Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Roll on 3 months

I don't want to wish any phase or time away as every moment is precious, but seriously...I want this colicky phase over ASAP!  Finn has sorted through his colicky issues only for Rebecca to now be plagued by them...inconsolable crying for hours on end really wears the strongest of us down!  I am trying Bennetts Colic Remedy, but this evening was really bad, poor thing and poor mum and dad - nothing would ease her crying...eventually she has cried herself out and is sleeping...just...hope it lasts...

If it miraculously eases at 3 months or so they say, then we have 4-5 weeks left of this!!! Heeeeeelllllp!


  1. Seren also had colic and hers seemed to ease up around 3 1/2 or 4 months. We did tummy massages and pumping her legs which helped a ton. Good luck. I agree it is the hardest thing to deal with in the new baby stages.

  2. I hope that she gets some relief soon Cam... Have you tried Hyland's Colic Tablets at all? They are homeopathic and can be used at every feed (we used to dissolve 2 tabs in some water and give it to Kade before every feed)...

    It'll be 12 weeks before you even know it! Time goes way too quickly.

    Much love