Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

17 Month Update!

Age: The babes were 17 months old on 18 Feb (15 months).

Height/Weight: We decided to weight them ourselves as they are really cooperative standing on the scale.  Not sure how accurate it is as I have been having issues with this scale - but that is another story. So if accurate, Finn weighs 11.3kg and Becky 9.4kg. I plotted the weights on their graphs and both are nicely above the median. Finn is only slightly taller than Becky, but they are definitely growing and many people comment on how tall they are.

Developmental notes: They have gone from being proficient walkers to running along in a toddling sort of a way - very amusing to watch.  They sort of lean forward and go for it at quite a speed sometimes. Both can turn around in circles. Both dance from side to side. Both bend over and reach between their legs. Both climb really well. So all in all great large muscle development going on.

They have so many new words, I can't remember them all. They say hello, bye, car, train, ball, kitty, all gone and more. SO cute!

Eating: They have started using a spoon and fork. Not that great at it yet, but we found these great suction bowls, so they can practice without flinging the whole bowl of food off the high chairs! I do feel that I would be feeding them much more variety if I was at home all day to cook, but now I prepare portions of various meals and freeze them or buy the woolies toddler meals which they like and are so convenient. It would be great to eat at the table together more like a family more often, but they have all their meals while we are at work. 

When they are older, we will try do dinner at 6:30-7pm together, bedtime at 19h30... They are still drinking milk in a morning and bedtime bottle. Will look to dropping the morning bottle soon and replace with a cup of milk maybe - but they love their morning bottle. They only drink milk and water, no juice at all. We brush their teeth every morning and night.

Sleep: Going SO well, with sleep throughs from 7pm tp 6/7am the norm now.  Still in seperate rooms though.  Finn occasionally wakes up for no apparent reason now and then crying - I think he wakes up in the dark and doesn't know where he is so I still think a night light may help. He is quickly settled though and goes back to sleep. It is because of this that I have left Becky in the study as she has happily slept through without being disturbed for months now and never wakes up - even when the house alarm goes off in her room! They are still napping twice a day for an hour each nap.

Sometimes when I am giving Finn his bedtime bottle, he will reach up and stroke my face and the other night he actually said nighty night after I said it to words!

Favourite Things: They now have extra-mural activities lol. On Tuesdays one goes to Toptots and on Thursdays to swimming lessons, and then they swop the following week. Silvs sends us the cutest pictures of them doing cool stuff! I do miss not being able to be mommy doing this with them :(.

Dislikes: Fighting occasionally, being scratched by the naughty cat.

Looking forward to: Moving them into their bigger room and big beds - but I probably shouldn't rush this as I am sure we have midnight playtimes and little feet pattering into our room in the early hours as they will be able to get out of bed lol. 

Mommy and Daddy musings: The cuteness factor is in overdrive  - you are in such a gorgeous stage and we find your antics so amusing and your amazing development so incredible to watch! Becky gave me the hugest hug the other day - my heart melted into a flood of love - so precious.


  1. Growing strong and beautiful

  2. They look super-sweet and you look great too !! Well done on taking care of yourself and dieting !!