Finn & Rebecca

Finn & Rebecca

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twin Update... 11 weeks

Age:  Actual age = 4 months, 2 weeks. Adjusted age = 11 weeks...almost 3 months!!! 

Height/Weight: Rebecca is 60 cm tall, 5.3kg and Finn is 63cm tall, weighing 6.2kg - growing so well. Paed was happy with their development and growth and says whatever we are doing to keep doing it! They have both crossed over the second percentile line and are well on their way to catching up for their actual ages. Looking at adjusted ages, they are just perfect.

Developmental notes: Both babies are showing new abilities is wonderful to watch and I know I am going to miss this so much when I am back at work. They look around, move and hold their heads up, especially Rebecca.She is so strong and can already take her weight standing for a while! They push themselves around their cots at night landing up sideways most nights. They have started grabbing and grasping. They touch and stroke. They talk and coo and laugh. They smile spontaneously. So proud of my babies.

Eating: Same as before. To keep up with 3 BM feeds, I am going to have to express at 6am, at 12pm at work, at 5pm and then 10pm.. Interestingly though is that the paed says we need to start solids at actual age 6 months.  So they will be starting cereal in just a month and a bit time - wow! I will start at the10:30pm feed hoping that this fills them up enough for a sleep through!!!Going to need to buy bumbo chairs and high chairs next - can't believe it is this time so soon!
Sleep: They are sleeping about 4-5 hours before bedtime and then from about 7:30 all the way through until 6am with two dreamfeeds at 11pm and, pretty fabulous. It is rare that we struggle to put them back to sleep now during the nightfeeds.  I am hoping to be able to drop the 3am feed soon. As soon as Rebecca reaches 6kg, we will try it again - not waking them for the 3am feed and try stretch them to 5h30 or 6am...We are about to move them onto a 4 hourly routine, down to max 3-4 hrs sleep during the day and cutting a feed. Hopefully we can get their mls up so they can get all of their nutrition during the day...but Rebecca is already not even finishing 100mls and she is supposed to be taking 130mls!

Favourite Things: Smelling my babies, kissing my babies, hugging my babies, looking at my babies, being called a mommy.

Dislikes: When Rebecca cries and cries...breaks my heart sometimes and I wish for her to become a chilled out babba like her brother is now...roll on 4 months and NO colic!

Their accomplishments: All their growing and smiling and talking - loving the way they are starting to be so much more aware of their surroundings and noises and colours and movement...

Our accomplishments: Still being a strong team..couldn't have done this without my DH!

Looking forward to: Babies sleeping through from 11pm to 6am...

Mommy musings: I still can't believe I am a mommy - I know this sounds lame but I think not being one for so long has left its mark and now I still struggle to process that I really am one...and I am loving it more than I believed possible.  I may not be able to be a stay-at-home mum, but I will love my babies every minute I spend with them...I am going back to work tomorrow...not sure what I will feel but am prepared for some do I leave them in someone elses care for so long everyday? It is a tough one.


  1. Yeah for growing and healthy babies! So glad they are doing so well and sounds like you guys are doing an amazing job with them. Enjoy

  2. Good luck for going back to work. It' s really tough. And they are doing do well.