Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Thursday, September 8, 2011


How far along? 30 weeks! Such a better number than 29 - especially in light of the fact that I am buying time right's to 31!!!

Symptoms? is day 6 in diagnosis - severe pre-eclampsia. High blood pressure, kidneys are leaking protein, severe swelling in legs and feet, headaches, visual disturbances - all lead me to being admitted. I am waiting for my 2nd 24 hour protein test which will tell us how much worse my protein results have gotten in 5 days. As my Dr says, we are in the game now of buying time. We are also needing to constantly monitor the babies to make sure our little girl does not go into it depends on what happens first. But things can happen fast so we are all on stand-by.

Stretch marks? None yet...using tissue oil morning and night.

Weight gain? I have put on about 7 kg of water retention - all sitting in my legs and feet...not pleasant.  They feel like stuffed sausages - if you pricked one, it feels like it would pop!

Sleep?  Well...for anyone who has spent time in a hospital, you would know that sleep is a challenge lol. But my ward-mate and I have it pretty waxed so not too bad.  Now that my hypertension meds are starting to work, I am not drowning in fluid every night - it also helps that I sleep upright more so the fluids can drain downwards rather than into my head.

Movement?  Quite a bit of movement, but smaller moves as I think they are starting to run out of space a bit. They let me know they are there though which is comforting.  I don't like it when they are too quiet, although if it is because they are growing then I am so fine with that!

Best moment this week?  Getting to 30 weeks in the hospital and not having to deliver the babes yet!!! Having the BP meds work has helped me pass a lot of retained water so I am much more comfortable and less swollen in my face.  My feet and legs are still really bad, but at least this will go away as soon as I deliver. I will post some pics of me in the hospital soon...

Food cravings? food is a bit bland and non, but at least there is a Wiesenhof Cafe downstairs so DH can bring me the odd treat which is nice. Of course thank goodness for Woolies! 

What I am looking forward to? Another week in hospital!!! Can you believe I am saying that? But every week in hospital is 3 weeks out of NICU! I am praying that I can be a medical miracle and get to 34 weeks but my Dr thinks I am delusional...She told me that a week or at best 2 would be pushing it.  I won't give up though - I mean miracles happen all the time!! Maybe I will be the first woman in history to beat pre-eclampsia?

Milestones?  30 Weeks!!!

Emotions?  It was terrifying almost being rushed in for an emergency caeser at 29 weeks.  These babes are so very very little (1.650 kg and 1.2kg or so according to Dr's scan)  - I just want them to stay in for as long as possible... I can't wait to meet them, but I can wait 4 weeks!

General...It has been a hell of a week...having to adjust my thinking to a new version of how these twins are coming into the world.  I am working through the phases but regress now and then back to anger - feeling a little cheated that I won't get to see my fully grown belly, that I won't have my babies in my room with me and won't be able to take them home with me when I go. There are fully baked twins in the nursery here, and they are so perfect but twice what mine weigh right now and even then they are so very small. It has been amazing to be opposite the nursery and NICU as we keep looking at all the new and prem babies...making it easier to come to terms with just how small they are going to be. I am so holding thumbs that I can buy at least another week...but two would be just perfect....4 a miracle.


  1. Cam, as you say every day is a blessing and buys three days out the NICU timeframe. You are doing good, keeping your spirits high and staying positive and that attitude will go a long way to helping you cope with whatever comes.

    Keeping everything crossed for another miracle (the first being that you have these awesome babes at all) and now that they stay in, get big and strong and are not in the NICU too long so you can hold and cuddle them in the way I know you have been longing to do for far too many long years.

    Hang in there. See you again soon.

  2. One day at a time, hopefully the days will will add up to 31 weeks or more.

    I'm so glad you have such a great ward-mate. It makes such a huge difference to dealing with things.

  3. Oh Cam, your spirit is so amazing and I am so happy that you are keeping it positive.

    I wish that there are still many days ahead of you in the hospital without the babies being born! Lucky for you to have such a nice roomie, I am sure it helps the boredom and anxiety.

  4. Hanging in there with you Cam. One day, one hour, one breath at a time. All love and light!

  5. Maricles do happen!! hang in there!!