Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weighty issue

Okay. So I need to lose weight.  Quite a lot actually.

But being a hardened yo-yo dieter since my teens, I really needed a lifestyle change that I can live with forever instead of being on and off diets.  I find low fat, low calorie diets so depriving - yes, you get results, but you feel like you are on the deserted island of boring food - like you are being punished or imprisoned.  And once you have achieved your goal, you loosen up a little have the odd treat here and there...and before you know it you've put all the weight back on and more! This is pretty much how it rolls for me.

So now, having pushed the weight gain further than ever before, I recognise that it simply isn't working. I don't have a bad body image in that I still feel attractive per say...but only with my clothes on lol! I am now tired again of looking huge in anything I wear, and let's dont mention the photographs - that's where you truly notice how bad it has gotten.

So. In my quest for a lifestyle answer that we could both adopt (yes DH also wants to lose weight) and still achieve significant weight loss and health benefits, the Low Carb High Fat way of eating starting appearing more and more - also known as Swedish / Paleo / caveman diet etc Essentially it eliminates absolutely ALL carbohydrates including sugar / most fruit / anything high carb. You can eat meat, fats, nuts, cheese, all veggies above ground and berries in limitation.  This way of eating pushes your body into a ketonic state and you become a fat burning machine. Your body effectively self regulates your calorie intake as you are eating nutirent dense and satisfying / filling meals so you eat less! Other nenefits include that you sleep better, have more energy, lower cholesterol (carbs cause inflammation cause cholesterol issues - simple version / more info on blog links), lessens need for statins and other chronic meds etc etc etc

So I have started a blog dedicated to our low carb high fat journey: - Just thought I had to acknowledge this here and if anyone is interested, you can check out more detail / info on this blog.  I am trying to include links about interesting low carb stuff that will help anyone also eating this way.  We are feeling great so far! Both our blood pressures have stabilised from high, we both have more energy, DH has lost 6kg and me about 5kg in a month. Still a way to go and because it is not a one size fits all diet, you need to make adjustments as you go along to keep weight loss going.

I have been neglecting this blog a little, but will definitely keep up with the twin's monthly updates, so will post the next soon as today they are 17 months old and what little cuties they are!

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