Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cancelled on CD8 & Puppy

Yes. My IVF#4 was cancelled on cycle day 8 due to poor follie seems the low dose Washington Protocol is not going to work with me. I had one dominant 15mm follicle and another smaller 10mm one. Prof said if the gap between them was less, we may have continued, but that if he had to make the call, he would cancel. He did ask me that if I had a feeling we should go on, then we could - he was willing to let me make the decision, but as I said to him, "honestly, I don't have any "feelings" anymore about this journey, so could he please make the decision as it is in hands..." So he made the call. Prof wants to start IVF#4 Take 2 in April - next cycle...he will be changing the protocol back to higher dose stims and he still wants as least 3-4 follicles before proceeding to ER...over to you....

We picked Mala up in Stellenbosch on Saturday - what a little cutie. She was really nervous and trembly for the first while, but is getting more confident by the minute now. The first night I had to sleep on the small bed in her section of our bedroom as she would howl the minute she was left alone. During the night she was whimpering so I pulled her up to lie next to me, and she slept like a log until 7am the next morning...not a peep.

She still howls now when you walk away from her but stops quite quickly especially if she needs a little nap. She loves playing in the garden. Asia is extremely curious and wary of her while Persia has actually come right up to her to sniff her and this morning even slashed poor Mala on the nose. Persia gets freaked out everytime Mala howls and looks at her general direction in horror. Asia is still keeping his distance and hotfoots it if Mala approaches him. As for the two oldies, Aunty Pye and Aunty Lullie, they both look at Mala in disgust.

I hope at least that Persia and Mala become buddies. Am loving the puppy love...

Here is Asia and Persia checking out little Mala...


  1. I'm sorry about the cancelled cycle Cam. I can only hope and pray that the higher dose stim does what it needs to and yields a few good eggs and embies.

    Your little one is GORGEOUS! I want one now too!!

    Thinking of you.


  2. I'm sorry about your cancelled cycle!!!! Flip, it sucks. xxx

    And I am so in love with Mala!! OMG!!! THat little guy would be DEMOLISHED with kisses 'n hugs if I saw him!! Tooo precious. I am such a sucker for baby animals... Too funny with the cats. I have 5 cats and they all make me laugh - the snooty b*ggers!
    xx Lisa-Marie

  3. Mala is absolutely adorable and I can totally understand that you must be hopelessly in love!

    Here's hoping the next cycle doesn't give you the run around and all falls into place for you. Been thinking of you and you Mom a lot. Lots of strength honey and (((HUGS)))

  4. I absolutely love your new baby..Mala..

    Sending you love, light and divine blessings for your next cycle...