Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Friday, July 6, 2012

Boo Boo and Kweffy

My little Boo Boo and Kweffy (or Becky Blue or Becky B as she is known at the moment), are doing so well. We have had some rough nights of restless sleeping, but this seems to be better the last few nights - you really do not know what to expect and I fear this will be our reality for years. But that is also just fine, because I look at these little noo noos and still can't believe our luck. And they are changing and growing so fast now, it is quite something to experience. I can't wait for their 10th month update as there is too much to share lol.

Little Becky Blue standing
For the first time, Becky Blue is starting to realise she is a unique little being.  As she is gaining independence in movement so her brain is registering that she is an independent person. The other night when I got home, she excitedly started crawling to me reaching up for me to lift her! Amazing.

Finn, my Boo Boo crawled forwards for the first time with a few steps the other day but not much since then and he is sitting really nicely now. His vocal range is diverse, moving between high pitched shrieks and squeals to saying mamma, dadda, babba, kakka and other babbles. Both love clacking their tongues against the roof of their mouths. He is a delightlful smiler, willing to grin at anything and everyone.  Becky starts crying if a stranger gets in front of her - she is not fond of this. Finn is more relaxed but cries in support of his sister if she cries - very cute.

We have a photo shoot with them next Saturday and I can't wait to have more beautiful pictures of our little treasures. I also have to start thinking about their first Birthday did a year fly past so fast?!

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  1. They really do grow so quickly Cam. Cannot believe you are 2 months away from their first birthday party! Enjoy every moment, it really flies from here on out. (more so than normal)