Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Paed check-up

The twins are 9 weeks old or corrected age, actually only 6 days old today and it was off to their Paed for their 2nd checkup since discharge. They are doing so well! Finn weighs 3.920kg and Rebecca 3.320kg! So in one month, Finn has put on 1kg and Rebecca 860g! Little munchers!

Everything was spot on and the Paed is happy with them. From a developmental point, we were right to assume we treat them as newborn and a week old.  So in about 6 weeks time, they should start smiling and tracking our movements to about 10 degrees or so. Cute hey! I already think they smile for real - not just windy grins...but who knows lol. It is the cutest thing when they both breastfeed together and then drop off with big milky grins on their faces!  Like the babies that got the cream lol.

On a sad note we heard about one of the babies, also a twin, that was in NICU with the twins, got a fungal infection from the pipes and tubes in that NICU!  He has had to have open heart surgery as the fungi developed into a growth blocking off one of his valves and now has developed a brain bleed as the fungi travelled to his brain and has started growing there.  Really scary so please send love and light to him and his parents. I was so nervous knowing that our twins actually were in the same incubator as he had been...please let our babies not have any infection of any kind!!!!

I love my babies so so much, the thought of them being ill or hurt in anyway makes me want to wrap them in cottonwool forever.


  1. Yay! So glad that they are doing well, Cammy! They really are so precious!
    Very sorry to read about the other baby! I do hope that he pulls through ok!

  2. They're doing so well Cam :) Little nunupies!

    Will be praying for your little ones' "friend" from the NICU...


  3. They are gorgious (I know I repeat myself from comment to comment, but every time you post a pic that is more beautiful than the previous one !!).
    Glad they are thriving !!
    And thinking about the twin who needed surgery, I hope he recovers fully very soon !!

  4. Sending love and light to the little babe who needs to get well. Keep us posted xxx

  5. Your babies are so gorgeous Cam, I think this pic might be the cutest thing I have ever seen!
    Thinking and praying for the other little guy.