Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Friday, June 24, 2011

19 Weeks!

How far along? 19 Weeks and 1 day today!

Maternity clothes? Same as last week.

Symptoms? Some aching yesterday and some tweaks in the lower regions...hopefully all ligaments stretching!

Stretch marks? No new ones.

Weight gain? 10kg!!!

Sleep? Down to once or twice night wee trips, but DH still in spare room - think he prefers it too to me prodding and rolling him over all night lol.

Movement? Not much :( - haven't been feeling the rolling movements at ALL...worrying, but hoping it is because I haven't been active this week due to my cold so they are also chilling...come on babies, kick for mom!

Best moment this week? Seeing my belly almost visably grow before my very eyes!

Food cravings? No real cravings...still not into chocolate at ALL, which is wierd for me. Also, can't really taste much due to cold.

What I miss? Wouldn't trade this for anything in the world no matter what is missed.

What I am looking forward to? Still to feeling real kicks. The 21 week anatomy scan (12 more sleeps) and of course to date of viability so I can try to relax.

Milestones? Over halfway if their due date is still 36 weeks!!!!

Emotions? No crying, feeling quite calm except for my paranoia about the rare incidence of incompetent cervix issues...going to email my Prof to ask him what he thinks.

General...Haven't been to gym this week as I have had a nasty cold...spent day in bed yesterday which was great. SO looking forward to a cosy, chilled weekend. Still in awe of this experience everyday.


  1. Yes, you are more than halfway there! Try not to fret about potential complications...but this is coming from a neurotic pg lady herself. If it bothers you...just ask your OB if he will do an ultrasound on your cervix to check for funneling. Hoping your OB obliges to your request for peace of mind. Take care.

  2. the count down begins.. I loved being half way cause it meant I was closer to the end than the beginning.

    PS. Nominated you for a bloggers award on my new blog :

    PS..this is Bratty

  3. Tx Lisa :)
    They are ALL away for a gynae conference!!! Will have to wait until 6th July...going to stop worrying though. Called my FS and he was so lovely and caring - he said these gynae's don't know how to deal with their patients ( I wish we could find an infertility Obgyn!!) Cam

  4. Thanks Brats xxxx

  5. I'm sure the aches are normal :) You are getting closer to a "safe zone"...isn't that a great feeling? Also I think it's common early on to have times of feeling them active a lot and times they chill or change position and you don't feel them as much. Enjoying your post updates. Take care.