Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Thursday, September 15, 2011

31 Weeks and my last 4 days...

How far along?  We have reached the incredible 31 week mark today!!! And we won't be going very much further.  In 4 days time, we will be welcoming our miracles into our lives at last.

Symptoms?  Severe pre-eclampsia with protein count sitting dangerously over 6. 5 Is considered cut-off point. Hypertension being treated with meds. Severe lymphoedema. Headaches. Unbelieveable water retention - legs, feet, thighs, butt, face, hands. My belly is measuring 39cm from top to bottom - equivalent of a full term pregnancy. I can't bend over or cross my legs.  My knees are filled with water so if I kneel it feels like a gel pad. Have to wear special support stocking to prevent DVT. Can't sleep lying down as my sinuses are swollen so I make the strangest whistling noises keeping me awake and I also cannot breathe properly due to diminished lung capacity and fluid. Gosh...I sound like a moaner, but I realise now how serious pre-eclampsia really is...not a walk in the park! Let alone a twin pregnancy!!! All worth it though. I may need to stay in for longer than the normal 3 nights after the caeser however to stabilise my blood pressure etc.

Stretch marks? No new ones...using tissue oil morning and night. Existing stretch marks look more stretched but haven't started getting longer...

Weight gain? I have put on about 10kg now of water retention and my weight has increased by 13kg since I was admitted to hospital.  The good news is that it is completely reversible and I will lose up to 15kg immediately.

Sleep?  Despite the hectic issues...I am still managing about 6 hours during the night and day combined - good training for when the babbas come home!!!

Movement?  Still love feeling them so much.  I am going to miss having them inside me so so very much and I am trying to embrace and enjoy the last 4 days of being pregnant.

Best moment this week? Banking almost 3 weeks of time keeping our twins inside me in their cozy little nest so they can grow grow grow!!!

Food cravings?  Can't really eat very much at real cravings....

What I am looking forward to? To seeing our babes faces at last. To seeing them hold my liitle finger. To looking into their eyes. To finally having these two precious miracles a heart can almost not handle the love I already feel for them.

Milestones?  The precious time we have gained.  Both Obgyns really thought I wouldn't make the week...and I made almost 3!!!

Emotions? A mixture of sadness that I won't experience my last 4 weeks of pregnancy.  Relief that we will have reached 31 weeks and 4 days. Excitement at knowing we will meet our babies in 4 days time.

General... I met our paediatrician, Dr W today.  He is so awesome and seems quite chilled and pleased about the twin's weights. He said we will only know more once we evaluate them after being born, but if just the basics, he would say we could even be looking ahead to about a 4-5 weeks NICU stay!!! The quicker they can suck, breathe, self regulate and do all together...and get over 2kg, the faster they get to come home! He also said the smaller twin sometimes progresses faster as they are more stressed and reactive. How amazing it would be to have them home in 4 weeks! That is something to look so forward to. All in all, I am so blessed to have had this time to prepare properly. I am at peace.


  1. 4 more days!

    I also had to stay in hospital longer after my son's birth, and could only leave once my bp had dropped and I could monitor and medicate at home and my liver "levels" started to get better - but I actually preferred this as it meant spending more time with him in the NICU. I was also wisked off to ICU after the birth, be prepared should this happen to you. It was horrible, and I just wanted to get out of there as it meant not being able to see my boy. But be patient - in order for you to be the best mom you need to get healthy and better faster.

  2. Oh my goodness aunty Cam, I can't believe the time has nearly come! Sending you all four all of our love!!!

  3. Gosh you must feel awful. You've done amazingly well though, less than 4 more days to endure. Keep your spirits up, sounds like you're doing really well at that already, and your friends and family close.

  4. OH Cam, poor thing that sounds really NOT comfortable !! You are doing great at keeping such a positive state of mind !! So proud of you !!

  5. Dear Cam,
    just wanted to wish you all the very best for meeting your LOs tomorrow !
    This is so amazing that you are finally "there" ... keeping you in my thoughts and many congrats again,

  6. Hi Cam,

    What a long strange trip its been. Thinking of you and DH. Sending you lots of white light for your babies.


  7. Cam,
    You are in my thoughts as you are now just moments away from meeting your little prince and princess!!! How exciting! I will be thinking of you.

  8. Hi Cam
    Just popping in to wish you and the two precious angels all the best for tomorrow! May you all be blessed and have a short road to recovery \ further development until you can all go home! Lots of love! Cuddles (Lucelle)

  9. Wishing you all the best for 2morrow Cam. Can't believe your little angels are almost here!! I'm so excited! Take care xx Vroutjie

  10. Hey my sweet friend, I'm thinking of you, I'm so looking forward to seeing your bambinotjies!

  11. Oh I have been thinking of you and the babes! Soo relieved you made the 31 week mark as well. Take care!! LisainSK

  12. I heard via Mommy in Waiting that your miracles are here! I just wantd to pop by and say CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the world you wonderful little babies! (not sure if you're going to mention names here so won't either)

    Lots of love to you all!