Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scan Day!

Went off to my Obgyn appointment looking so forward to seeing our babes and especially how much they have grown! Had a good chat with Dr H, who was being as ever practical as usual, but nice. She told me to see a GP about the loose stools issue (tmi I know but has been going on for a few weeks now) as I might have a virus and a GP must sort that out as pregnancy does not cause loose stools eeeeeeek!  My BP was perfect and urine showed no problem and no infection.

She also said the heavy feelings, tight pulls in vagina, uterus etc are all normal.  If it wasn't normal, I would know about it as it would get more intense and painful and would not be a great sign.  She said the only concern at this point is preterm labour before 26 weeks but there is nothing any Dr can do for we hang in there and start monitoring more closely (cervix etc) from 26 weeks when they could be viable if born. Such reality...I will hold onto my positivity and keep strong that all goes well.  That my cervix is long and tight and my uterus strong to hold these babies in place until their due date.

The breathlessness is also normal - more blood to pump around and with twins it is more like 80 - 100% more! She also measured my uterus which is 2 fingers above my naval already (where it would be at 24 weeks pregnant with a singleton).

Then we saw them...gosh they have grown and their eyes are in front so looking more like babies! Hearts beating strong. They were lying face to face with their noses almost touching, she is on top and he is below. Saw his little willy again lol. Then she turned around with her back to us showing off her beautiful spine. They are both measuring about 13cm crown to rump and 16cm head to toe.

                                         Our Boy at the bottom looking up at his sister...

                                         Our girl's beautiful spine...

I am really looking forward to the anatomy scan now - another hour staring at these miracles...only 22 sleeps....


  1. They look beautiful :) Looking forward to hearing more from you. Take care.

  2. Thats right day at a time. They are beautiful!

  3. I could staaaaaare at these for ages! Beautiful Cammy!