Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Follies or follies?

Follies or follies? Time will tell...

Went for my CD10 scan this morning. Now there are 8!!! Yip, 5 on the RHS and 3 on the LHS. But....the follies are still small - 11mm at best. They need to grow to at least 16-18mm before maturing and being ready to pluck from my ovaries.

So, Prof has added a few more ingredients to my secret recipe protocol and I am going back for next scan on Friday CD13. He doesn't believe my follies will be ready to be retrieved on the usual CD14 (Sat) but only on CD16 (Mon)! I was secretly hoping to do ER (egg retrieval) on Sat as I wouldn't have to take work days off but alas the body has its own rhythms.

Yay, more injections mmmmmm - my tummy is starting to look like a pincushion!! Last IVF I was on a very mild protocol and only had 10 injections. This time around, the Prof has hotted things up and I will have had 17 by Thursday!

Am talking to my follicles and saying the following affirmation...
"My eggs are growing, ripening and maturing...My eggs are of great quality..."

Maybe I will make up a little song and sing it to them hee hee...

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  1. ooh Cam: I am laying down a wish this new moon (time of sowing seeds)in watery, sensitive, dreamy, mooney Cancer AND total eclipse making for a double feminine moon-time indeed for success this time around.

    all my love