Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Friday, August 3, 2012

On the move...

Wow these babies are on the move!  They have become cruising crawlers and pull up on everything. They are both adept at getting up and down without falling and have learnt the art of bum landings rather than face planting! Both now hold their own bottles and have realised they can actually sit up out of a boppy pillow - not great for my mornings while I am trying to get ready for work! When they are let loose, they crawl so fast I have to keep up with them.

We went for the (late) 9 month shots (measles and pneucc something?!) and it wasn't as bad as it usually is - both were fine quite quickly. Both got temperatures though so we had to give them Neurofen / Panado for a couple of days. Finn weighed in at 9.6kg and is 76cm tall - he is already way over the normal range for his actual age.  Becky is 8.3kg and 73cm - tall and skinny but almost catching up to the weight graph so doing just great. Finn's head circumference is 45cm and Becky's is 43cm.

And, Finn had his first fall off a bed. DH turned his back for an instant and splat onto the wooden floor.  One egg on his forehead later poor little guy. They are both more wary now and peer over the edge almost testing to see how far down the drop is. Would really prefer no more falls babes okay!

Both squeal with delight when playing together and have a high pitched communication dialogue of squeaks and squeals. When we get home in the evening and they first see us, they also squeal and crawl towards us fast - so cute. There are lots of words - mamma, dadda, babba, nine, yum - but they still don't identify us as mamma and dadda specifically. Finn claps. Becky sings and croons with me when I sing to her. Finn's first response is always a laugh. Becky's is usually a yell. Becky wants whatever Finn is playing with and he sometimes lets her have it and other times fights for it back. Finn only cries when he is hurt or tired. Becky cries when getting changed or when she is left behind in her cot or for whatever is frustrating her at the time.
Finn has 6 teeth, Becky has 4.

They are changing so fast now, I will have to post more updates - I don't want to forget a thing! Poor Becky had a bad ear infection and had to go on her first course of antibiotics - no wonder she was so miserable for the past few weeks.  Her sleeping has improved and she now only wakes up once or twice to find her dummy. Finn is sleeping through and if he wakes up usually just babbles and chats for a bit and then goes back to sleep. 

Oh what an adventure this is!


  1. Wow, growing up fast indeed

  2. Awesome. Its so cool to watch thier development, and so exciting when they do something new. Can you believe that we are mommies Cam!! Its so awesome.