Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 Months today!

Sunday morning bliss...

The twins are two months old today give or take a few days...they were born 8 weeks ago!

And yet, they would only have been about three weeks old had they been born on their scheduled caeser date. Their full term date is 17 November (40 weeks), so we will have to celebrate that too. It is quite difficult to know what developmental stage they are supposed to be at, but we are counting them as being newborn and three weeks old.

They are growing so beautifully and doing so well. Finn should weigh about 3.4kg now and Becca about 2.9kg. So they have both put on about 1.5kg since being born! We will have them weighed tomorrow at baby clinic. They are having their first innoculations. Quite controversial amoung most parents I have found (either totally anti or totally pro), but I have to trust our paed who says we must not take any risks as they were prem and an infection at any stage in the first year can be critical for them as their immune systems are not as strong as full term babies.

Apart from some bouts of colic niggles and discomfort from immature digestive tract issues, they are doing great.  Finn is more niggly and seems to battle more with this.  He has four phases, hungry and screaming, full and happy (brief periods),  in a colic attack screaming or asleep. Rebecca also has a lot of discomfort and screeches in pain. It is so hard watching your baby writhing around in agony, crying, red faced, kicking and scratching themselves without being able to do anything to help.  You try rub tummies, dance with them, swaddle them, lie with them on chest, but nothing really helps until it passes. I really hope they grow out of this soon so they can become happy chubby bouncy babies!!!

We are going into week four next week...and it is getting easier in some ways.  We are not as scared of the newborn unknowns, we are getting to know their different responses and how to react. There are still many occasions when either DH or I will look at each other and ask "What do we do now? They didn't come with a manual!!!" Especially when they are miserable and you don't know if it is from digestive pain or nappy or hunger. You can check the nappy but once this is eliminated, how do you know? You assume not hunger as they had their feed at the right time, but maybe it is a growth spurt? You have to guess and try various things to soothe the babe. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't.

Snoozing with dad...

I am going to make an appointment for a baby chiropractor as apparently this can really help with the digestive issues. If it does help, I will be so happy for the babes. we go...into week four. We are looking forward to seeing how these little treasures grow and change and can't wait for the smiles, the recognising grins and grabs and all the new things our babies are going to show us.


  1. They are getting gorgeous-er by the day, Cammy! :-)
    On the colic front - I know full well how hard that can be. We found that Colief worked best for Isabella - it's not cheap, but hey, whatever works, right? We found it only at Baby Cities (pharmacists tended to run out fast, whereas BC kept a good supply). And I do think that the chiro thing will work too - have only heard positive outcomes on that front!

  2. Gorgeous!
    I can personally vouch for the work of a Chiro, Ava had colic and battled constipation but the day of and the day after a chiro appointment she was like a different baby. Calm & sleepy and she'd always make a big poo within 2 hours of her chiro appointment.
    All the best!

  3. Cam, they are gorgeous !
    I am glad you are finding that things get better and better. I hope you soon find thé miracle remedy that will relief them from their colics !!

  4. These children are TOO gorgeous! We used Hylands Colic Tablets for Kade and they worked like a bomb to relive his gassy pains...

    Cliff and I would often say to each other "now what?" - the good thing is that it does get easier with time.

    Here's to many more lovely updates from you Cam.

  5. Hi Cam, they are sooo precious! Every baby is different, but I can definitely vouch for Colief and the chiropractor for help with colic. All the best xxx

  6. I've heard such great things about chiros and colic, was going to suggest it before I got to the end of your post. On the vaccination thing, you can also just query what vaccinations they get. E.g. there is a vaccination that they give babies for sexually transmitted Hepatitis, and as long as your snugglebums aren't planning to sleep around or shoot heroin just yet, it might be a vaccination you can skip until a later stage. I have a great book on it, written by a doctor that you are welcome to borrow.

  7. Oh my, they have grown so well. That first photo makes me totally broody. And remembering my pair so tiny and small.