Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Friday, July 31, 2009

Going to be a blast

Haven't posted updates as everything happened so fast. Went in on Wednesday for egg retrieval. You go under anaesthetic as it is quite a painful experience. A rather long needle is put through the wall of your uterus into your ovaries and the fluid within each follicle is sucked out and hopefully contains a mature egg. Well...they only got 4.

Secretly I was so hoping for more but realistically, not a bad result for a low responder. Prof says the 4 looked good and he was happy with them. The 24 hours after ER was stressful as we didn't know if the 4 would fertilise and had to wait until 11am yesterday to find out. I procrastinated until 12pm and then called. Only one had fertilised. One. Only one. So I agreed that they do rescue ICSI (follicles are injected with sperms) on the other 3 yesterday afternoon.

Prof called and asked to see us this morning and that possibly we would do the embryo transfer. When we got there, Prof informed us that the 3 other follies had been ICSI'd and that of the 3, one was looking okay so far but the other 2 were non-viable. So instead of just one, we now have 1 and 1/2. He told us that the egg quality on retreival had looked great, DH's little guys were fabulous and that it is just luck of the draw that some eggs are abnormal. Not every egg is a good egg.

He was willing to do the transfer immediately but he recommended and we agreed to carry on watching the frontrunner to see if it is going to grow properly into a blast (reach blastocyst stage - see pic above of a good blastocyst) and the new little one for a couple more days to see what happens. We felt this was the right thing to do as even if the embie doesn't carry on growing and we don't get to a blast 5 day transfer, we will know instead of transfering an embie on day 3 and waiting waiting waiting for 2 weeks and then it not resulting in a pregnancy anyway. Even if you transfer a blast, it does not guarantee a positive but at least you know it had made it to almost hatching stage.

Hope we have made the right decision.

So little embies...grow, divide, live. Please live so you can come back to the mothership on Monday.

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