Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Monday, May 30, 2011

The miracle of being pregnant

A post by a fellow twin-mommy-to-be prompted me to write this post...It was at one point this weekend when I was suddenly and completely overtaken by intense emotion at what a miraculous concept pregnancy really is. Forget all the anxiety, fear and strange physical reactions - when you grasp the idea that there are actually two real little babies growing inside you and that in just a few weeks, you will start to feel them move, it quite simply takes your breathe away. For the first time since I found out we were expecting twins, they have became so real to me and I can feel that connection strengthening every minute.

My anxiety has been worrying me as it can't be good for me or my babies. It also struck me that my expectations of my Obgyn are unfair as I am expecting to have my anxieties eased by her when in fact this is something I need to deal with myself. I started feeling like it may be a good idea to see someone who can help me shift the fear, or at least park it out of my subconscious so I can be at peace and in tune with my strong desire to bring these babies into the world as healthy and happy.

So I am going to deal with this because it needs to stop now, so I can start to embrace this miraculous event that is happening and be in the right space to welcome what I have waited for, for such a very long long time.

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  1. love that cam and am so glad you reached a place where you can marvel at what you've done ... but don't look for advice from others, carry on following your inner voice, it's taking you to the right places I think!! xxx