Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Twin Update - 10 months today!

Age: Happy 10 months today! (adjusted - 8 months and a bit)

Height/Weight: We postponed the innoculation day but will take them on Monday - not looking forward to this at all but at least we will find out their updated weights and heights then.

Developmental notes: They are developing in leaps and bounds.  Finn has started crawling as well, so the two of them are off on adventures. They also both pull themselves up on anything and everything, so you really need to be close by now as we have started the stage of tumbles and knocks to the heads poor tots. They forget to hold on and Finn especially is still a little unsteady. Rebecca has become so much more animated and expressive. She is such a little beauty. Finn is sensitive and such a sweetie. They have 10 teeth between them and not a sight of a new tooth for weeks now. But they are still drooling and obviously have discomfort as their sleep is disturbed often. Finn has started to "kiss" - too adorable. I am trying to teach them to wave goodbye and can't wait for them to realise who mamma and dadda are. When I get home, they will actually crawl to me - precious!!!

Eating: They are eating well but if overtired it can get a little chaotic.  Finn will throw a major hissy fit if he is too tired to eat poor babba. Rebecca will just shut her mouth tight if she is not interested or not hungry. She still reaches for food we are eating. I tend to feed them here and there from my plate especially if we are out having breakfast - I will pass them pieces of toast and little pieces of egg etc. Both love drinking from a mug or glass.  I gave Becky a piece of lemon the other day and she sucked on it happily! Clearly the sour tastebuds are not active?

Sleep: Oh woe...nights and nights of restless sleeping has become the norm! Finn has actually been sleeping through well the past while, but Becky wakes up at least 4 times a night and needs to be patted back to sleep. If this doesn't work and she starts to get too loud, we have to whip her out of the room so she doesn't wake up Finn. This is not great and I am hoping it doesn't settle in as a habit - we may need to seperate them and do a little sleep training if she doesn't learn to self soothe herself back to sleep.  It must be discomfort or teething as she didn't usually wake at all. Ever. We have been giving her neurofen in case it is teething, but nothing has helped so far to stop her waking up every night.

Favourite Things: Mala and Patchouli. Each other. Mommy and Daddy.

Dislikes: Eating when tired. Rebecca simply hates getting dressed. Both love being naked - how wonderful Summer will be with lots of naked romps on the beach!

Looking forward to: Everything! Being called mamma...

Mommy and Daddy musings: Oh our babies, we cannot tell you how much we love you. There are no words big enough. Our hearts swell with pride every time we look at you. Each day, we thank the universe for sending us such precious little souls to be part of our family. You are our treasure.

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  1. Wonderful Cam, they are sooo precious! To be called mamma is the best thing ever! Love Coco