Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pops and Bubble

I have to start calling the twins something so I can start talking to them. We just listened to their heartbeats with the doppler and the nicknames came to me.  Our little girl is Pops and our little Boy is Bubble. DH found them straight away - the heartbeats were easy to find and so strong. Pops was louder and being girl-like lying still, but Bubble was whooshing about so we kept losing his beat...obviously doing somersaults in his fluid lol. I think we are getting closer to their actual names - two keep coming in strong, but we will wait until they are born to decide. We may change our minds and name them before...let's see what happens.

On Friday I had a great session with a light worker and we shifted a lot of my negative gunk and fear.  I feel so much lighter and from here on I choose positivity. I am living my dream. Now. I do not want to lose a minute of this magic. This may mean needing to stay off the forum (or some of the groups) for a while as any sad news or loss fuels my I don't need to be part of that right now - it is in my past.  This does not mean my heart isn't still sending love and light to all my IF'ers still on the journey - it so much...just that I need to protect myself in my now so I can fully commit to the reality of having these babies.

I felt so emotional hearing them tonight. My special babes.


  1. Hi Cam..staying off the forum is not a bad idea. I remember feeling the exact same as you are feeling now. I felt so emotional every time I read something "sad", I would feel devastated. You must surround yourself with all thats positive and feed that spirit into your precious angels

  2. Hi Cam

    One of the forum friends told me to have a look at this blog entry since it corresponds very much to what I am feeling at the moment! I agree with you in choosing the positivity since we are really living the dream!!! Unfortunately for me at this stage it also means that I need to stay off the forum for a while. We are more or less at the same stage of pregnancies, I am 16 weeks and 4 days today. Yes it is so very true that the TTC journey and IF’ers will always be a very big part of us but the anxiety and fear somehow takes away that magic feeling we should be feeling at the moment. It devastates me to read the sad news on the forum and I still feel so very guilty to hear about all the sad unfair things while I know it did work out for us and we are now expecting! As a matter of fact I am not sure where to share my good news after appointments because posting on facebook also does not feel right since I know I have 3 friends still TTC and a close friend just lost her baby this week. Then again I ask myself, should we not be allowed to share this wonderful blessing with the people who care, after all this is the BIGGEST thing that ever happened to us?

    It should be a very happy time with lots of celebrations and happiness and I feel like standing on the roof top and announcing to the everyone that we are expecting ;)

    So here’s to lots of positive feelings and enjoying every moment of this wonderful miracle given to us with this special babes!

    Lots of luv


  3. That's wonderful news Lucelle and congrats xx I have decided to only read positive posts and not even open any others at all. I will check the pregg forum and multiples forum but for now I simply can't support any of the journeys TTC...I send them my love and light everyday. We need to experience our magic and not lose out to fear and sadness...also our babies can feel our anxiety so we need to keep calm and positive xxx