Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ONE YEAR Update!

Age: ONE Year old! We will start saying they are one now, even though in actual terms and developmentally I still see them as just over 10 months old. By 14 months they will truly be one!

Height/Weight: Finn must be over 11kg by now and Becky is just over 9kg as weighed at the Paed yesterday. We will check this out when they go for their MMR shots next week - not looking forward to that sigh.

Developmental notes: Both crawl at great speed, both coast along furniture and both stand without holding on to anything.  Rebecca is more adept at standing and I think she is about to take off on her first steps. She will stand there unsupported and even moving her arms and then...sit. I have read that shorter babies with stubby legs find it easier to balance and walk than taller long legged babies - apparently harder for them to coordinate longer legs lol.  I am sure though that walking is imminent although happy that they take as long as possible to get going as I am sure once they start walking, we are going to start running! And in different directions!

Finn is very vocal and babbles away. Becs has started babbling as well and still surprises us with the odd new word said perfectly.  The other day she said "night" and then "dog". But she only says it once or twice so you second guess yourself as to whether you even heard it or not. But other people heard her say these words the other day so I was not imagining things. Both have started waving / folding their hands saying ta ta. If I say "come" they crawl to me and stand up against my legs to go "uppie". They stop doing something is I say "ahah" - not for long though - I really don't want to over-use "No" as I am sure there will be so many "no's" in future! Finn calls me mumum.

Both drink their own bottles in their cots in the morning now - too cute. They are quite happy to sit playing for reasonable periods of time while I get ready for work - so much better than trying to run after them in my bedroom while I have a hair dryer in one hand lol. Becky kisses and loves her teddybear and Finn sucks his teddy blanket or a rogue dummy if there is one. They are hilarious as they both pop the dummy out of each other's mouths and then take it for themselves. They have started doing interesting things with their toys - putting cups on top of the stacking ring; putting objects inside others; beating the maracas together; walking pushing toys along; moving small parts; dancing to music toys - amazing to watch their development!

Finn has 8 teeth now and Becky still has 6 - we brush their teeth every morning and night. Finn's hair on top of his head is really long now and stands straight up - he really has a natural mohican!  Becky has started getting little curls on the sides - so cute!

Eating: We haven't introduced snacks really so will start this and will also replace the 2 day bottles with rooibos tea and cows milk and a little snack. Then will stay on stage 3 formula for morning and nightime bottle for a while.  The paed suggested we stay on formula until they are two as it has good vitamin and nutrient supplements which he reckons is really worthwhile. I gave them tuna for the first time the other day and they did not love...will try sardines next - good brain food. They basically eat everything now, so next step is more chunky foods and then self feeding will start soon - going to be messy! We do not give them juice - only milk, water and rooibos tea.

Sleep: Finn is sleeping through with no serious problems. He does sometimes wake up crying full on - must be night terrors, but is easily comforted.  He self-soothes really well.  Becs on the other hand is not sleeping that well.  We are going to need to do some sleep training with her at nighttime so she goes to sleep on her own without us rocking or patting her to sleep at night. This may mean we seperate them for a while but hopefully we don't need to. She gets pretty loud and then Finn wakes up and it is more difficult dealing with two awake babies than one - so seperation for a bit may help us so that we don't need to respond that quickly to Becky when she wakes and starts crying.  I don't know if CIO is the way, but at least we don't have to rush to her to pacify her in fear Finn is also going to wake - maybe she will self soothe if we leave her a bit...mmm still need to research all this more. We are going to start this on the weekend.

Favourite Things: Crawling, playing, exploring the house! And oats are always a winner - I make them with cinnamon and mashed banana and vanilla paste....yum.

Dislikes: Tuna ;)

Looking forward to: Getting Becky to sleep without interventions ;)

Mommy and Daddy musings: What a special milestone babies - you are ONE...well almost completely one in a few weeks as you are still catching up a bit. But, you are both almost walking which is amazing and we are so proud of how well you are both doing.  You are so completely adorable, we just love watching you interact and sometimes I watch you in your cots between the crack in the door so you can't see me.  Finn, I love your huge smile when you suddenly see me watching you.  Becs, I love your squeals and fast crawl to get to me as soon as possible when I get home for a big hug and a kiss. What special little treasures you both are.

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