a similar stage!

  4. What a big milestone! I definitely found that moving Kade into his own room at 6 weeks made a huge difference to the quality of sleep I was getting - his snuffling and farting didn't keep me awake ;) I have the monitor on the lowest settting cos I still hear him crying but his night noises don't come thru so it's awesome!

    I'm sure it is all going well.

    Much love