Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Now we are ONE!

The big day finally arrived, the twin's 1st Birthday Party! And after worrying about the weather as it had been raining all week, we were blessed with sunshine! What a lovely, special celebration. 

I had so much fun organising their party and even with 32 people, both Finn and Rebecca were so chilled, just enjoying the action all around them. We have also just completed a veranda extension which was completed literally the day before the party! This is going to be a wonderful space for the twins to ride their little waddle bikes when they are ready.

The goodies table turned out exactly as I had planned pretty...

And what a beautiful cake.

Their little thrones for the day...

The Birthday babbas holding hands - too cute.

Everyone singing Happy Birthday...

 They especially enjoyed their Birthday cupcakes...

Birthday Beauty.

Oh our precious little babies, even though you are only actually 10 months old now, we are now saying you are one as you have both caught up so beautifully.  Rebecca, you are about to walk your first steps as you confidently stand balancing perfectly - any day now and you will be off with new independence.  You are so affectionate and love cuddles and singing with your mummy. You are so unbelievably cute with your crystal clear gaze and rosebud mouth smiles and little chuckles. Finn, my boy, what a delight you are. Charming everyone with your smiles and laughs and your hair that is determined to stand up straight. You will also be off on your first steps soon and then Daddy and I are going to have to run to keep up with you and your sister. You are already so fast. You are our special miracle babies and we love you more than words will ever express. Happy Birthday Rebecca & Finn!


  1. Happy Birthday to your special babies! Cannot believe that they are already ONE!!


  2. Awww! Happy Birthday Babies! It looks like you had a wonderful day! Good Job Momma! The next few months the changes are going to happen so fast. Get your camera ready! LOL! Enjoy every precious moment!
    Warmest Wishes!

  3. Happy Birthday to two such cute kids :) Glad they day was enjoyable and the decorations are great...good job.