Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gratitude for Mala

We have found our puppy!

She is in this pack of gorgeous puppies....

She is the daughter of two beautiful ridgebacks, Nallah and Chip. We chose her today from the last two last females in a litter of 11. I think she was meant to be ours and the only reason she hadn't been chosen yet is because she is the smallest. But she has a lovely calm and sweet nature so we think she is just perfect. Her name shall be Mala.

So I think I need a week of gratitudes just for her. Okay, I have been slack with my postings but have had a hell of a week....had to bank my daily gratitudes for something special!!

We originally wanted a rescue ridgie and then also a puppy, but no rescues are available at the moment so yesterday I visited the official Ridgeback International foundation page for SA and there they Stellenbosch! So off we went this morning to see them and of course, Mala just crept into our hearts. And she was born on the 30 Jan, the day after a little Aquarian pup.

So she comes home to us in two weeks... I wonder what Asia and Persia are going to think of her! Hopefully they all get along just perfectly. Savannah has left such a gap in the family and I look forward to some dog energy around again. Of course, she is not going to be scary to intruders for some time, but hopefully we won't have to worry about that again!!!

Here is her dam (mum):And here is her sire (dad):

Sire: Calibre Blue Chip Asset (HD:A2 ED0:0) BY019988
Grandmother: Nomvuyo Breede Breeze of Calibre (HD0:0 ED0:0)
Grandfather: Roodedraai Encore (HD0:0)

Dam: Excalibur Nallah (HD:A2 ED0:0) BZ108734
Grandmother: Pleasantview Giza of Excalibur (HD0:0 ED0:0)
Grandfather: Excalibur Pharoah (HD0:0 ED0:0)

Not sure what her registered name will be but I think it is Excalibur Mala....will post more soon as well as a pic of her!

And I am on CD 27 today...tick tock...tick tock......


  1. A puppy how exciting! Definitely something to be grateful for.

    I have nominated you for an award. See my blog for details.

  2. Hi Cam,

    They look so gorgeous and you'll have the pup with you in 2 weeks - you must be so excited. You'll have a bounding bundle of energy to keep your mind distracted with your new cycle.


  3. Cam...I do not know how you chose one...I would have taken them all....hee hee...I am such a sucker for animals. I absolutely love Rigebacks. My sister had one and they called him "Justice"...(Justice, my foot, he was so gentle and puppydog like). Enjoy your beautiful exciting, a puppy in the house.

  4. They look stunning. Congratulations

  5. Beautiful! We always had ridgies growing up. They are fantastically loyal dogs. They are supposed to be very courageous, but an image that will never leave my mind is of our recently deceased Victor, viciously chasing a strange cat across the garden, and seconds later the scene in reversal, the little cat in hot pursuit of Victor. They can also be a bit highly strung, depending on their breeding, so choosing a gentle calm Ridgeback is a good thing (another scene - Victor in his puppy days, chewing a concrete wall, and actually taking a sizeable chunk out of it). Enjoy xxx