Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Sunday, November 6, 2011

From NICU to home...pic memories

Finally, I have copied all the pics off my phone so here goes a quick memory lane glance of the last 7 weeks...the twins are 7 weeks old today...adjusted age (if basing their birth date on 20th October rather than full term date as 17 November) about 2 weeks old...

Kangaroo care in NICU...
Holding them together for the first time...

Rebecca stretching out in her incubator.
Learning to suck!
Learning to burb

Rebecca's first bath...
Finn's first bath....

1 Month in NICU!
When I got the call to come fetch the babies!
All packed and ready to leave NICU!
At home!
Finn happy to be home!
Rebecca smiling - also happy to be home!
First sleep in their cot in our room!
Puppy baby!
Sleeping in our bed!
Brother and sister - so cute.
Big eyed boy.
Beautiful girl!
Little cuties...
Together in their Ubbababba sling with mum.
First outing to the beach for a walk!
7 Weeks old today!
In their futuristic Mammaroo Pod!

Back 9 months ago to when it all

It has been an incredible journey so far.  Far harder than I thought it would be but far more perfect than I could ever have imagined. I still look at these babies and can't believe that we have created such perfect little people.  Who cares how, they were always supposed to come to us this way. I will treasure every moment, even the bleak hours in the middle of the night.  The milky grins and glazed stares are all I need to keep going. And what special times await us...their first smiles, their grasps, chuckles, hugs...we are so blessed to be the parents of these little miracles.


  1. What a wonderful trip down memory lane! I got tears in my eyes - what perfection they are... That picture with Finn with his hands so protectively over Rebbeca's heart *melt*...

    Its amazing how these little souls heal us in ways we didn't even know we were hurt.

    SO happy for you and your tiny perfect beings.


  2. Oh, and for some reason I couldn't comment on your last post - those pictures are AMAZEBALLS!!!

  3. Lovely pics!! Happy tears flowing for you guys.

  4. What a perfect little people !!
    You did so well Cam and I am so happy and proud of you for the journey you walked !! Wishing you all the very best for this new chapter...

  5. Ahhhh....soo adorable! Thanks for the trip down memory lane...they are precious!!

  6. I keep saying the same thing ha ha ha. Damn they are cute!

  7. They are such gorgeous babies. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  8. Wow Cam! They are simply beautiful! Congratulations!

  9. Oh my soul, what a beautiful journey.